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16/11/2016 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


at Santa Maria BC, 5.30 pm, Wednesday, 16th November 2016

Present:  Marion Allen (Secretary), Bill Davies (Chairman/Delegado), Amber Dineen (Competition Secretary), Lennie Dineen (Competition Convenor), Margaret and Gordon Kain, Julian Thomas (Treasurer), Susan Walker (Match Secretary)

Apologies:  John Carr (Publicity Officer), Barbara Land (Assistant Competition Convenor), Dine Warn (League Secretary).  The Sponsorship Officer post remains vacant.

1          Welcome by the Chairman (BD)

BD thanked the new committee members and our visitors Margaret and Gordon Kain, for coming to this early meeting, as he felt it was important to hit the ground running and be in a position to deal with people’s e-mails and enquiries.  He said he was happy to be on board and hoped that he will be able to contribute.

2          The Past, the Present and the Future of lawn bowls under the auspices of the Federation

BD felt it was important, as the Committee do not know him, to spend some time explaining who he is and something about his experience and thoughts.  He explained his background in the Metropolitan Police, about his family, about living in Spain and running his own businesses for a number of years until retiring two years ago.  His bowling career started only recently when he fell in love with the sport.  This is his third league season and he has been heavily involved on the committee at Benavista LBC, and is captain this current year. 

He has never had anything to do with the Federation and having had experience in a number of sports, he finds it hard to understand why people are objecting to paying €15. 

During the last 18 months he has attended the ‘Owners’ Management Group meetings which he found very productive.  Once discussions started about everyone joining the Federation, he researched the situation, spoke to JC, and consulted legal contacts with experience in sports’ law.  The outcome was that he was able to report back and confirm that what the Federation was proposing was legally backed as far as what they were proposing and wanting to do.  The fact is that to play in competitions it is the law that each individual is a member of the Federation.

He was surprised at the treatment which GK and MK had received when they were not allowed to attend one particular meeting.  He is against marginalising people, against confrontation and tries his best to be open minded.  Now he is in a position to welcome the Kains and to express how much he values their experience and input, how they have done so much work in speaking to people, standing their ground, also MK’s work on the documentation, and that we owed them a huge debt.

With regard to the future, he objects to the word ‘dying’ when referring to bowling on the coast, but felt that stagnating and slipping back was more appropriate.  He sees his job as bringing everything and everyone together to create new ideas such as more Spanish bowlers and more youngsters bowling, and in time he promised to circulate some ideas.

He suggested that having to wear whites could cause a barrier and compared the situation in Australia where bowling was thriving.  Jim Neilson had told him that when Benalmadena BC decided that casual clothing could be worn for club days, it made a 35-40% difference to the numbers of visitors playing at the club.  It was agreed that it was more important to improve etiquette on the green rather than impose strict dress code.  BD also mentioned the subdued, quiet nature of the game in this area compared with crown green and the Kains said how noisy the Scottish Nationals were.  MK said there was a lot to be looked at and done on the coaching aspect of the game, making it more fun with activities such as target bowling competitions.  Bill felt that Federaton or not, we should take a lead in all of these areas.

3          Bowling Calendar

The bowling calendar has always been created by the Management Group and whilst the Federation events have been taken into consideration, they have had no input.  A great deal of discussion took place about the current bowling calendar and open competitions. A number of issues were identified which include:

·        a programme which is too full and no space for alternative activities

·        clubs having the same dates each year

·        inclement weather at certain times of year

·        numbers of bowlers available at certain times of year

·        2 x 4 day opens are not as financially rewarding as 1 x 8 day event

·        the Ball and Chain at Mijas is an additional competition giving this club a total of 12 days

·        Belplaya BC and Superbowl BC having closed, their blocks in the calendar have disappeared.

Attempts to improve the existing situation include MK re-writing the calendar and leaving more free days and a suggestion to rotate the calendar by 2 weeks to give all clubs a fairer allocation over time, both of which were not accepted by the Management Group.

Suggestions to create a fairer system managed by the Competition Convenor and his committee plus Club Representatives include:

·        Appointing a Club Representative, with Job Description, from each club.


·        Adopting MK’s forms (see attached), the Club Annual Open Competition form to be brought to the Competition Convenor Committee meetings when forming the new calendar.  This will state each club’s preferred requirements – duration of competition, dates, disciplines to be held with number of bowls, other type of competition (eg Australian Pairs) with details.


·        In addition to club opens, federated competitions will be bid for in a similar way on the Allocation of Costa del Sol Competitions form – Andalucian Championships, Malaga Cup, Christmas Hamper, Summer Championships, Winter Championships and Champion of Champions and President’s 4s semi-final and final.  MK pointed out that the Nationals is the first priority in May and the Andalucian Championships with Almeria the 2nd priority at the end of September/beginning of October.


·        AD making her colour coded calendar sheet, including all bowling activities for the year, available to all bowlers via their Club Representative.


·        LD to organise an early interim meeting with his Competition Committee and Club Representatives.  26th November 2016 was suggested, prior to people returning to the UK for Christmas.  MK pointed out that we had given clubs until the 30th November to appoint their representatives.  Some are already in post and MA will e-mail the remainder of clubs asking for, if necessary, a temporary representative to attend the meeting.


LD pointed out that he did not have a vested interest in allocation of space on the calendar as the Don Pablo BC will not be holding any competitions.  He also felt that it was important not to make any immediate changes but for next season, 2017-18, to go along with the calendar very much as it stands now.  By the 2018-19 season more changes may be incorporated.  It is intended to publish the new calendar by the end of March.  JT pointed out that as part of the new accounting procedures, it is an external requirement of the FEB, the national body, that competitions and leagues are included in their calendar, thus enabling expense claims to be submitted.  *JT will talk to JC about the timing of this.

Barbara Land has offered to work alongside LD with a view to becoming Competition Convenor in the future.

JT reinforced the concept of the new structure by saying that federated bowling will be run by bowlers for bowlers, taking everyone’s interests into account, and empowering those nominated as Club Representatives to liaise with their own committees and to make decisions on behalf of their own members.

4          Handbook

Lisa Ives, Secretary of the Owners’ Group had promised to do the Handbook again this year, however, it is not yet available, nor is it helpful to be coming out late in the season.  Last year’s did not cover costs and €195 from Avalon was not paid. 

AD has produced the Handbook previously and is working on the edition for the 2017-18 season.  She needs one more sponsor.

5          Accounts Auditing

At the Open Meeting on 9th November, JT misunderstood the question about auditing the accounts each year, and assumed that a professional accountant was being suggested, thus incurring a cost.  He agreed that transparency was necessary and that accounts would not be published without being verified.  SW suggested that her husband, John Walker, was an accountant and would be happy to audit the accounts.

Questions were asked about whether the Management Group had any money and where the income from the Handbook was lodged.  The €20 FAB licence for Miraflores LBC has always been paid by FAB Malaga from their account.  JT stressed the necessity for each club to be registered with the Spanish controlling body for companies, the RAED, and to have that number and NIF number, without which claims cannot be made for expenses.

6          Santa Maria Open

This open is scheduled for the end of January when the Team Malaga v Spain match is taking place in Almeria, thus reducing dramatically the number of competitive bowlers available to play.  Alternative dates were suggested, either 4 days during 4th-8th March, or 21-24 January.  *SW to discuss with LD.

7          Andalucian Championships

Firstly, MK mentioned Grant Frost’s statement at the Open Meeting which shed a cloud over the Federation regarding the fees for the last Andalucian Championships held at Miraflores LBC not having been paid, a sum of €1,100.  She has checked with Craig Lewis to whom this amount was paid in cash as he was the person dealing with it at the time.  She confirmed that it had been paid although there is no invoice or audit trail for the transaction. 

In organising next year’s Andalucian Championships, 23rd-30th September, in this area, it is necessary to decide a venue in order to book accommodation for those visiting from Almeria.  Whilst it has traditionally been held at Miraflores, it could be possible to organise it as they do in Almeria, with a primary club supported by 2 other clubs, thus sharing greens and practice sessions, eg Lauro, Benalmadena and Mijas.  Lauro has apartments available for rent.  These clubs would not be required for all the days.  MK produced tables showing entry numbers for the past 2 years (367 individuals in separate disciplines in 2015 and 433 in 2016) and pointed out that numbers could increase as everyone will be federated, and the timescale may need to be increased to 8 days, even then that may not be enough.  Income for green fees had been €2,569 and €3,031 respectively.  MK also circulated her planning sheet (see attached documents.)

This year an opening ceremony had been held at Indalo BC at 5 pm and paella and cava were provided for about 100 people.  A glossy publication, sponsored by Blacktower, had been made available to all members with an insert giving start times, published by a new bowling magazine.  *JC to be asked to explore this.

8          Status of League Calendar AFTER 1st January 2017

Carol Frost, Miraflores, had e-mailed BD ‘regarding the pushing through of the Federation Structure so quickly that from January only Federated members can play in the league half way through the league season’.  JT pointed out that as it was government legislation that players have to be insured and they don’t want this coming out of the public purse, that we must have personal insurance, either through the Federation at a very reduced cost, or privately at considerably more.  It was decided that the deadline of 1st January would apply and that we would then be complying with the law.   *BD to respond to Carol Frost.

9          Gala Andaluza de Los Bolos 26th Novembers 2016

Invitations had been issued to winners of the Andalucian Championships to attend a gala dinner in Carzola.  Unfortunately it coincided with the Malaga Cup competition in which most of the individuals would be involved.  Information has been circulated to the individuals concerned.  *It was decided that BD would liaise with Bixio Foletti and JC regarding a reply to the President.

10        Secretary’s Report

MA circulated a laminated list of Committee members (see attached).  Minutes of the Open Meeting on 9th November were available and she was awaiting confirmation from JC prior to circulation.  Club Representatives – MA is collating enrolment forms and will, in due course, prepare a list with phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Some clubs were in the process of electing a representative by the due date of 30th November 2016.

11        AOB

11.1    Costa del Sol federated competitions  – MK has prepared a list and form C2 which will be circulated along with form C1 for club opens.

11.2    Minutes to be circulated to Club Representatives and published on the Bowling in Spain website.

11.3    Umpires – MK stated that all umpires should be federated.

11.4    Annual Calendar – those involved in drawing up the calendar each year in the Management  Group can still be involved by becoming Club Representatives.

11.5    Official Standing – JT explained how important it was for FAB Malaga Committee to be officially registered as a group, similar to bowling clubs, with the RAED, obtaining a NIF number, having legal statutes and a bank account.  There are 4 forms on the RAED website for completion.  *JT to start this process.

11.6    Correct Procedures – JT said that next year it was essential that proper nomination sheets, 4 weeks in advance. and voting procedures and slips are in place 2 weeks prior to the AGM in October.  This will work with the help of Club Representatives.

11.7    Dedicated Website – JT suggested that the Committee should have its own website for accounts, statutes, forms for new clubs, voting slips, nominations, elected officers with contact details and so on which can be easily changed.  Ron Jones could create this website on our behalf and host it at minimal cost.

11.8    Accounting Procedures – JT explained that there were a large number of new Federation accounting procedures and he wants to ensure that members and clubs are in the best possible position to benefit.  He is keeping a list of federated members with their details as clubs apply for licences.  This money is not passed to the FAB but held until such time as claims for expenses are submitted in the correct format in order to claim back green fees, prizes and expenses incurred in running official events, after which the FAB is paid back.  For example umpires can complete an expenses sheet, as a volunteer, in order to claim back €25 per day. 

The FAB is a public funded organisation, not for money or profit, and is measured on the number of people involved, entry numbers and number of events provided for players.  If there is a surplus at the end of the year then this could be shared between clubs.  MK pointed out that by taking over the planning of the calendar, all events would be federated.

This process will be trialled as soon as possible, initially working with 3 or 4 treasurers from clubs.  The onus is on the clubs themselves to take responsibility to ensure that the claiming process works.

11.9    Insurance – Those not paying €15 will need to pay €5 in order to be fully covered by insurance.  There is a separate form for this which JT will provide.

11.10  BD was invited by AD to write the Foreword for the 2017-18 Handbook which he agreed to do.

11.11  SW pointed out that the Christmas Hamper competition would be the first event under the aegis of the new regime.  LD and the Club Representatives to discuss at their first meeting.

The meeting closed at 9 pm.


Date of next meeting – Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 5.30 pm at Santa Maria BC



Forms attached:        List of FAB Malaga Committee Members with details

                                    Andalucian Championships planning document

                                    Andalucian Championships statistics for past 2 years

                                    Form C1 - Club Annual Open Competition application form

                                    Form C2 – Allocation of Costa del Sol Competitions application form

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