05/04/2017- Minutes of Meeting of the Team Malaga Committee - Lauro Golf Bowls Club

TEAM MALAGA MEETING – 5th April, 2017 - 4.30 pm Lauro Golf LBC                         

 Present:  Marion Allen, John Carr, Amber Dineen, Margaret and Gordon Kain, Barbara Land.

1          JC opened the meeting by saying how he appreciates, for the first time, the opportunity to be involved with the managing organisation, the Federation Committee.  MK and Ron Jones support Team Malaga and want to raise its profile and transparency.

2          At last week’s FAB Malaga Delegation Committee meeting the topic of selection, and selection systems, was raised.  One of the objectives with so many newly federated players was to achieve fairness and inclusiveness; and to attack the perception of a ‘closed shop’.  The new application system should avoid criticism.

3          Jeff Rowe, La Posada BC, offered to consult with his committee about giving up their 4-day competition, on 21st-24th October, and give the time to Team Malaga for practice.  His committee has approved this.  It would be in addition to the 3 days already included in the Calendar for next season (18th October, 8th November and 13th January).

4          GK is temporarily taking the place of Brian Todd as Mens’ Captain.  BT resigned through commitments in the UK and his personal situation.  He did a lot of good work and was always very positive.  On behalf of those present he wished him all the best.  MA to e-mail and thank him for his services given to Team Malaga over the years and to wish him well in the future.

5          Elections for new Team Malaga committee members will take place in early October after the League starts.  Current members will stand.  Nominations will be sought in advance and 14th October, a free day, will be used.  MK had prepared a Notice for circulation to all clubs, which was approved, along with a Registration Form for completion by any bowler who is interested.  It sets out at the bottom the necessity for players to pay their own expenses.  This sets out past experiences over the last 5 years and space for any other relevant information.   Previously the team involved knew the capabilities of bowlers and a Rankings system was organised for winners/finalists of competitions, acting as an indicator of abilities.  AD to liaise with MK and circulate the documentation to Club Representatives, collate returned forms by e-mail.

6          La Posada and Saydo BC are approx. 15 km apart and it was proposed that both greens of 4 rinks could be used for a 2-day training session, with 2 games each day for the Mens’ and Ladies’ teams.  24 men and 24 women, 8 rinks total, 4 people to be appointed to mark the ladies’ 4 rinks.  It was decided that 4 days would be too long.  A one-off green fee had been requested by La Posada of €8.  Perhaps this could be shared with Saydo.  JC to contact JR and speak to him about possibilities.

7          MK has spoken to Ruth Compton and she would like the teams to stay for an extra day or 2 after the Team Malaga v Spain match and play the new Almerian team.  Alicante also have a team and it may be possible, in 3 years’ time, to include the Spain team as well in a 4-team event.  There are 3 free days prior to the Spain match and it would be better practice to play Almeria then.  Accommodation was discussed and facilities at Saydo Park and La Posada hotels.  Staying overnight would be part of the team building exercise.  MK to research accommodation, to negotiate a good price, and also to consult with Nick Cummins.

8          AD promised to circulate the new Calendar which she has prepared for the Handbook for next season, and to purchase new stickers and score cards.

10         Finally JC asked ‘What are we aiming to achieve?’

·         Team selection (not definitive)

·         Team building

·         Games.

11         MA and AD to clarify which is the correct logo (AD using the most recent one).  MA to send to MK.


Marion Allen, FAB Malaga Delegation Secretary                                                         8th April 2017

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