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10/12/2012- Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Santa Maria Bowls Club


10.30AM  Monday 10th December 2012

@ Santa Maria BC


JC opened the meeting at 10.30am and apologies were received from La Posada and Lauro bowls clubs.


John Carr (JC) Chairman and Federation Delegate for Malaga

Diane Chambers ( DC) Secretary

Jackie Wright (JW) Treasurer

Rena Russell (RR) Los Amigos

Barry Pemberton (BP) Benavista

Arthur Lees (AL) Santa Maria

Dorothy Pilmore (DP) Miraflores

Mike Stapleton (MS) B enalmadena

Linda Hall (LH) Mijas

There was no representation from Belplaya and Superbowl.


1)      Approval of minutes from  meeting  5/09/ 12 and matters arising

AL stated that the president of Santa Maria had questioned the fact that JC was taking too many decisions without consulting the Committee. JC replied that sometimes due to circumstances he had to make these decisions and he apologised for seeming too dictatorial.

LH said that her club, Mijas, thought the 5 euro fee paid by the federation for matches between individual club & Team Malaga, should be raised to seven bringing it in line with green fees paid for League games. This was discussed by the Committee at great length and it was agreed that the 5 euro fee should remain for this season but Mijas could include their proposal in the agenda at a meeting at the end of the season to be considered for next season, and by doing this they would give other clubs the chance to bring their views to the table, through their reps.

The minutes were then proposed by RR and seconded by DC as a true copy of that meeting.


2)      Treasurers report and newly licensed members

JW reported that membership had increased from 51 at the start of 2012 to 74 at the moment. Twelve members had paid their fees for 2013 before 1/12/12 and although the new license fee for 2013 had increased by 1 € to 26€, she would not be collecting the extra euro from these members, but any member paying the fees for 2013 after that date would pay the increased amount and she would appreciate these fees due be paid before 31/12/12.She also informed the Committee that any funds that were in the Federation bank account were accounted for and JW was awaiting a transfer of 700€ to settle outstanding debts.

The forms for part of the accommodation costs incurred by Team Malaga for the Almeria game had been handed out by Sue Walker at Benalmadena and JW now had them completed and signed and were ready to submit to the Federation for reimbursement. DC informed the committee that she had not yet received one of these forms, so JC agreed to deal with hers so that it could be submitted with the rest.

JW also informed the committee that, contrary to rumour, the Federation had not funded the National Spanish team’s trip to Australia. Any funding for this event had come from the Spanish sports council.

DC asked that the Federation speed up the process of money transfers to avoid embarrassing incidents in the future. The licence fees had been increased and money was to be paid before the end of the year so she felt that the Federation should make their payments more promptly.

JW stated that funding was governed by the number of members and the increase in membership at the end of 2012 would aid funding for 2013 but the funding for 2012 had already been set.


3)      FAB Gala 111 Gala Andaluz, Jaen 23/11/12

JC informed the committee that this event covered fifteen sports including lawn bowls and Margaret and Gordon Kain had been invited, but had been unable to attend as it conflicted with the start of the Malaga Cup.


4)      Kings Cup Final @ Almeria

JC stated that Alicante had pulled out of this competition at the last minute with no explanation or apologies jeopardising the whole tournament, but with the assistance of Margaret Kain & Barry Pemberton, Captain of the Malaga Kings Cup Team and representatives of the Almeria Federation, the situation had turned a disaster into a triumph by arranging, at very short notice in just a matter of days, a match between Team Malaga and Team Almeria. Although Benavista, who beat Benalmadena to represent Malaga by only 1 shot, were defeated by the team from Indalo, Team Malaga triumphed over Team Almeria and a very enjoyable weekend was had by all players participating. In all it had been a very successful public relations event that had healed scars from the  past and had inspired interest in the forthcoming Andalucian championships to be held in Malaga. JC apologised, on behalf of the Federation, for the delay in processing the expenses for this event.


5)      Programme of Federated Events- Malaga Province 2012/13

a)Kings cup 13th/14th oct 2012 – see item 4

b)Malaga Cup   This had been held effectively at Benalmadena. The entry of 124 had been down on the previous year and JC had obtained sponsorship of 300€ from Speed Financial Services. He thanked MS and his wife Vera for organising a successful competition.

c) Lauro BC v Team Malaga and Hamper

The Team Malaga event had been organised successfully by Brian Todd and Margaret Kain, who had been unable to participate due to prior commitments. Some ‘new’ faces had been played and although Team Malaga won by a narrow margin of 27 shots, it proved that there was a lot of hidden talent at Lauro.

Unfortunately numbers for the Federation Xmas Hamper held at Lauro were down on last year and JC took full responsibility for awarding the event to Lauro but he felt that all clubs should take their turn in holding Federated competitions. DC pointed out that Lauro was the same distance from Benalmadena as the meeting here today at Santa Maria.

She also brought to the committees attention, a communications problem that she felt due to the duties of club reps not being clearly defined. By an oversight, these duties that had always been written into previous Committee minutes had been excluded. JC asked DC to prepare the following for discussion by the committee:

·       a proposed list of responsibilities of the Federation reps.

·       proposals for method of appointing Club Fed. reps.

·       proposal for check list for the preparation and running of Federation Events.

(Footnote by JC: all the above items should be produced after consultation with members of the Malaga Delegation at the next Committee meeting)

d) Team Malaga Practice and trials

The game against the Spanish squad was to be held at Santa Maria 2/3rd February 2013 and the trials for team selection would be at the same venue 21/22nd January.

DP pointed out that the January dates conflicted with her club’s internal competitions and JC replied that he had not been asked to attend the Owner’s meeting when the bowling programme had been planned although he had requested this. He had tried to work with the bowling calendar where possible but inevitably, without prior consultation there were bound to be clashes. He also pointed out that the Federation had not infringed the accepted practice that major events should not overlap. JC added that he could not pick and choose the dates that the Spanish squad attended because they also have a very crowded calendar, of which many events had been planned years ahead.

DC stated that the dates had been agreed for the return match in February 2012.

AL informed the Committee that the Owner’s Committee had been petitioned for JC to be included in their meetings.

e) La Posada v Team Malaga

This will be a one day event on 23/01/13 format to be chosen by host club.

f) Benalmadena BC v Team Malaga

Again a one day event on 6/02/13, format to be chosen by host club.

JC reiterated that no member of Team Malaga would be asked to compete against their own club and, although he would prefer to stick to the international format, some flexibility would be allowed in these matches.

g) National Mixed triples and Finals

JC informed the Committee that he had asked Susan Walker to organise non Team Malaga events, including this one.

DC asked why she had not been put on copy for this meeting and JC replied that she had been unable to attend due to prior commitments.

JC stated that this was an Open Federated event and players did not have to belong to the same club and entry forms would be sent out when dates had been chosen for each round. The finals could not now be held on 9/10th February 2013 as scheduled, but a later date would be advised.

h) Superbowl v Team Malaga

One day event scheduled for 19/03/13.

i)                    Inter-Provincial matches  Team Almeria/ Team Alicante/ team Malaga

A 2 day event scheduled 22nd- 24th June 2013 to be held in Almeria.

DC stated that there would not be the same choice of players for this date as the ‘snowbirds’ would not be available.

             j) Andalucian Championships 23/27th April 2013

This would be an Open 5 day Federated event to be hosted by Malaga and JC would be approaching clubs to see who would be interested in holding the event. He stated that this had previously been an annual event in the bowling calendar which had declined over the past few years but the recent trip to Almeria had proved a great public relations event and he had been promised a good entry from Almeria.

MS informed the Committee that Benalmadena were, this week erecting a large covered area similar to Lauro and asked this to be taken into consideration when choosing host clubs in the future.

k) Team Malaga tour to Portugal 5/7 days late season

JC expressed his disappointment that this event might not take place this season due to the overfull bowling calendar. DC had obtained quotes for accommodation which she read to the meeting and the May dates were quite expensive.

6)      Skills Medals Programme

This was an idea that was used in Scotland and had been put forward by Margaret Kain. It would involve achieving different levels of skills for Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and had planned to be part of the recruitment programme for Team Malaga. Unfortunately this scheme had been shelved for this season because of lack of free days in bowling calendar.


7)      Instructor’s and Umpires Courses.

These would be held in New Year, dates and venues to be announced


8)      Reducing the cost of Accommodation

JC put forward an idea from Elspeth Marlow, Indalo BC, that visiting bowlers be put up in people’s homes rather than spend large amounts on hotel accommodation. The committee discussed this at length but felt that it would detract from the camaraderie as the team would be split up into individual accommodation.


9)      Malaga Rankings system

The Committee declined to discuss this unless it became a Federated event.


10) Duties of Club Reps

a)      Collect license fees

b)      Control entry sheets for competitions, collect entry fees and advise Competition Committee of entries before date,

c)       Check that entrants are federated and inform clubs and players of dates and  start times


11)   AOB

JW stated that she had received no reply from Belplaya or Superbowl for her requests for the fees to be paid to World Bowls and asked reps to collect 2013 Federation fees, if possible, before 31/12/12.

MS proffered his resignation as club rep for Benalmadena due to other commitments and DC asked him if he might reconsider and finish the season. He declined and said it was not possible. JC thanked MS for all the effort he had expended on behalf of the Federation and wished him good luck for the future.

AL informed the Committee that he would be available to Umpire all future team Malaga games and was thanked by JC and the committee for his offer.

DC asked for amplification with the new proposal by JC to allow Federated members who were not affiliated to a club to play in Federated competitions and felt that this might lose clubs revenue. JC replied that he was to attend an LBD meeting next month and that this point would be clarified, in addition to Tony Frowd’s proposal that all Malaga Federated bowlers should be federated under one club, so as to increase entries to the Nationals.


All business concluded, JC closed the meeting at 1.35pm and thanked members for attending. The next meeting would be announced at a later date.




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