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Brexit Impact on British in Spain Smoking Magic

In Merry Old England


Eagle in Flight


Who says Americans are stupid?

How Smart Are You 

Old Car Movies  Woman Goes Back to Work After30 Years 
How Does He Do This?       



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Women With Glass Eye

Robert Wright: 01/04/2019
Irish Medical Dictionary Phil Coates: 02/04/2019
Healthy Life Style Tony Catherall: 11/05/2019
Snotty Receptionist Helen Hawkins: 14/05/2019
Alcohol Issues While Driving Don Fisher: 21/05/2019

To all you Lexiphiles, (those who love playing on words)

Don Fisher: 24/05/2019


Item Contributed by
Lorries with Optical Illusions

Phil Coates:  03/04/2019

How Did that Happen?

Phil Coates:  04/04/2019

Clever Ideas

Phil Coates:  20/05/2019

A Riddle to keep you Awake

Don Fisher:  26/05/2019

Ads We Will Never See

Don Fisher:  03/06/2019

Amazing Photos

Don Fisher:  05/06/2019