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Spain v Team Malaga

Feb 2018 - Indalo BC


Report by Ron Jones, photos & by Jane Richardson & "The Leader", photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

Team Malaga Give Spain a Fright

Team Malaga Manager, Paul Hughes, took a strong squad to Mojacar, Almeria to face a gruelling programme of two 2-Day Matches in 5 days.

The 36 Lawn Bowlers – 18 men and 18 Ladies led by Team Captains Gordon and Margaret Kain -  were selected from amongst the best in the Malaga Province and would first face the newly formed  Team Almeriense in the inaugural Federacion Andaluz de Bolos Inter-Province Challenge Trophy over 2 days of intensely competitive bowling.

In the second half of the programme, following a one-day rest break, the victorious Team Malaga would face the might of the Spanish National Team.

In a different format the two teams would face each other in Fours and Singles matches in the first session, followed by Triples and Pairs in the afternoon. With each squad split into two sections, they would then reverse the fixtures on the following day, Red Squads v Blue Squads in the first day and Red v Red / Blue v Blue on the second day. Once again 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw would decide the winners.

With Team Malaga on a high from their victory in the previous Match, and possibly aided by their having spent two days playing on the green, they got off to a flier in the first session. The Men’s Red Team won their Pairs and Triples games, while the Blue Team won their Triples. The Ladies Red Team also won their Pairs and Triples but their Blue Team were to lose both of their games.

Score after the 1st Session: Team Malaga 10 – 6

The second session saw Malaga Men’s Red Team take two more victories in the Singles and Fours and the Blue Team win their Fours. Meanwhile the Ladies Red Team claimed a win in the Singles while the unfortunate Blue Team again lost both of their games.

2nd Session Score:  Team Malaga 8 – 8

So day 1 ended with Team Malaga holding an 18-14 lead and with all the weather forecasts predicting heavy rain there was hope of an unexpected victory.

Day 2 confounded the weather experts with the rain overnight clearing enough for the Match to continue and indeed it got better as the day went on.

In the 3rd  session Team Malaga’s Red Team won a comfortable victory in the Triples, while the Blue Team won a close victory in their Pairs. The Ladies Red Team won both their Pairs and triples games but the Blue Team’s losing streak continued.

3rd Session Score: Team Malaga 8 - 8

The 4th and Final Session started with Team Malaga leading 26-22 but it proved a game too far for a tiring squad.  The Men’s team only managed a single win (for the Blue Team’s Fours in an exciting finish – picking up 5, 4 and 3 in their last 3 ends to overturn an 8 – 18 deficit to win 20-18!)  The Ladies Red Team won both their Singles and Fours games but the unlucky Blue’s failed to register a win once again.

The final result was a deserved victory to the Spanish National Team.

Team Malaga Men: 18-14, Team Malaga Ladies: 12 -20. Final score: Team Malaga 30 – 34

Spanish National Team Manager Graham Cathcart thanked the Team Malaga squad for the tough match, saying it was only by being pushed all the way that his team could get the full benefit of these matches.


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