02/10/2017 - FAB Malaga Delegation Minutes Annual General Meeting

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at Santa Maria LBC, 4.30 pm for 5 pm, on Monday 2nd October 2017

Present:        Benalmadena BC                    Marion Allen

Benavista LBC                         Bixio Foletti, Bill Davis, John Carr, Gordon Adams

                        Don Pablo BC                          Pat & Bob Baker, Bill Gregory, Barbara & Tony Land,

                                                                        Mary Detheridge, Jenny Parkin, Tony Barnes

                        La Posada                               Geoff Rowe

                        Lauro Golf BC                          Ron Jones, Jane Richardson, Paul Hughes, Phil Baldry,

Julian Thomas

                        Mijas LBC                                Geoff Collins, Roberto Wright

                        Miraflores LBC                         Carol Frost                                                                   

                        Santa Maria LBC                     Dine Warn, Simone Morgan, Pat Fisher, Margaret Kain,

                                                                        Susan Walker

                        Independent                            Maureen Robertshaw

1        Apologies for absence

                        Benalmadena                            Gail & Steve Gilkes, Greg Ellwood

                        Don Pablo                                 Marjorie & Murray Johns

Santa Maria                               Gordon Kain

                        Saydo                                       Margaret Finch and all members

2          Introduction and Welcome

Ron Jones opened the meeting by announcing the sad news of Alan Turner’s passing followed by a minute’s silence.  He went on to welcome those present.

3          Chairman’s Report – Ron Jones

RJ stated that last season was a time of change, a time when the Federation took over full control and much of the structure continued to run with few changes.  The Chairman’s post changed half way through the year and in his opening remarks he said he wanted to see the Federation fade into the background as a talking point, not to be the ‘whipping boy’, and to get on with the job of organising bowling on the coast.  During this coming season, this remains the aim. 

Having recently had a face to face discussion with the FAB President, he has a much clearer view of how to move the sport forward; what we cannot do, because of restrictions imposed upon the FAB by the Junta de Andalucia and Spanish law.

Some of the clubs are already reporting reduced membership this season and a clearer picture will emerge from members’ new registrations for 2018.  There are already reduced entries for club tournaments and suggestions for changing existing formats.

It is, of course, your Federation and nothing will be decided without the agreement of Club Representatives and all bowlers.  Support will be given to help you to enjoy bowling.

4          Treasurer’s Report – Julian Thomas

Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet were circulated for 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 (see attached).  JT itemised all Income and Expenditure items, which totalled respectively €7,449 and €3,768. This gave rise to a 2016 surplus of €3,681 and when added to the brought forward surplus of €377 gives a total surplus carried forward of €4,058, this is held in the form of, €3,740 in the Bank and €318 Cash in Hand. Ring-fencing the payment due for 2017 Federation Fees collected in December 2016, €3988, a working cash surplus of €70 is available.

In 2016 a total of €1,679 was paid by Malaga to Andalusia for Federation fees and we have submitted documentation to claim back €1,688, we expect to receive this during 2018.

5          Competition Convenor’s Report – Barbara Land

First of all BT thanked Lauro’s Andalusian Committee for organising such a brilliant championship last week.  Our friends from Almeria were suitably impressed and full of praise, though they had a few concerns about the two greens being so far apart as they are not used to travelling.  Perhaps Lauro should have a second green built! 

There was a lower entry for the Summer Championships, yet 10 days were allocated.  She suggested extending the time for the Andalusians by 2 or 3 days in order to use one venue.

This year’s bowling calendar had been put together by the Competition Committee and the Club Representatives at some quite lengthy meetings early in 2017.  There are a few significant changes from previous years.

(a)   President’s Fours  Last year a number of teams withdrew half way through the competition as they were unable to find a suitable date to play their opponents.  It was decided to hold the competition as a 4-day event, run on a knockout basis, as in the past.  It will be interesting to see how this new format is received and how many teams enter.

(b)   Team Malaga  Initially 3 days were allocated for practice.  In the past the first time a pair or triple played together has been against the Spanish squad, not an ideal situation.  This year, La Posada kindly offered the dates allocated for their first 4-day competition for Team Malaga to hold their trials.  Those bowlers who showed an interest in joining the team are spending 2 days at La Posada and Saydo for trials and team building.  Hopefully this will enable us to field a stronger team to challenge the Spanish squad.  In January, Team Malaga is to travel to Mojacar to play against Team Almerencia and then the Spanish squad.  Your support would be very much appreciated.

(c)   Winter Championships have been replaced by the FAB Malaga Provincial Championships and have incorporated the Ladies and Gents annual triples competition.

(d)   Champion of Champions and the League Cup retain their original format.

(e)   Club Competitions  All of our clubs have been allocated 2 x 4-day or 1 x 8-day competitions where requested.

Once again, the bowling calendar is pretty crowded!

We must thank Murray Johns for all his hard work in re-writing the Conditions of Play for the League.  This clarifies some situations which have arisen in the past regarding postponed and re-arranged matches.  It is important that all League Co-ordinators study these regulations very carefully as MJ does not miss a trick!

An assumption was made that all clubs would enter one team in the Tigers League and one team in the Lions League, with the exception of Saydo who have no Lions team, and Benavista who have 2 Lions teams.  Should this now not be the case, would clubs please contact MJ as soon as possible.

The Committee would like to thank Susan Walker who has been co-ordinating the Federation Competitions, also Amber Dineen who has prepared the Handbook, and Marion Allen who has had the task of minuting some very lengthy meetings.

BL closed by saying she hoped we all enjoy our bowling this next year – fully Federated!

6          Election of Officers

RJ pointed out that there are 10 positions, all unopposed, and rather than go through the election process, to automatically elect those putting themselves forward.  With regard to Team Malaga, he said a big thank you to John Carr for his work over the years, and said that his successor will be proud to follow in his footsteps. 

The following Officers were elected individually by a show of hands:

Chairman/Delegado                                  Ron Jones

Treasurer                                                     Julian Thomas

Secretary                                                      Jenny Parkin

Competition Convenor                             Barbara Land

Competition Secretary                             Susan Walker

League Secretary                                       Murray Johns

Publicity Officer                                          John Carr

Sponsorship Officer                                  Phil Baldry

Umpires Convenor                                                Gordon Adams

Coaching Convenor                                   Margaret Kain

Team Malaga Manager                            Paul Hughes.


RJ, on behalf of the Committee, promised that they will all do their best to represent members.

7          Role of Club Representatives – Ron Jones

The role of the Club Representatives is a crucial one in disseminating information and making sure that their own club members know who they are and what their job is.  This includes attending meetings, representing their club’s point of view, being open minded, listening and going back to discuss issues, making decisions and keeping everyone in their club informed of bowling matters.  MA to circulate the Job Description.

8          Any Other Business

There were no matters for discussion and RJ closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their patience.                                                                                    

The meeting closed at 5.25 pm


FAB Malaga Delegation:                                     

Marion Allen, Secretary ……………………………………………………………………………………


Ron Jones, Chairman/Delegado …………………………………………………………………………


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