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Mijas BC Exciting New Improvements

Mijas BC

May - Sept. 2018

Report by John Carr, Photos by Roberto Wright & John Carr.

In May 2018 I was invited by the President, Clive Montaut & Vice-president, Roberto Wright, to coordinate between Mijas BC & Beravi, Alicante, in the laying a new self-levelling bowling base. The existing carpet was to be re-laid. I was requested to do so because of my knowledge of Spanish & my background in working with bowling surface providers in Spain, some years ago. The project appealed to me as I had never had the chance to watch the whole process at first hand. I also was keen to act as the 'quality controller'.

I was informed that the club's overall objective was to have a near perfect bowling base, and a new spectator area & parking facilities.

During earlier negotiations progress was slow as I had had little contact with Biravi SL, based in Alicante. Relationships improved as trust between us increased & finally written contracts with required specifications were signed by both parties.

Beravi & his crew arrived punctually & finished the job in 4 days.

To my surprise the tolerance of plus or minus 3 millimetres all over the base were achieved, (verified by Roberto Wright, Juan the club's maintenance operative & myself).

A few days after the new base was laid, the existing carpet was re-laid successfully by Dales.

A friendly tournament held soon after, revealed that the new green bowled perfectly on all rinks, something Mijas BC can be very proud of.

As a long term friend of the club, I am very proud to have assisted in this exciting project.

Roberto,backed by the club committee, dream is to make Mijas BC one of the premium clubs in Malaga province. To support that dream, 3 important additional facilities have been introduced:-

  • A completely new spectator area adjoining rink 6, which very shortly sport a weatherproof roof.
  • A renovated spectator area running along the cub house, which now has a weatherproof roof.
  • A renovated car park.

The following volunteers contributed their time & effort to this project:-

Roberto & Carol Wright, Steve Ward, Clive Nuttal, John Wilson, Micheal Divine and John Carr.

Spanish specialists Juan Jimess and Tepo Juan.

The Self-levelling surface was supplied by Juan Vicente Sirera - Beravi SL.


If you haven't already visited Mijas BC since the improvements have been made, why not do so? I know you will be made very welcome. Call Roberto on 681 662488 now.


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Surface Preparation
Pumping New Surface
Completed Green
Additional Improvements

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