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25/03/2016- Minutes of Meeting of the Team Malaga Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


       Miraflores BC, 10 am, Friday 25 March 2016



Present: Brian Todd (Belplaya), Marion Allen (Benalmadena), John Carr (Benavista), Dennis King (Benavista), Barbara Land (Mijas), Margaret Kain (Miraflores), Gordon Adams (Benavista/Umpires)

Apologies: Amber Dineen (Belplaya)


1        Minutes of previous meeting were approved.  There were no matters arising.


2        Team Malaga matters


2.1 JC opened the meeting by saying how difficult it was to arrange meetings and thanked MA for her help.


2.2 Jackie Wright will be standing down as Treasurer for health reasons and DK, who has accounting experience, agreed to consider the post.


2.3 It was agreed to send a bouquet of flowers to JW as a token of appreciation for all her hard work, especially over the past two years.


2.4 Trials  BT explained that no date had been set for the trials at the beginning of the season and therefore some people had other commitments.  DK and BT worked well together and identified 28 men to invite.  Out of about 30 there are 7-8 definites and it is necessary then to identify a further 3, 4 or 5 to make up the team.  There are problems and issues around recruiting and inviting players, and for those not selected, disappointment and spoilt aspirations.  The priority must be a winning team.


2.5 Team Development Day  It was decided that this was a better term than ‘trial’ and 2 days would be identified for this in November and a follow-up Team Practice Day in January.  JC to write to the Management Group requesting suitable days in the calendar.


2.6 Team Malaga Ladies  MK and BL have a much smaller pool of ladies to choose from which makes their job easier.  MK stressed that there was more than bowling ability to consider, that compatibility and personality were important. 

The atmosphere at the Spanish match was excellent and the Ladies and Mens teams gelled well.  The number of Team Malaga supporters made a huge difference.  Having only 1 reserve worked well.


2.7 Visiting Team  BT is arranging for Garston BC, Hertfordshire, to visit in late March and will organise a Team Malaga match to play against them.


2.8 Team Malaga v Spain Friday afternoon practice  It was stressed that this was mandatory.


2.9 Team Malaga Uniform  Dress code standards must be maintained.  It was decided to keep the shirts and to research the purchase of green jackets with a logo and Team Malaga across the backs.  BL to visit Sunshine Golf and make enquiries.  We need a new Sponsorship Co-ordinator to obtain finance for a new kit in return for using their logo.


2.10                     JC stressed what a fantastic achievement it was to win the Spain match and that we should pat ourselves on the back!


2.11                     JC also thanked GA for umpiring at the Spanish game and the group showed its appreciation for his attendance.


3        Future venue for Team Malaga v Spain


Discussions took place at Mojacar with both ladies teams and it was agreed that all future matches should be played there.  Advantages included the ease of travel for ourselves and those from the Alicante area; the cheapness of the hotel; the social side to the fixture; and Team Malaga staying together and getting to know each other better.

The meeting unanimously agreed.

JC to confirm with the Spanish Team representative.  The next date will be 27th – 29th January 2017.


4        AOB


4.1 MA has circulated the date of the AGM and Election of Officers – Wednesday, 5th October 2016.  Santa Maria is not available in the morning but an evening meeting is possible following the FAB Malaga AGM.  Notices to be circulated in September and all interested people invited.  DK and BT work well together,  and with JC, and both agree to stand again for election.


4.2 MK needs 1 more woman for the Andalucian Championships in September.



Next meeting:          AGM and Election of Officers, 5th October 2016. 

Venue and time to be confirmed.


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