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21/10/2014 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club

FAB MALAGA MEETING at Miraflores Bowls Club

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 – 10 am

Present: Garry Aldridge, Marion Allen, John Carr, Amber and Lennie Dineen, Mike Glithero, Margaret Kain, Dennis King, Barbara Land, Barry Pemberton, Sue Walker, Jackie Wright

Apologies: Tony Frowd, Charles Ottaway, Shirley Owen

1 Approval of Minutes – 3rd March 2014

Nobody has volunteered to take the Delegate's position. JC has agreed to chair the meetings with MK and SW sharing the organisation involved in the role of Competitions Secretary.

BL was incorrectly shown as Vice Captain who is Kate Morris.

2 Approval of Accounts for 2013

JW provided copies of the Final Accoounts which were later approved (see attached). The balance in the bank of €797 will be increased by €823 owed by the Federation for 2012. This will form a useful contribution towards the costs of the Malaga Cup this year.

3 Licence Fees

Membership lists (68 members) and new cards were given out, apart from 4 which were missing. JW requested up to date lists from all clubs to facilitate collection of subscriptions and distribution of cards.

The regional fee is currently €18 (for playing in Andalucia only) and national €34. New members could pay €18 to allow them to play in the Malaga Cup and Christmas Hamper this year. In 2014 60 members received a €10 discount. From July 2015 a new fee will be charged and this may be lower than the present national fee. Until JW receives notification, which she will circulate immediately, it is unclear how much members will be expected to pay in December 2014. JW requested that fees are collected by the club representative rather than individuals paying her direct.

The Andalucian Championships are to be held in the Malaga Province in 2015. MK is to circulate a list notifying members of which competitions they can play in.

4 Review of Federation Activities

MK said that the Andalucian Championships at the end of September and beginning of October were a great success both in developing friendships as well as the standard of bowling. Some new bowlers were integrated within the group. We had successes in all disciplines except the Ladies Singles. Tom Rogers, in particular was congratulated.

MK was thanked for her outstanding achievements in recruiting 40 or more people, working with Jan Dando and overcoming the challenges of inclement weather.

MK and SW have prepared proposals for the Andalucian Championships in 2015 which will be held at Miraflores as they have 2 greens. The clubs involved in Almeria have promised their support.

5 Election of Committee Secretary

Marion Allen was appointed the new Committee Secretary to replace Diane Chambers.

MA pointed out that her mobile number in the Handbook is incorrect on Page 8 and that it should be 659 713 115. She asked if representatives would notify any officials in their own clubs.

JW is to keep an up to date list of Federation members.

MK is to send out a list of contact information.

6 Federated Events 2014-15

A list of planned and proposed Federated Events was included in the Agenda.

King's Cup and National Mixed Triples It was decided that it was not feasible to take part in these events.

Inter-provincial Matches To be discussed at Team Malaga meetings.

Malaga Cup is to be held at Superbowl BC where John Owen will work with SW. His suggestion to include Triples must be discussed with MK and JC. Once numbers are known for Singles, Pairs and 4s, the programme will be planned accordingly to fit the time available. (At a later meeting with JO, JC, MK & SW, it was agreed to leave the disciplines at Men’s & Ladies Pairs & Mixed Fours, with the option to run a Plate for Mixed Fours 1st round losers.)

Sponsorship is essential and JC has sent out 35 emails requesting support. MG was thanked for obtaining €250 from Totus, an investment firm. It is necessary to have a sponsorship representative on the committee, as well as representation from the Federation at the Owners meetings. MK and SW are planning the calendar and Craig Lewis is already represented as the Manager at Miraflores. (Terry Morgan subsequently agreed to assume the position of Sponsorship Co-ordinator for all Federation events).

Christmas Hamper Belplaya BC provided a very successful event last year and it was agreed unanimously to request their co-operation again this year. LD to contact Charles Ottaway.

Andalucian Championships to be held 26th September to 2nd October 2015 at Miraflores BC. Disciplines to include Ladies and Gents Singles, Ladies and Gents Pairs, and Mixed 4s.

Closing date for entries will be 18th April and entry fees will be €7. The same format for calculating Prize money and medals to remain the same as last year.

MK and SW have met and prepared a planning document which includes all relevant issues including:

·         accommodation schedule

·         need for a planning team

·         contact point

·         support team of Federation representatives

·         sponsorship and provision of time to promote their company

·         dinner and possible social evenings

·         printed programme of events and sponsorship advertisements

·         bowls stall (possibly Steve and Gail Gilkes)

·         raffle

·         menu for lunches.

MK was thanked for her early and efficient organisation.

7 Malaga Bid for Nationals 2016

JC explained the background to the Lawn Bowls Committee and how John Muldoon heads this and represents the regions. We were asked to bid for 2015 and JC wrote to say that we were interested, with Miraflores BC an ideal venue, but as many bowlers had already booked their accommodation for next year, it was decided to apply for 2016. John Muldoon & Bob Donnelly are to meet with the Owners group and Federation members to see if the venue and facilities would be suitable. Date to be arranged.

Ideally, March instead of May would be preferable but work would need to be done with the Malaga Clubs & representatives from other regions regarding the calendar of events.

It was voted by a quorum for the holding of the Nationals in this region.

8 Proposal for a Malaga/National Bowling Association

JC agreed to ask John Muldoon again to head up a new association. Without his support it will not be possible.

9 New FEB President

Oscar Gomez Morante has been appointed the new President of the FEB and Bob Donnelly is involved in the new executive committee.

10 AOB

Once again, MG was thanked for obtaining sponsorship for the Malaga Cup.

The meeting closed at 11.55 am.

Date of next meeting – tba

Marion Allen, Committee Secretary 22nd October, 2014

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