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06/02/2016 - Special Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee with the President of the FAB, Snr. Jose Miguel Nieto - Santa Maria Bowls Club

6th February 2016 5pm

Present: Jose Miguel Nieto, President FAB, Allen Gateshill, Arthur Lees, Gordon Kain, John Carr, (Chairman), Margaret Kain, Marion Allen, (Secretary), Nick Cummins, Susan Walker, Terry Groom, Tony Frowd, Tony Winterton, Interpreter.

Summary: The purpose of the meeting was to allow an exchange of views between the President of the FAB & members of the FAB Malaga Committee. Despite the lack of time the President was able to allocate and language challenges, a lively debate ensued in which everybody present was able to express their views.
Instead of producing minutes in the classic style, which would have presented significant challenges to our able secretary, Marion Allen, I decided to invite FAB Malaga Committee members present to voluntarily submit their views & comments, which are published here unedited.

I invite further contributions, relating to Federation & other related organisations, from the general bowling population, which will be published unedited in a forum format. Click here to send an email.

I would like to express my thanks to The Presidente, FAB, the attendees, with a special mention for Tony Winterton for doing an excellent job of Interpreting.

John Carr, (Chairman, FAB Committee),

Contributions from Attendees

Arthur Lees

Gordon Adams

Gordon & Margaret Kain

John Carr

Marion Allen

Terry Groom

Tony Winterton



Contributions from Others

Tony Millington




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