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President's Fours

Nov. 2017 - Santa Maria BC

Photos & text by Sue Walker, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

20 teams entered the new formatted Presidents Fours this year held at Santa Maria bowls club.

Excellent bowling was seen by the many spectators and several games were only won by one shot. In the first round Don Pabloís team of Pat Baker, Manuel Suarez, Geoff Edginton and skip Jeff Turner scraped to victory by one shot on the very last end. The quarter final was a very challenging close game against John Callaghan, Margaret Finch, Gary Kelly and skip Terry Brooker from Saydo ending in a draw so an extra end had to be played.  The Saydo team played well but Jeffís team won by one shot to take them into the semi-finals.

Jane Richardson, Trevor Burgin, Barry Holt and skip Ron Jones from Lauro, went into the last end one shot down but with a terrific shot from Ron to save the game, gave them 2 shots to gain victory. Unfortunately, again, they were beaten in the next round.

Another exciting game between Santa Mariaís Jenny Aldridge, Chic Young, Brig Gunn, Garry Aldridge and Jenny Ball, Nancy Shaw, Stuart Thacker and Denis Hanley from Miraflores saw Garry 17 to 11 up on the 15th end. Denisís team then fought back to win the last three ends but still did not quite get their win. Garryís team lost in their next round to Barbara Landís team.

Saturday arrived and keen bowlers gathered to play the semi-finals. Amber Dineen, Tony Land, Lennie Dineen and skip Barbara Land after their good win in the quarter finals played well but could not match the team from La Posada. Julie Banfield, Ted Hughes, Allen Gateshill and Jeff Rowe who finished up with 16 shots to 12.  The other semi-final was between Jeff Turnerís team and John Warnís team. Johnís team running out at 19 shots to 11.

The final was a game of two halves with the Santa Maria team of Dine Warn, John Bell, Susan Walker and John Warn leaping into a 12 Ė 3 lead but on losing the jack the La Posada team changed the length and won end after end. On the 16th end both teams were equal but with fantastic leading from Julie Banfield the La Posada team gained their victory and were crowned Presidentís Fours champions.

Pat Fisher, President of Santa Maria thanked everyone for their support in the competition, the spectators for their interest and Susan for organising the competition. She then presented the finalists with their medals and the Champions, Julie Banfield, Ted Holmes, Allen Gateshill and Jeff Rowe from La Posada with their medals and the Trophy.


Photo L to R:  Allen Gateshill, Jeff Rowe, Julie Banfield & Ted Holmes.


Photo L to R:  Dine Warn, John Bell, John Warn & Susan Walker.

Finalists & Winners.

Photo L to R:  Dine Warn, John Bell, John Warn, Susan Walker, Ted Holmes, Julie Banfield, Jeff Rowe, Allen Gateshill.

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