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21/10/2014 - Meeting of the Team Malaga Supporters - Miraflores Bowls Club


 at Miraflores Bowls Club

on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 12.15 pm


Present: Gordon Adams, Garry Aldridge, Marion Allen, John Carr, Mary Detheridge, Chris Down, Amber & Lennie Dineen, Mike Glithero, Margaret & Gordon Kain, Dennis King, Barbara Land, Terry Morgan, Barry Pemberton, Dorothy Pilmoor, Brian Todd, Alan Turner, Susan Walker.


Apologies: None


1          Approval of Minutes 22nd November 2013


The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


2          Election of Officers - 2014-15


Kate Morris has decided to stand down and she was thanked for her work as Vice Captain.


Officers were elected as follows:


                        Manager                                            John Carr

                        Mens Captain                                  Brian Todd

                        Mens Vice Captain                         Dennis King

                        Ladies Captain                                Margaret Kain

                        Ladies Vice Captain                      Barbara Land

                        Competition Secretary                  Amber Dineen

                        Secretary                                          Marion Allen

                        Training Supervisor                       John Carr

                        Press Officer                                    John Carr

                        Sponsorship Co-ordinator          Terry Morgan


3          Review of Activities


Team Malaga v Spain  MK said that there was a terrific atmosphere between players, especially the ladies, and whilst rankings were taken into account, it was most important how people got on together and developed a strong team spirit, with an ability to play with each other.


JC said that MK and BL will work well together in the next year.  He thanked everyone and said well done, and thanked MK particularly for her support and hard work, especially for the Andalucian Championships.


BT feels the men's selection is more difficult and that it is important to have a trial session to look at players as well as considering what they have achieved, their compatability and current form. 


The Team has lost Tom Rogers and he was congratulated on being selected to play for Spain.


Spain played aggressively which is not always appropriate for top players and 3 or 4 heavy woods per game should be the maximum.  However, the atmosphere was great and BT will do his best to select the right team for the next game.


4          Planned Activities for Season 2014-15


JC stated that he would like to introduce a skills assessment session in order to develop a wide range of individual skills such as different shots, line, weight, casting the jack, reading the head and so on.  Considerable discussion followed including the use of video cameras, the need for several highly trained coaches, individual practice at own clubs, the use of drills and exercises (many available on the internet) to improve consistency.


The greatest problem is the lack of opportunity for everyone to get together with such a busy calendar.


It was agreed that it was essential to have early team selection and the opportunity to practice together prior to the Spain match.  Two days were identified and confirmed:


            Sunday, 9th November         Team selection and skills development                  Miraflores BC

            Tuesday, 13th January          Practice session                                                       Miraflores BC


Suggestions for additional practice included:


Team Malaga visits to other clubs

Invite Almeria

Liaise with Gibraltar

Ladies v Men challenge

Invite team from Scotland

Team Malaga v best non-federated players.


Further ideas to be given to AD as Competition Secretary.


5          New Team Malaga Kit


MK pointed out that Henselite has stopped producing the tops currently used by Team Malaga.  Spares may be available from players no longer needing them.  Caps and visors are still in stock.  It was agreed that the purchase of similar new shirts would be explored for the future, but that team trousers were not necessary as they would only be worn on a couple of occasions.  Another suggestion was for the Federation to buy shirts, retain them, and players pay a fee to hire them.


TM will look at the possibility of sponsorship for kit and a contract for logos for a period of 4 or 5 years.


6          AOB  There was no further business.                             The meeting closed at 1.35 pm

                                                                                                                        Date of next meeting  tba


Marion Allen, Secretary                                                                           22nd October, 2014

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