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29/10/2013 - Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Miraflores Bowls Club





Present:-  John Carr(JC) Malaga delegate & Chairman,     Tony Winterton (TW) FEB National Executive

                   Diane Chambers(DC) secretary            Dennis King & Barry Pemberton (DK & BP) Benavista

            Dorothy Pilmoor (DP) Miraflores             Marion Allen(MA) Benalmadena

            Terry Groom (TG) Superbowl                    Margaret Kain(MK) & Sue Walker(SW) Santa Maria

            Robert Wright (RW) Mijas

Apologies were received from Jackie Wright (JW), Brian Todd(BT), Amber Dineen(AD) and Charles Ottaway.(CO). No representatives from Lauro Golf & La Posada attended.

JC opened the meeting at 10.30am and welcomed the committee. He apologised that there was no treasurer’s report as JW was unable to attend the meeting but he would distribute this ASAP


1)      Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved by JC and seconded by SW


2)      Malaga Cup

JC apologised for the misprint in the schedule sent to committee members and that the venue should read Lauro Golf who would be supervising the tournament under the chairmanship of Trevor Burgin and, unfortunately there was no private sponsor at this time. MK stated that a lot of federated members were dissatisfied with last year’s prizes.

The committee discussed at length the topic of cash prizes, trophies or vouchers, for Federated events. The majority of attendees were not opposed to cash prizes.

DP suggested that, because of the distance, starting times should be no earlier than 10am and the committee agreed.

SW questioned that there were no triples, a popular discipline, included this year and felt that the rinks should have been the discipline excluded. The committee agreed and JC said that their comments would be taken on board for next year.


3)      Spain v Malaga

This event would be held in Almeria, possibly Indalo BC., on 1st/2nd February 2014. The Malaga squad would travel to Almeria 31/1/14 and there would be a practice in the afternoon, the matches against Spain would be on 1st and 2nd . JC stated that the accommodation is being arranged by the Spain Squad and that there was no guarantee of expenses at the moment.

TW emphasised the necessity of applying for funding from the Federation a year in advance of these events.

MK stated that it was necessary to contact team members and find out availability and SW agreed that this was important to have possible trials. DC questioned the necessity of trials and suggested track record and performance. JC suggested that this be a matter for discussion by the Team Malaga Committee.


4)      Xmas Hamper, 10th December 2013

JC asked for clubs willing to host this event. The clubs, Belplaya, Superbowl, Miraflores and Los Amigos were submitted and JC said he would consider the nominations and make his decision quickly as the event was only six weeks away. (Since the meeting JC has offered the venue to Beplaya, who have accepted.)


5)      European Championships

JC announced that the Spanish team had been very successful at this Federated event, held in Spain for the first time since 1988. Jan Dando and Lyn Greenlands had won the Ladies pairs and the rinks had achieved bronze and Spain had achieved  third overall.

Also congratulations went to Gordon Adams, (Benavista BC), who had passed the ITO course and qualified as an international umpire and was selected to officiate. Gary Aldridge, (Santa Maria), was mentioned, as he took the course and narrowly missed qualifying. Garry offered his services to the organising committee but was not called to officiate, but did attend the event.


6)      Kings Cup

JC expressed his disappointment that the Malaga team had been omitted from this year’s event, in view of the fact that Malaga had supported last year’s competition at short notice and prevented it from being a total disaster after the Alicante team pulled out at the last minute and this was explained in the letter that had been distributed to club reps with the Agenda for this meeting.

MK thought that the matches for this event should be played through the normal season with the final playoff for the team to represent Malaga, before the ‘snowbirds’ left Spain for the summer.

TW explained the original roots of this competition which had started a few years ago when most clubs had nearly 100% Federated membership.  However, due to the depletion of Federated members, this could be changed to a National mixed Championship, with pairs, trips and rinks playing regionally, with the Federation funding the winners if they had to travel to a different area to play finals.

Mk asked if this could be played during a normal season as there was no support during the summer season.


7)      Brian Todd’s Proposals

The document, which had been discussed and broadly accepted at the previous meeting, was read to the Committee by JC. TW explained the legalities of forming a committee.



8)      Graham Marlow’s proposals

These were read to the meeting and once again, TW explained the legalities. JC asked for a show of hands in support of the document and the majority present agreed. JC stated that he would report the Committee’s feelings at the November meeting of the LBD and there would be a lot of questions to be resolved.

As he had only attended the meeting to explain the legalities of the two previous proposals, TW left the meeting at 12.20pm.


9)      Margaret Kain’s proposals

a)      That JC form a Steering Committee to implement the new ideas.

JC volunteered to chair the Steering Committee with, MK, DC, BT, SW and AD to look at the issues and proposals.

b)      Programme of events 2014/15 season, a joint effort between owners and bowlers.

 As JC had suggested his choice to represent the bowlers, she suggested co-opting a member or members from the Owners Committee to form this ‘new’ steering committee and, a show of hands revealed that she had the full support of the meeting.

RW made his apologies and left the meeting at 12.50pm due to other commitments.


10)  Duties of Club representatives

a)Collect license fees

b)Control entry sheets for competitions, collect entry fees and advise Competition Committee of entries before date,

c)Check that entrants are federated.


11)  AOB

JC informed the meeting that he would be resigning as delegate for Malaga at the end of the year but would fulfill his commitments. He asked for a volunteer or anyone interested in filling the vacant position, however he fully supported BT and GM’s proposals.

MK was concerned that information was being discussed by non federated members.

DC informed her that the system had always been, to send copies of the minutes to club reps and these were to be discussed with the federated members before being displayed on club notice boards.

JC pointed out that there was nothing discussed at the meetings that needed to be kept secret from non federated bowlers.

MA thanked JC for his valuable input and work as Malaga delegate; this was seconded by SW.

SW asked that reps put a list of federated players on their notice boards as most members weren’t aware which players were Federation members and this would facilitate making up teams due to the relaxing of the ‘same club’ rule. DC said she would contact Jackie and ask her to distribute the current list of members to each club rep.

All business concluded, JC closed the meeting at 1.05pm and thanked the members for attending. He informed the committee that the next meeting would be in the New Year, date TBA.

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