Almeria Province

The 4 active Bowls Clubs in Almeria province are all located within 10 minutes drive of Mojacar, a picturesque village, 75 kilometers from the capital city, Almeria. Most visitors will probably want to stay at one of the many hotels, or apartment complexes located along the 8km. long Mojacar Playa.

Zurgena BC is located about 50 Km. from the Mojacar zone, (See directions below.)

You can reach Almeria City by air or train. If you choose to drive to Mojacar from Madrid or Malaga, you would probably be advised to travel via Granada. The N340 (E15) motorway passes very close to the Mojacar area.

Almeria BC, (Los Gallardos)
On the N340(E15), travelling north or south, exit at junction J520 and follow the sign to Los Gallardos. At just over 4 KM turn left at a tunnel. Exiting from the tunnel, turn left and follow the unkempt road to Los Gallardos Camping Site.
Indalo BC
From the J520 junction follow the sign to Mojacar Playa/Turre for about 1 KM. Look for a small sign to Indalo BC on the left side of the road. Turn right at the sign and follow the unkempt road to Indalo BC.
Cabrera BC
From the J520 junction follow the sign to Mojacar Playa/Turre for about 6 KM. Just before reaching the village of Turre, turn right at the Al-Andalus Gardens sign. Follow the road for 1 KM and then turn left at Al-Andalus Gardens.
Zurgena BC

Take the E15 Auto route to  junction 547At the roundabout take the exit sign posted , A334  towards Olula del Rio, Macael, Albox and Baza.Stay on this road for about 3 kilometres you will pass on the right a Cepsa petrol garage then on the left Cafe Bar Saboy, then there are 2 sets of traffic lights close together ( you can only go straight on) on the right you  pass  restaurant Kayevella then on the right see Mueble Hogar ( large furniture store with blue frontage) and then on the left an advertising hoarding for New Horizon Villas.Just after the marker KM84 turn left onto the A-1101 towards La - Alfoquia, Zurgena, and LubrinYou are 1 km from the village. As you enter the village the road forks, take the right fork ( the left fork is a no entry) and go straight ahead for 400 yards. You will see a fish & Chip shop on the left and directly opposite is a small road sign posted Piscina ( small orange sign). Cars can turn right into this road BUT IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR COACHES. For cars, go straight ahead ,after about 60 metres there is a cross roads ( take a bit of care as there are no give way signs in any direction). Go up the hill in front of you for about 200 metres . The road forks ( tall palm trees in front of you) take the right fork. Go to the end of the road. Turn left and the piscina bar is immediately on the right. Find somewhere to park and our club is behind the bar. FOR COACHES: Same directions to the fish and chip chop, but don't take the small right turn opposite. Instead go straight on for about 100 metres and at the Cepsa garage turn right and immediately right again ( i.e you are turning back on yourself and this takes you to the aforementioned dodgy cross roads ) turn left up the hill to where the road forks but unlike cars take the left fork. go to the end of the terrace of houses on the right and turn right. in front of you in the Piscina bar and our club.