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23/02/2015- Minutes of Meeting of the Team Malaga Committee - Benalmadena Bowls Club


 at Benalmadena Bowls Club

on Monday, 23rd February 2015 1.00 pm


Present: Marion Allen, John Carr, Margaret Kain, Terry Morgan, Brian Todd, Susan Walker


Apologies: Jenny and Garry Aldridge, Dennis King, Barbara Land


1          Approval of Minutes 13th January 2015


The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


2          Review of Team Malaga v Spain 31st January and 1st February 2015


BT said that the match was extremely good and the men had done very well in the Fours, but didn't win any of the four Singles games.  Representatives in the Singles need to be reviewed.  He felt that there were ettiquette issues which had to be addressed in the future, especially applauding lucky wicks and talking to opponents' woods, and that those responsible should be spoken to.  This type of behaviour should be a strong factor for team selection in the future.  Attention also should be given to cohesion and lack of criticism for other team members.  


MK stated that the ladies did exceptionally well inspite of losing two players the day before.  She thanked Linda Hall for stepping in at short notice.  She felt that everyone had given 100 per cent in playing the national team.  Spain were under pressure to achieve places in their next matches and, on this occasion, had to impress their selectors.  JC felt that Team Malaga had given them a good workout. 


MK discussed team selection and the need for team members to have proved themselves in other competitions, and to have won something.  The rankings do give some guidance and help in this.  BT said that some team members may be willing to play at home but not away.  MK has emailed the ladies with her thanks and to ask who is willing to play away.


JC congratulated both captains on running and organising the event so successfully and expressed his appreciation.


3          Improvements


Skills improvement was discussed and Margaret Kain and Gail Gilkes were suggested as possible coaches, though the usual issue of the programme being too full, with no spare days, which created a problem.


With regard to entry levels, the Rankings data is basic but a useful guideline.  Results from the top 10 competitions only should be considered and 'alternative' competitions not counted.   SW is only counting the Triples at Belplaya and not the Round Robins.


4          Fixtures


Half a day is to be decided to play Men v Women.

5          Venue for Spain v Malaga 2016


JC suggested that an alternative venue to Mojacar should be considered.  He suggested Javia, Northern Alicante, where there are 3 clubs but travelling could take 8 hours.  More time would be required for practice beforehand.


An alternative would be Torrevieja Area, Southern Alicante, where many of the Nationals team live, which is only a 6 hours drive.


March rather than January would guarantee better weather.


All men and women would be surveyed for their opinions.


6          New Uniform


Whilst the current shirts are no longer available, there are people with spares.  SW suggested that we keep the existing shirts and that jackets were more important. TM is to research suppliers.  He was thanked for obtaining sponsorship for the event.


7          AOB


Outcome of the event we didn't win but came very close.


Another social dinner would be organised and SW was asked to arrange a venue.  (The Ole, La Cala, was booked for Saturday, 14th March, 7 for 7.30 pm, and menus distributed with bookings e-mailed to SW.)


Gran Hotel, La Cala SW made the booking and later found that the hotel were charging 150 euros for the private dining room.  The hotel was relatively empty and no mention was made of the drinks package.  There is still a balance outstanding which SW will negotiate with the hotel.


Andalucian Championships Miraflores BC - 26th September to 2nd October 2015.  Accommodation to be arranged from the 25th September.


Support personnel Umpires, Markers and Scoreboard Operators did very well in the recent match.  There were no adverse criticisms.


The meeting closed at 2.06 pm


Date of next meeting  tba


Marion Allen, Secretary                                                                           3rd March, 2015

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