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05/10/2016 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


             at Miraflores Bowls Club, Wednesday, 5th October 2016 – 10.30  am

Present: Gordon Adams (Benavista/Umpires), Marion Allen (Benalmadena), John Carr (Benavista), Nick Cummins (La Posada), Margaret and Gordon Kain (Miraflores), Barbara Land (Mijas), Susan Walker (Santa Maria), Garry Aldridge (Don Pablo), Brian Todd (Don Pablo/Team Malaga), Julian Thomas (Lauro), Terry Groom (Benavista)

Apologies:  There were no apologies

JC opened the meeting by saying how significant this meeting will be and represents a turning point in Malaga’s history.

1          Approval of Minutes – 25th March 2016

The previous Minutes were approved.  There was one amendment, BL pointed out that under Item 4 Mijas don’t think that they will now pay the Federation fees for members.

2          Approval of Delegation’s Accounts (JT)

2.1       JT circulated a comprehensive spreadsheet of the accounts and went through the various items of income and expenditure.  He pointed out that Miraflores is the only club not paying the Club Licence fee and that this, for 17 members, was being paid by FAB Malaga.

2.2       Over recent months JC and JT have been trying to set up a bank account in this area similar to Almeria, so far without success.  In the meantime, JT is holding the cash in his private account.  He pointed out that he was fully registered for tax and at present there isn’t an alternative.  The previous account was privately held by Jackie Wright and Diane Chambers.

2.3       JT has created a folder on Google Drive containing copies of accounts, members’ database, club registration forms, and individual player registration forms.  This will be kept up to date and a link will be forwarded to all representatives to view and access the information.

2.4       It was agreed that the competitions secretary or whoever is organising an inter-club competition should send a list of entries to JT for him to check the database to ensure that all entrants are federated.

2.5       The Federation has changed its Request for Licences form from Word to Excel which makes it easier to manage.  There are spaces for 15 members and JT will ask if this can be extended.

2.6       When a club initially registers, there is a requirement to make a return of committee members every 4 years.  This could, of course, change every year.  If clubs notify JT of committee changes each year, he will forward to the Federation.

2.7       JC pointed out that Tony Winterton is trying to retire though he still keeps us informed of legislation and gives advice.

3          Review of events for season 2015-2016 (MK)

3.1       MK reported on the success of the recent Andalucian Championships where there were 57 entries and members from 8 of our clubs out of 9 travelling to Mojacar.  Total entries from Malaga were 138 and from the whole of Andalucia 431 which is double the entry for the Nationals.

3.2       The Finals Winners are as follows:

Gents Singles                                  Gordon Kain                                      Miraflores

Ladies Singles                                Gayle Gilkes                                      Benalmadena                  Ladies Singles runner up                  Ella More                                            Benavista

Gents Pairs                                      Gordon Kain                                      Miraflores                                                                                           Garry Aldridge                                   Don Pablo

Ladies Pairs                                     Pat Fisher                                          Santa Maria                                                                                       Simone Morgan                                Santa Maria

Mixed Fours                                     Barbara Land                                    Mijas                                                                                                   Alan Gateshill                                    La Posada                                                                                         Nick Cummins                                   La Posada                                                                                         Mary Detheridge                               Miraflores

There are a total of 13 winners representing 7 clubs, but MK stressed that all who took part are winners.

The Man of the Tournament was Gordon Kain, Miraflores, and the Lady of the Tournament was Pat Fisher, Santa Maria.

3.3       JC thanked MK who had driven the whole event.  MK showed the glossy brochure which had been provided.  GK expressed his thanks and said how important the support of so many colleagues had been, especially on the last two evenings. 

4          Latest developments in Federation matters (GK)

4.1       JC said that whilst GK is not an official member of the committee that he and MK have done all the research and difficult work in starting the new developments for the Federation.  Both GK and GA were co-opted onto the committee during this meeting.

4.2       GK explained how he and MK had been heavily involved in bowling in Scotland at a national level and after retiring and coming to Spain they had been drawn more and more into taking a leading role in bowling here.  In the UK all bowlers are automatically Federated and he believes strongly that it should be the same in this country.

4.3       The Law in Spain is perfectly clear and states that any individual who participates in an inter club sporting event must be Federated.  Any club not running competitions legally is taking a considerable risk.  The club cannot be covered by Public Liability Insurance if not Federated.  If Federated, the wide range of tax implications do not apply to that club.  A denuncia could be taken out, with police involvement, and sanctions include fines, imprisonment and even closing the club down.

4.4       Players have the power and must have a say in how to run the sport of bowling.  Almeria and Alicante have come together, not without great difficulties, to form a new committee in order to run events legally under the aegis of the Federation rules.  GK stressed that we must obey the Law and on Wednesday, 9th November 2016 every bowler, and owners as well, can come along to an open meeting and AGM to elect new officials to oversee lawn bowls on behalf of the Federation.

4.5       After the end of this year everyone competing or playing in inter-club competitions and the league must be Federated.  The fee will be €15 each for 1st January to 31st December 2017. 

4.6       JT stressed that monies must be received and application forms completed before a person is legally Federated.  This is something that cannot be done at the last minute as receipts are needed.  There is sometimes a delay in cards being provided.  Visitors from the UK playing in open competitions must be Federated in advance. 

4.7       The following proposal was made and accepted unanimously that every bowler must pay €15 before 1st January 2017 in order to be Federated for the year 2017.  Monthly members must also pay (whether bowling in competitions/leagues or not) and those who are from the UK, or elsewhere, who play in inter-club competitions.  (JC has since received confirmation from the President of the FAB that this item is covered in his proposal document of 4th February 2016 and does not require voting at regional level as it is already a legal requirement.)

4.8       During the intervening period, from now until 31st December, the existing arrangements continue.

4.9       Competitions secretaries, or those organising inter-club competitions, will be required to police entries and entry lists could be sent to JT for him to check that everyone is Federated.

4.10    Any issues, please contact the Secretary, Marion Allen – 951 295 046, 659 713 115 or marionballen16@gmail.com (Please note my latest e-mail address).

5          Plans for the AGM and open meeting on 9th November 2016 (MA)

5.1       MA will e-mail representatives and all Federation members in all clubs about the meeting and attach GK’s notes and a poster for display on club notice boards.

5.2       The original venue and time was changed to Santa Maria Bowls Club, 4.30 pm for 5 pm on Wednesday, 9th November, 2016.  In order to assess the numbers of people who will attend, an attendance list will be attached to the poster for each club.

6          Future structure (MK)

6.1       MK provided a flow chart showing a proposed structure for the committee, along with a series of job descriptions for the key posts.

6.2       She stressed that we need to look at this and move forward in a professional way and that anyone can be nominated and elected to the new committee.  Bowlers would be running bowling.

6.3       The proposed format consists of 3 levels:-

6.3.1   The Chair of the FAB Malaga Committee (Delegado) who will also attend FEB meetings

6.3.2   The higher level committee – Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Convenor (all the calendar including all competitions and league) and the Sponsorship Convenor, working alongside the Team Malaga Manager, the Coaching Convenor and Umpiring Convenor.

6.3.3   The representatives of all 9 Clubs – Benalmadena, Benavista, Don Pablo, La Posada, Lauro, Los Amigos, Mijas, Miraflores and Santa Maria who will ensure communications are in place.

6.4       Clubs will still be responsible for running their own Opens and, in collaboration with the new managing group through a standardised system, these will be included in the calendar of events.

6.5       A support package and guidelines will be provided to each club in order to standardise and provide a formal structure.

6.6       Problems about changing from the old structure, especially with 3 clubs being privately owned, were discussed.  JC felt that we should not dwell on problems but move forward to a better and easier future.

7          Malaga Cup (SW)

The Malaga Cup this year will start immediately after the Miraflores Open on Monday, 21st-27th November 2016 and be held at Santa Maria BC which is easier for SW to organise.  There will be Ladies and Gents Pairs and Mixed Fours.  This year, as previously, it will be for 2016 Federated members.

8          AOB

8.1       Presidents 4s will be organised by Dine Warn.  She has already sent out the League Fixtures for 2016-2017.

8.2       The Team Malaga meeting will be postponed until after the 9th November, in the meantime BT will e-mail his players and everything will carry on as previously.

8.3       JT brought along a Guide produced in 2004 by Tony Winterton, setting out accident insurance and issues for clubs.  JC to ask TW if he could update this as it would be very useful for clubs to have a copy.

8.4       MK asked for copies of any forms in use (eg for umpires) to be forwarded to her.


The meeting closed at 12.35 pm.              Date of next meeting – AGM/Open Meeting                                                                                                                            9th November 2016

Marion Allen, FAB Malaga Secretary                                                      6th October 2016


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