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25/03/2016 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


   at Miraflores Bowls Club, Friday, 25th March 2016 – 10 am

Present: Gordon Adams (Benavista/Umpires), Marion Allen (Benalmadena), John Carr (Benavista), Nick Cummins (La Posada), Terry Groom (Benavista), Margaret Kain (Miraflores), Barbara Land (Mijas), Jackie Wright (Los Amigos)

Apologies: Amber Dineen, Susan Walker

JC opened the meeting by thanking Heather at Miraflores BC for providing refreshments and accommodation.

1          Approval of Minutes – 16th March 2015

The previous Minutes were approved.

2          Treasurer's Report

JW reported that there was 377 in the account at the end of December and she will circulate a copy of the accounts.  There are 73 members with 2 to send off and 3 pending from Lauro BC.  She will send out a copy of members.

All invoices must be correct and include a CIF number.  Los Amigos, Belplaya and Miraflores are not registered correctly.  Each club should be registered with the Deportivo in their Ayuntamiento area.  A new account will be set up, ‘Lawn Bowls Spain’ (Ruth Compton).

JW has received  €600 for the Malaga Cup 2013-14 a small amount of which is to be paid out.  The claim for €1,400 for the Andalucian Championships is still awaiting a correct invoice from Miraflores.  This will be less €100 paid to umpires for refreshments.

For every Federated competition, umpires should receive €25 per game and 12 cts per kilometre travel, plus drinks and lunch.  These should be paid by the club from green fees.  The optional €3 extra for insurance does not cover normal travel arrangements.

JW informed the Federation representatives that she would be retiring this year for health reasons.  JC thanked her for all her hard work, especially over the past two very difficult years.  We need to find a person knowledgeable about accounting who is here all the time

3          President’s Visit

The President met with representatives on Saturday, 6th February 2016, but his main agenda was to show his Powerpoint presentation for which there was no time.  However, after nearly two hours very little had been achieved and those present felt that they were going round in circles and not getting any straightforward answers.  The task of translation took additional time.  JC asked those present at this meeting to give feedback and share what they had taken away.  Some notes are posted on the Bowling in Spain website.  Various points were raised

·        The Laws of Spain say all those taking part in any sports should be members of the Federation.  We have ignored this over the years.

·        The membership fee would need to be paid by anyone taking part in league matches and open competitions.

·         Mijas have agreed to charge members €15 in addition to their subscriptions and Benalmadena €5, with the club paying the €15 to the Federation in the hope of reclaiming €10 at a later date.

·        Sanctions are serious and include heavy fines, prison sentences or closing down the club.  Additional responsibilities for Competitions Secretaries, Committees and Presidents of individual clubs.

·        The difficulty of all clubs acting in the same way and the unfairness if some clubs complying and others do not.

·        The possibility of forming a local association to replace involvement in the Federation, and the legal implications.

·        Paying an additional €15 could be seen as off-putting to new members joining (reduced numbers of bowlers down from 1100 to under 500 currently).

·        In the UK everyone pays, but what will individuals get out of paying their €15?

·        The management structure would need to change drastically for all competitions to be organised through the Federation.

JC expressed the need to work within the system and through increased numbers to strive for a reduced Federation fee in the future, say €5, whereby more money would be collected than is the case at present.  His suggestion to approach the Management Group, initially by letter, to encourage all clubs to operate on a legal basis, was supported unanimously.

4          Review of Current Season

The three main competitions have been very successful this season.

Christmas Hamper  It was unfortunate that it overlapped with the Mijas Ball and Chain, as a result of which TG had to involve non-federated members from his club.  However, it was a very good day and MK thanked TG and Ruby for their donations and support.

Malaga Cup  Entry numbers have increased with 103 members involved.

Andalucian Championships  A magnificent number of entries – 276 – and very successful.

Malaga v Spain  Excellent team spirit and players helped by the number of supporters.

BL thanked MK for all her hard work in recruiting players and doing all the organisation.

5          Plans and Diary Dates for Next Season

The Andalucian Championships will be 23rd September to 1st October 2016 (including travelling days).

2017 will be 23rd to 29th September and held here (alternate years), Miraflores has the best facilities.

Malaga Cup – 20th to 25th November.

Malaga v Spain – 27th to 29th January 2017.

Christmas Hamper to be decided and included in the Costa del Sol handbook.

6          AOB

BL asked if members’ information could be shared.  MK will update and circulate her list of members.  There are issues around data protection and everyone’s permission would have to be obtained for details to be included in the Bowling in Spain website.  

The meeting closed at 11.30 am.              Date of next meeting – AGM 5th October 2016

Marion Allen, FAB Malaga Secretary                                                      28th March 2016

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