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FAB Malaga Summer Championships

Sept 2017 - Benavista BC

Photos & text by Janet Holden, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

Summer Champions Bowling Competition  - 2017

The Summer Champions Bowling Competition 2017 was held at Benavista Bowls Club between 8th & 16th of September, 
sponsored by Helicopteros Sanitarios. The Pairs Competition started the event and the final was played between Mike & Judy Old,
from Benavista, and Gordon & Margaret Cain from Santa Maria. This was a very competitive match which Mike & Judy finally won 
with a score of 17-14. 
Next came the mixed 4s and after some hard fought rounds, the finalists were Gordon & Margaret Cain and 
Garry & Jenny Aldridge from Santa Maria against Tom Rogers, Paul Hughes, June Baldry & Phil Baldry from Lauro Bowls Club. 
Lauro fought hard but the Santa Maria team led all the way and won with a score of 20-15. 
13th September saw the start of the trips competition which again provided some excellent bowling. The finalists were Dennis 
Tolfree, Bill Davy & Malcolm Greenwood from Benavista and Julian Thomas, Paul Hughes & Ron Jones from Lauro. 
This was a superb game of bowls and there was never more than 3 points between the two teams. On the last end Lauro 
were 2 up with two bowls left to play. Malcolm Greenwood played a magnificent shot to take his team 1 up and win the match 16-15. 
A brilliant match from start to finish. 
The last competition of the Championship was the Ladies & Mens Singles. In the Ladies final Margaret Cain beat Pat Baker, 
from Don Pablo, 21-7 but the score did not reflect how close and exciting the match was. The Men's match saw Tom Rogers beat 
Garry Aldridge 21-19. This was a very close match all the way. 
Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all who took part to make the event such a success. 
Men's Singles Winner with Malaga FAB Chairman.

Photo L to R: Tom Rogers & Ron Jones.

Ladies Singles Winner with Malaga FAB Chairman.

Photo L to R: Margaret Kain & Ron Jones.

Mixed Pairs Winners with Event Organiser.

Photo L to R: Judy & Mike Old, Bill Davies, (at the rear).

Triples Winners.

Photo L to R: Denis Tolfree, Bill Davy & Malcolm Greenwood.

Mixed Fours Winners with Sponsor.

Photo L to R: Garry Aldridge, Margaret Kain, Jenny Aldridge, Gordon Kain & Sponsor.


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