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07/12/2016 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


At Santa Maria B.C, at 5pm Wednesday 7th December 2016

Present: Gail Gilkes (Benalmadena), Nick Cummings (La Posada) Susan Walker (Santa Maria), Lennie

Dineen (Don Pablo), Carol Frost (Miraflores), Geoff Collins (Mijas), Dine Warn (League), Bixio Foletti

(Benavista) Amber Dineen (Book), Julian Thomas (Treasurer), John Carr (Publicity Officer)

1. Welcome by Julian Thomas, Apologies: Marion Allen, Ron Jones. Thanks to Gordon and Margaret

from JC

2. Matters arising from previous meeting.

1. JT Bill Davis sad to see leave and thank him for his help. Hope to see him back on the circuit


2. Error point 5. We received a letter of complaint about this point, corrections were made,

“always” changed to “this year” and a letter of apology issued.

3. Gala Andalucía. Dates clash apologies from them. JT has been given Certificates of

Achievement and Trophies for each person.

4. CF less personal comments in future on minutes and checked before published.

3. Treasurers Report: 1st Jan to 30th Nov 2016 cash surplus 202€. Refer to Inc & Exp a/c with JT.

Copy of accounts given to everyone. These accounts have been audited by John Walker ACMA.

Federation fee payments for 2016 total 1,679€ and we have had 1,413€ of expenses accepted

and are awaiting payment, the balance will be met by the Xmas hamper event.

4. Communications System:

1. JT Communications to be screened before distribution to catch errors, check relevance,

accuracy, current and no duplication or confliction.

2. Minutes out ASAP to relevant people all should reply when received and any corrections

emailed back within 7 days for final distribution.

3. JT Anything MA sends out to be checked. One sent to clubs email and one to rep. Each club

make own email for Committee for example, Donpablo@gmail.com

4. JT asked JC to request confirmation that all ok before published to website and maybe from

MA as Secretary.

5. Report from Competition Committee: LD apology from him he is waiting until 14th Jan. LD will

stay as long as he can while Barbara Land can take over. Calendar still in progress. LD said NC not

interested in any competitions only Open. GG sending out minutes. JC re Spain vs Malaga match.

LD said Susan Walker would like to change dates so not to conflict 21st Jan to 24th Jan and 1st, 2nd,

4th & 5th March. LD stated that confusion, misunderstanding and bad weather had occasionally

caused events to concertina but they were working hard at better information and planning to

minimise if not eradicate this happening in the future. GC stated only 1 more Owners Meeting

until FAB take on role. Still waiting for forms from clubs to say what comps they want.


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