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Team Almeria v Team Malaga

Feb 2018 - Indalo BC


Report by Ron Jones, photos & text by Jane Richardson & "The Leader", photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

Team Malaga Lift Inter-Province Challenge Trophy

Team Malaga Manager, Paul Hughes, took a strong squad to Mojacar, Almeria to face a gruelling programme of two 2-Day Matches in 5 days.

The 36 Lawn Bowlers – 18 men and 18 Women led by Team Captains Gordon and Margaret Kain -  were selected from amongst the best in the Malaga Province and would first face the newly formed  Team Almeriense (The Almeria Provincial Team) in the inaugural Federacion Andaluz de Bolos Inter-Province Challenge Trophy over 2 days of intensely competitive bowling.

Inter-Province Challenge Trophy

Surprisingly there had never been an official Match between the two lawn bowling provinces in Andalusia in the 30 plus years Lawn Bowls has been played here. At last year’s Andalusian Championships the topic was raised and both delegations were keen to arrange the historic Match.

Taking place over 4 sessions of bowls over 2 days the teams would play 3 rinks of Men and 3 rinks of Women each session, with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw to decide the winner.

The Match took place at Indalo Bowls Club, a superb facility on the outskirts of Mojacar, with an 8 rink bowling green.

As Malaga had a larger squad, Indalo Bowls Club kindly provided additional opposition for each session, the results of which would not count towards the final score.

The Match got under way in bright sunshine but bitterly cold temperatures and most of the bowlers were well wrapped up as the games began. Fortunately it soon warmed up and layers were shed as bowlers concentrated more on the games than the weather.

In the first session, Team Malaga Men won two of their three rinks, while the Women’s section were unlucky to lose 2 of their rinks in very close finishes -  19-21 and 20-21, giving a 1st session score of  6-6

The second session saw the Men share the points with a win and a draw while the Women could only manage a single win from their 3 games. At the end of day 1 the overall score was 11 – 13 to Team Almeriense.

The second day belonged to Team Malaga’s Women.  In the 1st session the men could manage only a single point from a fighting draw – the team in question being 3 down going into the last end before rescuing a point. The Women claimed 2 good wins leaving Team Malaga trailing 16 – 20 and knowing they could only afford to lose ONE game – something they had failed to do in every other session.

The final session was full of high drama. The Women won one game 15-14 and another 16-14 keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. They won their 3rd game more comfortably 20-16. Now it was down to the Men. They won the first game, then dramatically lost the second, it was all down to the final game to finish. A really even game saw both sides taking and losing the lead and  on the 18th end Malaga were trailing 14-13 and shot down on the end when a fortuitous rub from the last bowl  turned a Malaga bowl in for shot. No one from Malaga cared how it got there, it made the game a draw and snatched victory for Team Malaga 25-23.

The Final Scores -  Team Malaga Men  11-13, Team Malaga Women 14-10, Team Malaga 25-23

 The Trophy was presented that evening at a special dinner at the Team Malaga Hotel, the Best Oasis Tropical attended by both teams and their guests. The Guest of Honour was Federacion Andaluz de Bolos President Senior Jose Miguel Nieto, who praised both teams for their performance, welcomed the first Lawn Bowls Inter Provincial Match and was fulsome in his praise for Lawn Bowls  and its growing presence in the region of Andalucia and within the FAB.

Both Team Managers – Paul Hughes and Graham Marlow -  spoke warmly of the friendships and camaraderie that existed between the two provinces and looked forward to this Match becoming a permanent Fixture in the future.

Team Almeria & Team Malaga

Team Malaga



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Gala Dinner



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