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25/01/2017 - FAB Malaga Delegation Minutes Committee Meeting



Santa Maria LBC, 3.00 pm, Wednesday, 25th January 2017

Present:  Marion Allen (Secretary/Benalmadena BC), John Carr (Publicity Officer), Geoff Collins (Mijas LBC), Amber Dineen (Competition Secretary), Lennie Dineen (Competition Convenor/Don Pablo BC), Bixio Foletti (Benavista LBC), Carol Frost (Miraflores LBC), Ron Jones (Lauro Golf BC), Julian Thomas (Treasurer/Acting Chair/Lauro Golf BC), Susan Walker (Match Secretary/Santa Maria LBC)

Apologies for Absence:  Nick Cummins (La Posada BC), Gail Gilkes (Benalmadena BC), Lisa Ives (Los Amigos BC), Murray Johns (League Co-ordinator), Barbara Land (Assistant Competition Convenor), Jeff Rowe (La Posada BC)

1          Matters Arising from Minutes of Previous Meeting – 7th December 2016

There were no matters arising.  It was agreed that the consultation prior to circulating the Minutes worked well.

2          Treasurer’s Report

2.1       New accounting systems  JT explained that the accounting systems are all new and that he is endeavouring to get the paperwork correct in order to reclaim as many expenses as possible from the FAB.  He is waiting to see how much we get back next month from the 2016 claims.  The money in the account is ring-fenced and this can only be spent when items are reclaimed.  Theoretically we shall be able to claim back more than we pay in, however, by maximising the claim-back we should break even.  It may be necessary to invoice for entry fees which help to pay for prize monies and running costs.


2.2       Balance in the account  Currently the balance in the account is €3,988.  Some of this could be used for medals and prizes for the Champion of Champions. 


2.3       Club packs  A pack has been produced for those running competitions and so far JT has briefed Miraflores, Mijas, La Posada and Santa Maria, and will continue to do this as each competition comes up.  GC has trialled an invoice which has had to fulfil Federation requirements.  


2.4       Administrative expenses and invoicing  There is now the opportunity to claim back administrative expenses (eg ink, paper). Till receipts are not acceptable.  A proper invoice in the name of the FAB Jaen with the CIF number is essential.  Any large amounts can be claimed in advance.  It may be possible to claim back the costs of the Handbook and, with a correct invoice, JT will put it through as a trial.  Income from Ibex and Futura offsets the total cost of €600 and clubs pay the difference, charging either €1 or €2, the latter being printed on the front cover.  AD will contact the printers.


2.5       New members  Subscriptions for new members are being paid throughout the year.  The FAB has made a decision to charge only €9 between 1st September and 31st December, ie part way through a year, for new members only.  Renewing members must pay €15 during this period.  There is no longer an upgrade to National status by paying the difference.  A new Spanish licence will be charged at €30.


3          President’s re-election and appointments

3.1       BF and JT were invited to observe Jose Miguel Nieto’s election and found it a very positive experience.  He was elected unopposed for the next 4 years and in discussions afterwards, he commented on the support coming from lawn bowls and the substantial increase in the volume of members.  Whilst he should appoint a Malaga Provincial Delegado, he will leave the decision to us. 

3.2       BF has been appointed Vice President for Lawn Bowls as well as the General Andalucian Delegate for Lawn Bowls.  Senor Nieto felt that it was important that this person should have an understanding of the sport as well as having an in-depth insight into the Federation structure.  This will enable BF to be a direct link, with no language problems, to advise, clarify and accept Committee decisions, to support JT in doing his job, and to serve bowling in the area as well as liaising with Almeria.  BF emphasised that he is there to help and we only need to ask.

4          Election of Chairperson/Delegado-a

4.1       Nomination forms inviting federated members to apply for the post of Chair/Delegado-a, setting out the requirement of being a Spanish resident, and a list duties and responsibilities, were circulated to all clubs on 14th January 2017.  The nomination list will close on 11th February and voting will be at an EGM at Santa Maria LBC at 2 pm on Monday, 27th February 2017. 

This procedure should allow every federated member to vote.  A ballot form will be produced which can be scanned and e-mailed to malagafabvoting@gmail.com or copied and returned, or members can come in person to vote at the meeting.  Proxies can be given to Club Representatives.  These will be available in the next week.

Ballot slips will be collated and managed by one person with an auditor to ensure fair play.  If there is only one candidate a ‘Yes/No’ vote will suffice.  This person will

·         Monitor e-mail voting

·         Check off names from a master copy

·         Sit at the door for the EGM and collect one voting slip per person

·         Empty the voting box, count the slips and announce the results.

GC to invite Tony Land to undertake this post.

In the event of a hung vote, which is highly unlikely, the above person will decide the outcome.

4.2       After discussion about the pro rata nature of the current Committee, it was agreed that any future vacant post, between now and the AGM, would be filled in the same way as that of the Chair above, using the same procedures.

5          Report from Competition Committee

5.1       The Bowling Calendar is almost complete and AD will circulate a second draft to everyone as soon as possible.  The Competition Committee worked very well together in reaching agreement and a comparatively speedy outcome.  JT requested a copy for budgeting and planning purposes.

5.2       The Handbook is also reaching completion although there is still a great deal of work to be done by AD in amending contacts and rules. 

5.3       MJ will design new League tables once it has been decided how many teams each club is entering next season.

5.4       Relevant Club Representatives to be contacted by MA for revised titles for club ‘Opens’ for inclusion in the new Handbook and Calendar.

6          Publicity Officer report

6.1       Current situation   JC stated that publicity has never been so poor.  Over the past year he has received few reports and photographs for publishing on the website Bowling in Spain.  Where sponsors are concerned, they are not getting the advertising they deserve.  He proposed that procedures should be better structured and that clubs should have a press officer who is responsible for report writing and photography for each competition. 

 6.2      Training  JC offered to organise meetings for press officers and to run half-day training courses on improving the product. 

6.3       Press releases  Anyone who sends a report and/or photographs to JC will have them published on the website as well as in the local press.  Some Club Representatives preferred to maintain the good relationships they have with local newspapers.  GC suggested that it should be made a policy decision to send reports to JC who would then forward them to the newspapers.

7          Communication systems

7.1       The title ‘Costa del Sol’ is no longer relevant as La Posada BC is not in this immediate area.  Therefore ‘Malaga’ will be used for all competitions or situations which previously used Costa del Sol.  The Federation name is now FAB Malaga Delegation.

7.2       MA stressed the importance of the role of Club Representatives in aiding good communication with their own committee members and club members.  There are currently 3 lists of contact names – the League Co-ordinators list, the contacts in the Handbook and Club Representatives.  This is sometimes confusing, especially when sending out notices for competitions when it is important that the right person gets the information.  It was agreed that those clubs having a generic bowls club e-mail address, eg Mijas has mijasbowls@hotmail.com, where all committee members have access to e-mails, that these could be added to circulation lists and groups.

7.3       As MA was not at the previous meeting, she asked for clarification about circulation of the Minutes.  The normal procedure is to send a copy to the Chair for approval, circulate to those present at the meeting, and under ‘Matters Arising’ at the next meeting to amend and minute any alterations.  However, the Committee had agreed that Minutes would be sent direct to all members for approval or amendment within 1 week, then a final copy would be issued and JC would publish on his website.  She agreed to follow this procedure.

7.4       MA to circulate the new FAB Andalucian logo for use on any publicity material, minutes, agendas and so on.

8          AOB

8.1       Santa Maria Open  SW explained the difficulties she had in planning her last 4-day competition which ran over into a 5th day.  This can be avoided in future by restricting the number of entries and not including too many disciplines.  JT has provided SW with a formula which may help future planning.  It was agreed that it was a learning process and that draconian measures should not be taken.

8.2       Website  Craig Lewis has offered to design a new website for FAB Malaga Delegation.  He would charge €25 per full page and €15 for any large changes, plus the internet company will charge circa €100 per year for hosting.  An address could be malagafab.com with each Committee member having their own e-mail address eg delegado@malagafab.com.

The website could include minutes, photographs, League results and so on, but needs to be kept up to date on a regular basis.  It would involve one person as the webmaster. 

Whilst members were positive, it was felt that as we already have a website it was duplicating JC’s Bowling in Spain.

The meeting closed at 5.52 pm

Date of next meeting –                    Monday, 27nd February 2017 at Santa Maria LBC

                                                            2 pm   EGM and Election of new Chairperson/Delegado-a

                                                            3 pm   Committee Meeting with the new Chairperson/Delegado-a

                                                                        followed by a brief Competition Committee Meeting


Marion Allen, Secretary, FAB Malaga Delegation

Why not email your Spanish Federation News to www.bowlinginspain.com?  If appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.