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03/03/2014 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club


Present :-

John Carr (JC), Ex-Delegate and Chairman

Jackie Wright (JW), Treasurer

Diane Chambers (DC), Secretary

Tony Winterton (TW), FEB National Committee Member

Susan Walker (SW), Federation Competition secretary

Brian Todd (BT,) Belplaya representative and men’s captain Team Malaga

Margaret Kain (MK) Santa Maria representative and ladies captain Team Malaga

Barbara Land, (BL) Mijas representative

Marion Allen, (MA) Benalmadena.

Apologies were received from Barry Pemberton, Benavista, and there was no representation from Superbowl, Lauro Golf, or La Posada.


JC opened the meeting at 10.30am sharp.


1)    Approval of minutes of last meeting

These were proposed by JC and seconded by SW  as a true copy.


2)    Latest Accounts

JW informed the meeting that the balance in the Federation account at 31/12/13 was 797,03 Euros, but with fees paid to date, the balance was now 1,219.23 euros and there was a payment of 300 euros still outstanding from John Muldoon from test match with Spain.

She apologised for the delay in furnishing the information due to problems with her computer but added that the accounts were now almost finalised, just a few outstanding fees to come in but the bulk of fees had been paid before the Malaga Cup.  She informed the committee that she wanted to resign due to health problems but was prepared to carry on until a replacement was found. DC suggested that the secretary help with the accounts if she was indisposed as this post required registration with the bank too. TW agreed to this.

SW objected to members joining in November to play in Malaga Cup and Hamper competitions and felt that it was being abused. The committee agreed and after a discussion, it was agreed that only new members would be afforded this sanction. Members who had lapsed their membership would be required to pay the full year in which the competitions were played.



3)    Latest License fee structure

TW explained this at length to the Committee and how the fee had been structured and restructured causing confusion amongst the members, which had been caused by regional variations. He stated that the Junta de Andalucia had agreed a grant of 8000 euros in arrears and that Malaga and Andalucia were waiting for 2000 euros for expenses which had been approved.

MK asked TW to clarify the article in Bowls International that World bowls had severed contact with CMSB which he did before leaving the meeting due to a prior commitment.


4)    And 5) Appointment of new Malaga Delegate

JC informed the meeting that he had officially resigned at the end of 2013 and asked for a new candidate. However, there was nobody on the Committee who was in a position to take over from JC as the appointment was a full year commitment and most of the committee returned to UK for summer.

Tony Frowd had offered to care take the position but his time was limited due to business commitments but a suggestion was made and the committee agreed that this person be approached and JC stated that he would stay on and help him.



5)    AOB

DC had tendered her resignation as secretary to Federation Committee and Team Malaga prior to the meeting due to her return to the UK permanently and JC asked for a replacement. Due to the fact that most of the committee held other positions and could not take on another commitment, it was agreed to approach Amber Dineen.

SW proposed a vote of thanks to DC for her work since the present committee was formed in 2006 and was seconded by all present.


JC informed the present committee that he felt it very important that team Malaga be kept on whichever committee took over, as this was a great aid to recruitment.


MK informed the committee that she was very disappointed that there were not enough trophies presented to the winners and finalists at the Andalucian championships held in Almeria and mentioned the Aldridges as an example.

DC added that she had received no trophy when she won the Andalucian Ladies Singles in 2009.

JC told the committee that he had addressed Almeria on this issue and had been given a bag as he left a later meeting in that area by Jan Dando which he had opened on his arrival in Malaga to find that some of the winners and finalists had not been included. He also mentioned that there had been no trophies for the Malaga winners of the ladies National pairs and the committee agreed that this was very poor and something must be done before the next Andalucían Championships to be held in September 2014 at Almeria. JC stated that he or his successor would have to address this.


All business concluded, JC called the meeting to a close at 12.30pm.

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