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Minutes of Lawn Bowls Directorate Committee - 12/02/2012




HELD ON SUNDAY 12th FEBRUARY 2012 at 12:00pm



1.                  Present         John Muldoon (Chairman) – (JM)               Jan Dando – (JD)

Deidre Leeming – (DL)                                Ruth Compton – (RC)

Bob Donnelly – (BD)                                    Bryan Redington – (BR)

Keith Jones – (KJ)                                        Graham Marlow – (GM)

John Carr (JC)


2.                  Apologies -   None


3.                  Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting 14th September 2011

These were duly accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by GM and seconded by BR.


4.                  Completed Actions

a.                  Para 5a – Kings Cup Rules sent to JD.

b.                  Para 5b – Letter Heading sent to GM.

c.                   Para 5d – DL sent list of training dates.

d.                  Para 6 – JL to be kept informed ref. finances.

e.                  Para 8a – Atlantic Rim Championships.  Also See Below.

f.                     Para 9a – Grass Green Fours 2012 - Notice re-issued.

g.                  Para 13 – Publication of FEB accounts – this has now been dealt with.


5.                 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

a.                  Para 5a – Kings Cup Rules.  See Below.

b.                  Para 5c – Meeting of Area Delegates – From BD – No progress as yet but a date for this meeting will be agreed at the end of this meeting.

Action BD, JC & BR

c.                   Para 9a – Grass Green Fours 2012.  See Below.

d.                  Para 10 – Bowls Travel.  See Below.

e.                  Para 15 – Federation of Mr. Bunbury – this is no longer relevant as Mr. Bunbury is now residing in the UK until further notice.


6.                 Treasurers Report

DL had put forward some draft accounts for the year end and for the first time in a long time the LBD is solvent.  This is in no small measure to Jackie Breslin in his efforts for National sponsorship for which the LBD are very grateful and thanks must go to Mr. Breslin for his efforts in organising sponsorship.  We are now able to pay for things in advance and we are still awaiting the last claim which is 1235 Euros.  It has been a learning curve for DL and a lot of time has been spent going back over old ground.  DL wished to express how invaluable Mr. Winterton’s assistance has been this year. 

KJ asked that the words Test Match be removed from certain items e.g. the Malaga Match is not a test match and is not to be advertised as such.  This was agreed.

Action DL

KJ asked whether we had any stock of law books and this was confirmed, but as far as the LBD finances are concerned they have all been sold. 



JC said that all the accounts that he seems to receive do not have a projected cash flow and he asked if this would be possible.  DL replied that historically things have always been paid retrospectively as monies come from the Spanish Sports Council approximately 6 months after it has been claimed.  JM stated that if we did have projected cash flows we would be permanently working with negative figures.  JC stated that he is going to try it in his region and will report back to the LBD if it is successful.  BR informed the meeting that he has managed to get the Almeria clubs to receiving their money retrospectively. 

DL’s end of year accounts show a balance at the end of December 2011 of 7363 Euros and this figure agrees with the bank statements.  JM stated that once the figures have been produced and reconciled to the bank then we ought to have them audited and it was agreed that JM and DL could organise someone to do it in their area.

Action JM and DL

JM asked for a vote of thanks to DL for all her efforts in providing an easily understandable set of accounts and all of her hard work in doing so.


7.                  Competition Reports:

a.                  Atlantic Championships in Cyprus 2011

GM reported that everyone at the Atlantic Championships performed extremely well with all of the ladies coming home with a Bronze Medal.  In the Triples Sheri Fletcher, Jan Dando and Debbie Colquhoun GM was delighted to see the demonstration of trust in each other as a team and he believed this was a key factor in them doing so well.  In the Pairs of Yvonne Briden and Peta Rhodes also played very well with Yvonne adapting to the greens very quickly and GM felt that her head reading was also a factor in their success.  In the lonely game of Singles Peta played well but was outclassed and the experience of the other players gave them the edge.  The ladies Rinks team of Sheri, Yvonne, Jan and Debbie reached the quarter finals and lost to some very good shots from the Irish skip. 

In the men’s section they had a very good competition and in the Triples and Rinks were unlucky not to gain an award themselves.  They got off to a slow start in the Triples as due to a last minute change, they did not have the benefit of playing together as a team.  On the 15th end of the quarter finals in the Rinks against Scotland there was an unfortunate dispute and the umpire had to be called in.  This was an unpleasant episode and it did appear to affect the team.  In the Pairs the new pairing of Paul Brown and Derek Eldon worked well considering they were thrown into the deep end but the practice they had together being in the same club was obviously beneficial.  Nick Cole struggled in the singles but GM believes this as due to lack of match practice having just come back from Germany. 

On the administration front there was the now well-documented problem with the travel arrangements.  See Below ref Bowls Travel.

b.                  World Champion of Champions in Hong Kong 2011

KJ reported that he and Val Sherry were part of the biggest entry ever for this round robin competition.  They had to play 13 games in 5 days and it was quite hectic.  KJ stated that the greens were “interesting” in that they were both on grass, one of which was on a slope!  Whilst Val struggled a bit on the heavy grass Keith went onto win a bronze medal. 

JM expressed his congratulations to all of the above competitors – in particular the medal winners.  KJ has now come third on two occasions at the Champion of Champions but with this being the first time that a medal has been awarded.


c.                   European Championships in Portugal 2011

GM reported that this was played in extremely wet conditions which of course made the going exceptionally heavy particularly after just coming back from the carpet in Cyprus.  It was felt that this was partly the reason for Spain not faring as well as could have been expected.  GM was very pleased with the commitment of Bill Pain who stood in after the withdrawal of Joe Stamper with only 12 hours notice.  (As an aside, GM reported that the Portugal Test Match took place immediately after the Europeans and it was an excellent result for Spain.  Mick Johnson and Debbie Colquhoun played very well, probably as a result of having played in the Europeans and being used to the heavy grass.  GM also wished to record the performance of Steve Pearson who, as a newer member of the squad, played extremely well.  Lynn Greenland played in the rinks with Sheri, Jan and Debbie and GM felt that she slotted in very well.  RC stated that both Bill Pain and Debbie Colquhoun played with an injured toe and finger without complaint.)


8.                  European Championships 2013

a.                  Update from JM.

JM informed the meeting that after the presentation down in Portugal to the European Bowls Union Spain’s bid to hold these championships was accepted.  The dates for this competition are 29th September to 4th October 2013 and the greens selected are Emerald Isle and San Miguel.  Accommodation for players is La Zenia Hotel and a very good deal has been agreed.  BD has been working very hard on this and he estimates that up-to 20 countries will be participating.   There is a possibility that the Canaries will wish to enter and Señor Boto has agreed that this could be done until the title of Spain “B”.  JM and BD felt that this title was not really acceptable as it might give a false impression and the suggestion is that they enter as Spain (CI) with  the CI standing for Canary Islands.  Señor Boto did not want the word Canaries mentioned in the team as the Canaries are part of Spain.  BD says the costing is approx. 40,000 Euros – mainly involving the accommodation/food/transport but the FEB in Madrid have verbally promised 20-25 thousand Euros.  Further meetings will obviously be held regarding the raising of the rest of the money and the next stage is to form a committee.  Mr. Winterton was asked to go to the Canaries with Señor Boto as they were interested in federating and joining in the Spanish Nationals.  Mr. Winterton was not available and so BD attended in his stead.  BD reported that this went very well and there are currently four bowlers who have federated and have entered the Nationals.  This will hopefully encourage more to federate providing they fulfil the requirements of residency. 

b.                  International Technical Officers (ITOs). 

JM said that the European Bowls Union was happy for the ITOs to come from Spain.  KJ said that they are looking for 6 ITOs for the competition.  These ITOs have to be qualified and there is the possibility of a course.  KJ has a list of the qualifying requirements from the World Bowls Web Site.  RC and JC to liaise directly through KJ regarding potential candidates. 

Action RC, JC & KJ


9.                  Malaga v Spain Match

JC thanked the FEB for helping out financially and they were looking forward to the event.  A gala dinner has been organised for the final evening and the local mayor will be there for opening ceremony.  It is hoped that the president of the FAB will try to attend.  DL asked that JC provide a pre-invoice for the event.  JC send invoice to JM.

Action JC


10.             Over 50’s Exhibition, Malaga

JC said that a short mat display was put on at this event and it was extremely successful with the stand being very well supported.  All the area clubs did participate and this did generate some club sign-ups.  JC felt that this was a very worthwhile exercise.  DL asked whether there was any mileage in organising Open Days but JC stated that this was the responsibility of the individual clubs.



11.             Kings Cup

A discussion took place regarding the rules for the area play offs.  BR, JC and BD to look at these rules at their delegate’s meeting and also to sort out the timings of this competition and report back to the LBD committee as soon as possible. 

Action BR, JC & BD

JC asked whether it would be possible to provide a team with players from two or more clubs due to the lack of federated members.  After discussion,  but with no conclusion JM asked that the delegates formulate a plan for the Kings Cup and inform the LBD of their findings.

Action BR, JC & BD


12.             Charges for Umpires and Training Courses

Although RC had stated that the federation had told her that these courses should be self-financing JC felt that members should not be asked to pay to attend them.  JM stated that it was up-to JC if he wanted to hold them for free in his area providing that RC and her team’s costs were fulfilled. 

RC informed the meeting that there will soon be a marker’s course held in the Almeria area and that she had agreed that if a couple attends then their fees would be reduced as there would be less costs involved in the printing of the work-books as they could share.


13.             Bowls Travel

GM stated that Bowls Travel S.L. is no longer in operation but Mr. Steve Ackerman is still operating under the name of Bowls Intenacional.  GM has spent two hours with the Guardia on Friday last in connection with his activities and the involvement of the LBD and the international squad and he has another session again tomorrow morning.  GM gathers from the questions that were asked that he was asked to attend due to his involvement with Bowls Travel.  Mr. Ackerman has now terminated the agreement of sponsorship with the LBD in writingJM has had a meeting with Mr. Ackerman on a one-to-one basis after having tried in vain on several occasions to contact him by telephone and email.  After some digging JM sent the same message to three email addresses and eventually had contact.  They met on 2nd February with a proper agenda and discussed various topics and Mr. Ackerman was given a copy of all the claims from the Atlantic Championships and the Hong Kong Champion of Champions.  After the meeting JM received an email from Mr. Ackerman stating that 2656 Euros will be paid into the LBD account in the second week in of March.  (This amount includes an amount for Mr. David Donovan but this was a personal matter.)  JM asked that this be sooner but nothing more has been heard so far.  It was agreed to put an announcement on the Bowling in Spain web site and be sent to all club Secretaries to try to prevent other bowlers from making any future bookings as we have a duty of care to the bowlers in Spain.

Action JD



14.             Malaga FAB AGM.

JC has been informed that an AGM should be held every four years.  BR has never been advised of this and there is none held in the Almeria region.  It was felt that this was some mix up regarding the main FAB.  JC said that they are going to hold one in the Malaga area. GM asked if it would be helpful if he spoke to TW to see what this was all about and report back to the LBD.

Action GM


15.             Status of the John Sullivan Ban from the National Squad.

JC asked what the current situation was regarding Mr. Sullivan.  GM informed the meeting of the reasons for the initial ban.  He confirmed that the sanction still stood and currently Mr. Sullivan is banned from being a member of the Spanish Squad.  GM will pass over all the paperwork regarding the situation to JM

Action GM


16.             Legality of the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Association (CALB)

GM informed the meeting of the concept of the CALB which is currently providing interclub competitions for free i.e. no green fees.  GM informed the meeting that it is not a registered club like the CBBA.  GM felt that the CALB running events for free was having a knock-on effect on the Federation membership in the Almeria area.  After consultation Mr. Winterton informed GM that the CALB is illegal but there is no penalty that can be imposed under the current FAB rules.  BR said that this was raised at the last FAB AGM but nothing has been heard so far.  JM asked that this matter be discussed with Señor Boto at the FEB AGM in Madrid on 10th March to ask him to put pressure on the individually registered clubs in Andalucía for allowing events to take place on their greens run by unregistered organisations. 

Action BD & JC


17.             Grass Green Fours 2012

BR informed the meeting that Cabrera Lawn Bowls Club will soon be digging up one of their greens which would have an effect on the number of rinks available for this competition.  The new green would not be ready by June.  BR put forward some suggestions as to how to overcome this and, after discussion, it was decided to have four sessions a day if necessary starting at 0900 with no dead ends. i.e. re-spot the jack.  Should the number of entries be 16 teams or less then this may not be necessary.


18.             Correspondence

a.                  An email has been received from Mr. Winterton reference a call from Señor Boto who is extremely concerned about the drop in numbers of federated members in the Andalucían area.  His worry was the number of seats at the AGM which is linked to his election.


19.             Any Other Business

a.                  JM asked for an resumé on the situation regarding Mr. Mark Naylor.  JD gave an update informing the meeting that the Indalo Bowling Club has sent a letter to Madrid regarding the ban and they are still awaiting a reply.

b.                  JC was concerned that the monthly reports that he send to the Bowls International Magazine are not always included.  He also felt that sometimes the ones that are did not appear to be taken seriously and did not portray bowling in Spain in a very good light.  JC Is in communication with Patrick Hulbert regarding future entries from Spain in the publication.

c.                   JM wished it noted that the Spanish Men’s squad has been invited to attend the World Championships in Australia in November 2012.  This is great news for Spain.


20.             Date and Venue of Next Meeting

There being no other business the meeting was closed at 1505hrs.  The next meeting is to be held at 18:30hrs on Sunday 20th May at the Quesada Bowls Club.