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Minutes of Lawn Bowls Directorate Committee - 27/01/2013




HELD ON SUNDAY 27th JANUARY 2013 at 12:00pm



In Attendance:

Jan Dando (LBD and FAB (Almeria Area) Secretary) (JD)

Deidre Leeming (Treasurer) (DL)

Bob Donnelly (Valencian Delegate) (BD)

Graham Marlow (Performance Director of International Bowling) (GM)

Ruth Compton (President of CAUMA) (RC)

John Carr (Malaga Area Delegate) (JC)


John Muldoon was unable to attend at short notice due to illness and so the meeting was chaired by Jan Dando



John Muldoon and Keith Jones


Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting 2nd September 2012

These were duly accepted as a true and accurate record. 

Proposed by BD and seconded by DL.


Completed Actions

Para 10 – Markers and Umpires for the Spanish Nationals.  BD stated that KJ is no longer the president of the CBUMA.  However KJ will still be attending the LBD meetings on behalf of the CBUMA.  The new president is Barry Norris of Country Bowls.  DL will still check that the invitation will go out and she will inform JM of the request.  RC asked if there was any remuneration and BD stated 10 euros per session.

Para 11 – National Triples.  This competition did not take place.  JC is still looking to put a triples onto the Malaga calendar.  GM asked why it wasn’t held and BD confirmed that Valencia could not fit the regional rounds into their calendar last year.  RC asked whether national competitions should take precedent over local competitions and the Valencian Delegate and the Treasurer stated that it does not at the moment and also there is nothing in the budget for it for 2013.  A discussion took place regarding the 2013 competitions and BD stated that it was not going to be possible to put any more competitions into the calendar this year.  GM asked JD if we agreed that we could run a national triples in Almeria area within the next 12 months on the same basis as the Grass Green Fours.  JD stated that it had taken a lot of work to get the regional calendar up and running and would it be worth our while disorganizing it if the other regions were not prepared to travel.  GM put forward a proposal that in the second quarter of 2014 an Open National Mixed Triples is held in the Almeria region open to all federated bowlers with no club affiliation but must have regional affiliation. Seconded by RC.  All agreed. 

Para 14e – LBD Statutes.  Names are correct

Para 14f – Champion of Champions.  KJ finished a very creditable 5th out of 26


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Para 5a – Report from JD’s meeting with the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls committee  (CALB).  JD had attended a meeting with the CALB and the general feedback was that registering the association had not been dismissed out of hand but, at this moment in time, they were going to remain as they were.  The general consensus of the LBD was that it is good that dialogue is taking place between the two committees and JD is now invited to all CALB meetings.   

The question arose as to what would happen if there were any incidents during C.A.L.B. competitions where disciplinary proceedings might be needed.  For example, if there was a fight on the green between a member of Indalo and Almeria during a match at Cabrera who would deal with the matter.  JD agreed to ask the question.

JC asked if the C.A.L.B. always use federated umpires and markers and the answer from RC was no. 


Treasurers Report

Mileage Allowance (DL/JM) – Because since September DL hasn’t managed to discuss the matter with JM no figure has been arrived at.  GM said that the original set up was that the petrol allowance should be sufficient to cover the journey made. BD suggested that we put forward a proposal that we come into line with the amount the Federation pay.  Seconded by JDDL to confirm that the fees are currently 19 centimos per kilometre.  All agreed.

At this moment in time DL has had nothing from Madrid since November 2012 and that was only paying the December 2011 invoices and some odds and ends.  Current state of affairs is that in total Madrid are indebted to us for €15,223.29 of which €13,370.76 was the statement that was sent through to Madrid which goes from January 2012 through to October 2012.  In January a request has been sent for a further €2000.00 approx.  Currently our bank balance is €1217.93 of which we have a bill to pay to Greenlands of €786.00 which covers the test match against Portugal.  GM asked if the shortfall of money incurred by Bowls Travel at the Atlantic championships has been included in the statement. DL said not at the moment and this is in large amount due to the fact that we are constantly working in arrears on promised money from the Federation and there is currently no money in the coffers.


European Championships 2013

In the absence of JM BD gave a report on the current state of affairs for the European Championships.  Gary Collins has resigned as the president of the European Championships.  Eddie Williams has taken over and will be in Spain for a week on 7th April to inspect the greens etc.  There is currently a difference of opinion between World Bowls and the English Bowls Union (EBU) regarding the status of the Canary Islands to enter as a separate team but JM has written to the EBU and World Bowls to get a definitive answer.  All is going well and a committee is in place currently looking for sponsorship and financial support from Valencia, the Spanish Sports Council and the Tourism Industry.  RC asked when does all this have to be in place by and BD said there is nothing to pay up front.  GM asked what will happen if the money is not forthcoming but BD does not feel that will be the case.  GM requested that a letter be written to Señor Boto to say that we must be guaranteed the money by a certain date or the tournament would not be able to take place.

Umpires and Markers Shirts (KJ) At previous International competitions KJ has attended the Umpires and Markers have been provided with shirts by the host country.  KJ asked whether any  provision been allowed in the budget for this item. If so it may be prudent to set the ball rolling with shirt manufacturers.  BD stated that this has not been allocated but there is a contingency fund that could bbe used.  JM to decide which shirts would be purchased and also which logo should be printed on them.

World Championships 2012 Report (JM)

In mid-November 2012, 10 players and 3 officials set off for Adelaide Australia to represent Spain in the world bowls championships of 2012.

We all knew this was going to be a difficult task, but one that we looked forward to and relished the challenge of competing with the cream of the world’s bowlers.

We reached Adelaide to find hot sunny weather with the usual Adelaide breeze. The squad had 3 practice days to get used to the quick greens and the continuous cross winds. We all knew we could have done with more time, however money is always a reason for not being able to do that.

When the tournament commenced, the ladies started with pairs and triples, and the men with singles and fours. The second week was a reversal of this. All squad players gave their all, and against the finest bowlers in the world, turned in some very good performances, although the sickness bug that spread through the men’s team did not help preparations. Special mention must go to the ladies pairs who finished 4th in their section.

In conclusion on the playing front, we had some success and some results which showed narrow defeats, when the rub of the green is not going for you, however we must look at the positives in our play, learn from our defeats and build for the future.


Spanish Nationals 2012 Update (JM)

In the absence of JM BD gave this report: This year the committee is fairly new but Dominic Mills has agreed to undertake the draws etc.  June Jones has sent out the entry forms to delegates.  DL wished it minuted that all entries are to be collated by the federation reps. with all monies to be paid into the LBD account.   Venues will be selected shortly but they will be in the South Alicante area.


Spanish National Bowls Coaching Scheme (JM

In the absence of JM RC took this matter on.  At the moment we only have instructors and we have not created coaches so far.  An incident has occurred in the North Valencia region; one of the instructors broke her wrist and decided not to federate this year as she is unable to bowl.  One of the other Instructors in the region took it upon himself to say she could not therefore instruct/coach because she was no longer federated and would therefore not be covered by the Federation insurance.  RC feels that being federated is not a requirement to become an instructor/coach but we do charge non-federated members more than federated members when running the courses.  We also have the same thing happening with another person in that region.  DL asked what cover a person would have if they were carrying out instructor/coaching duties and had an accident if they were not federated.  BD informed the meeting that the Federation must have insurance. 

This matter was discussed at length and it was decided that it is not ideal if they are not federated but it would be preferred that they were due to the insurance cover provided by the Federation.  JC agreed to discuss the matter with Mr. Winterton to clarify the situation on behalf of JM.

RC stated that the above situation was dealt by Mrs. Pat Metcalf and a federation representative without her knowledge and she feels that it was difficult to be the National Coach and have no communication with the persons in authority in the Valencian Region.  DL stated that JM has asked that the meeting be informed that Mrs. Metcalf no longer has any involvement in the SNBCS. 


Multi-provincial Events Scheduling (including the Kings Cup/Tri Provincial 2013) (JC & JD)

JC asked whether the Tri-provincial scheduled 22-24 June 2013 will be going ahead.  Both JC and JD are keen to keep this on the calendar.  After lots of discussion about the costs, the fact that this is not in the budget for 2013 and the chance that people are not going to be willing to travel JM to make the final decision as soon as possible as to whether this competition will go ahead and to issue documentation to the delegados if it is decided that it will go ahead. 


Bowls Travel (KJ) 

KJ wished to inform the meeting that following letters of complaint between himself and Barclaycard and supplying information provided by GM and John Rudkin (who had also booked through Bowls Travel) that all KJs money has been refunded.  They commented that having reviewed the newspaper articles and documentation provided, and although they did not have the documentation to support his claim, "as a gesture from us, we have settled the claim."  KJ had advised them that he would be taking his  complaint to the Ombudsman under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  Whether this influenced Barclaycard or not he did not know.


World Bowls Singles Champion of Champions 2013 (KJ)

KJ understands that the invitations for the World Bowls Singles Champion of Champions in Christchurch from November 25th to December 1st 2013 have been received by Pat Metcalfe.  June Jones and Russell Marks are intending to participate subject to costings. Can the LBD confirm that June and Russell will be receiving a letter from JM requesting that they represent Spain in the Championships and that a sum of 500€ each will be provided to assist with expenses as is normal for travelling to Australia and New Zealand.

DL stated that the budget is currently under review and awaiting approval.  GM said that this matter should to be dealt with directly via the National Director. 

Mrs. Jones has also asked whether she would be able to borrow a Spanish shirt for the Championships but, unfortunately this is not permitted as Mrs. Jones is there representing her club and not Spain.  JM to inform Mrs. Jones of this.


National Grass Green Fours (JD)

JD has asked the Cabrera federated representatives as to whether their greens will be ready for this competition in June and was informed that they should be.   JM to arrange inspection before the end of February to make a final decision as to whether this competition will go ahead.


Kings Cup/Almeria v Malaga Matches October 2012 (JC)

Indalo were the winners of the 2012 competition.  JC said that even though the Valencian Kings Cup winners did not attend and it was very difficult to arrange the competition to get a qualified Malaga team JC was very appreciative of all the work put in by Almeria.  JD and JC were disappointed there was no contingent from Valencia.  BD said they were promised a substantial amount to cover expenses for travelling/accommodation and team members were not willing to travel until the money was in hand.  BD will not do anything in future until he has an amount in writing of how much is to be given to support this competition financially.  JC has not received any money so far.  DL to speak to JM regarding this matter. 

GM asked where the trophy is.  BD said it was held at San Miguel and Sabrina Marks gave it to JM to bring down but as JM did not attend no one knows where it is.  JM to investigate.

JD asked what is happening about the 2013 competition and BD said the same would occur if there was insufficient funding available for travelling/accommodation.  After discussion it was decided that if the winners in whatever region were not willing or able to travel for the final then the position should be offered to the runners up – all agreed.  JD and JC to put dates into their calendars for regional finals and also the main final in September.


Malaga v Spain Match February 2013 (JC)

JC reported that this is all in hand and the event will be taking place at Santa Maria on 2/3 February 2013.  JC would like to keep this event on the calendar.


Andalucian Championships 2012 (JC)

JC apologised to JD for the delay in getting the information out to the clubs but he should know what is happening by Tuesday 29th January.

Miraflores are willing to hold the championships at no financial risk to the federation.  JD asked that she be involved in the decision regarding the rules etc.  It has been suggested that the Canary Islands are invited and JC asked what the feeling was about that.  As they are federated in their own right it was agreed that this would not be prudent.


Golden Leaves Sponsorship (JC)

JC has informed JM regarding the possible sponsorship of a large competition but has yet to receive a reply.


Suggestion for the format of the Spanish Nationals from Mr. T. Frowd (JC)

Mr. Frowd has submitted a suggestion that takes into consideration the clubs, and local or Costa Del Sol (CDS) bowling rules.  It is designed to tempt and encourage bowlers that live permanently on the CDS to compete in the Nationals Championships.  Mr. Frowd suggests that all Federated members join one club as pay and play members with a suggested membership fee of €2.00 per annum.  This would allow members to remain in their current clubs and compete in local league and CDS events under their clubs’ umbrella.  When competing in Federation events they would play under the umbrella of their second membership pay and play club.  All players registered with pay and play would then have more of a chance to play in all events whether at local or national level.  Mr. Frowd suggested that the Belplaya could be used as the “pay and play” club.

This was discussed at length but I was decided that this would mean that there could then no longer be any federated interclub competitions in the Malaga region as all the members of the federation would belong to one club only.  As such, the majority of the committee also felt that this would be going against the basic spirit of the federation for club based competitions.  JC would like the opinion of JM before giving Mr. Frowd a reply.


Any Other Business

Federation Subscriptions 2013.

Both JD and BD were concerned at the suggested increase in the Federation Fees in both regions, particularly as the fees had already been collected at the suggested rates.  BD said that he has pointed out to Mr. Tony Winterton that increases in subscriptions can only be agreed/ratified at the FEB Annual General Meeting which  does not take place for a couple of months.  Therefore all parties have agreed to pay the agreed lower amount until the decision is made at the AGM and then further steps might have to be taken to recoup the shortfall.