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05/09/2012- Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Santa Maria Bowls Club

FAB Malaga Meeting

Santa Maria Bowls Club

5th September 2012



John Carr, Chairman and Provincial Delegate (JC)

Jackie Wright, Treasurer (JW)

Murray Johns, Santa Maria (MJ)

Terry Morgan, Lauro Golf (TM)

Barry Pemberton, Benavista (BP)

Mike Stapleton Benalmadena  (MS)

Dorothy Pilmoor, Miraflores (DP)

Amber Dineen, Benalmadenaa (Guest)

Apologies received from Diane Chambers (Secretary), Rena Beveridge, (Los Amigos) Brian Judge, (Superbowl), Charles Ottoway (Belplaya).

Clubs not represented at the meeting: Mijas & Superbowl.

JC opened the meeting at 10.00am and welcomed representatives and firstly wished to express his and committee members condolences to Marion Jones, wife of Dave Jones, who suddenly passed away recently and also to Angie Knight, partner to Davie Hunter.

1. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting.

            These were approved by MS and seconded by ??

2. Treasurers report

            This was passed by JW and JC spoke about this instead.

To date, no funds have been received from the FAB, but John Muldoon from heading the lawn Bowls Diretorate, agreed to send the sum of €200-€300 which will tide us over in the meantime. JC was told that the previous FAB regime had left the FAB accounts in a very depleted state.  JC stressed that the FEB finances were in a healthy state.

JW reported that since the first application for renewal of licenses which was 51, we have received a further 16 applications, (This may not sound a lot but maybe a new beginning)


3. Meeting with the FEB President July 2012 Asturias

JC said that he had a very good meeting with the President of the FEB, Snr Boto, this July whilst on holiday in Asturias, where he once again brought up the subject of lowering the License Fees to encourage increased membership. He was told that this is a not possible as in fact the same fee is paid by every veteran Federation member throughout Spain for all sports. The President informed JC that the €19 paid to the FEB, (the balance goes to the FAB), includes a €4 insurance premium, which is obligatory by Spanish law.

JC explained that we could get much more sponsorship money from the FEB, but we need to introduce more Federated events in the Calendar, to attract these funds. He stated that this was the current objective, but the crowded bowling calendar, (which was planned without the participation of the FAB, Malaga Delegate), made this quiet a challenge.

JC asked the committee members to explain the situation clearly to their respective club members, stressing the need for support for more Federation events.

4. FAB Malaga Committee.

JC asked if non-federated members should be on the FAB committee, it was agreed  that only Federated members should sit on the committee.

JC also thought that individual club representatives serving on the Owners & Managers Committee should be different from those serving on the FAB Committee.

MJ said that Thomas Noritzsch, the owner of Santa Maria BC, did not want to attend the owners committee meetings and asked MJ to represent him and that their members run committee had voted him to be their representative on the FAB committee. BP also stated that Hughie was not interested either to go to owners meetings and had elected to send Bill Davey to these.  TM also stated that Ken Talbot went to the Owners meetings and that he, TM, was the Federation Representative now for Lauro Golf.

MJ stated that whilst be has been on the owners committee he would not let any Federation matters be discussed unless JC was in attendance.

The matter was discussed and the general feeling was that it was probably a good idea to have at least one person on both committees.

5. The Malaga Handbook

JC gave his thanks to AD for all the work that she has done by taking over the owners members handbook and the work she did for Team Malaga, and she has also produced a fantastic chart showing when all the various competitions are taking place in our area, and you can see at a glance  as to when/if there are any days free that could be utilized for FAB events. JC spoke about the handbook and stated that, although useful, it was probably out of date before it even goes to print. To this effect JC and AD thought that an eHandbook, (electronic handbook) – published and regularly updated on www.bowlinginspain.com, would be very useful. They are working on this right now and be more helpful to those of us who do actually bowl in these competitions. MJ at this time asked the question of AD why his information for the handbook had been altered  as he was the club representative for the FAB committee, but in the handbook stated that Arthur Lees was their representative.   AD stated that this information was given to her by JC, MJ asked JC for an apology and asked for this to be included in the minutes. JC explained again his views, already documented above, about separation between Owners & FAB representation, but took full responsibility in the matter and agreed that according with the FAB Committee decision, MJ should be published as the Santa Maria BC FAB representative.

6. The Malaga Squad/Team Malaga

After several discussions in was voted that the Malaga Squad should be renamed as TEAM MALAGA.

The Team Malaga agenda shows provisional dates of December 2012/January 2013 for friendly matches between Algarve Portugal Tour.  JC was going to speak to Tony Gilbert  to organize this as the previous dates which were for September were much too soon and too expensive. TM stated that we would be better off with Team Malaga playing with the individual clubs as discussed at the Team Malaga  meeting on 23.03.2012 Casa de la Pizza as it would give an opportunity for non federated club members to play against the team and maybe get them interested in joining the Federation and thereby enabling them to also be a part of Team Malaga in the future. AD said that she had given JC 8 – 9 dates for this to happen, unfortunately 2 had now been used up. JC stated that the series of matches between clubs and Team Malaga would definitely go ahead. JC said he would get on to this and JC/AD would contact club reps.,  for this purpose.  JC said he would look for sponsorship for these events as well. JW asked why you needed sponsorship for this as it would be better to have sponsorship for big events, JC stated that he wanted this to be a big event as well.  AD  said if we could get reduced green fees i.e. €5  it would help, and also if the FEB could pay for refreshments and maybe sandwiches.

7. League Results

MJ said that the Costa del Sol News has agreed to give a Ό page add for free in their newspaper and Murray will submit league results once a month to enable other bowling items to use this space because if swamped with news they might change their minds about  non payment from us.

8. Programme of Federated Events – Malaga Province 2012-2013

JC initially had asked to be present at the Owners meetings to enable him to have an input to the bowling calendar. He was not invited but did send a requirement document to the Secretary, including several new events. However, the only events allocated to the Federation for the current bowling season were the Malaga Cup and The Xmas Hamper.

MJ stated that nothing could be done for the current bowling calendar year, but as prices of fuel and living costs are still on the rise he thought that people would not enter so many competitions and a full review of the bowling calendar be made.  There are 95 full days of bowling which is far too much, and suggested that no clubs have an open competition, the summer championships be discontinued, and the winter championships be broken up into individual competitions and played at different clubs to spread the load, this would free up days for other events.

With welcome cooperation from some of the individual owners, including Lauro Golf & Belplaya clubs, JC managed to add the following schedule to the Federation calendar.

Programme of Federated Tri-provincial Events - 2012-2013 Season




Andalucian Championships

April 23-27, 2013


Kings Cup local matches***



Kings Cup (Final)***

Oct. 13-14, 2012**


National Mixed Triples,( Finals)****

Feb. 9-10, 2013**


Malaga v Spain

Feb. 2-3, 2013


Inter-provincial Matches Alicante/Almeria/Malaga

June 22-24, 2013**

TBA, (probably Almeria)

Team Malaga v Individual Local Clubs


Hosting Club

*Specific clubs TBA
**Dates as agreed at the last Tri-provincial Delegates meeting.
***Kings Cup will only take place if either,( or both) Benavista or Benalmadena agree to participate. Both Fed. Reps. from these clubs agreed to come back asap with an answer. Lauro Golf have kindly agreed to delay the start of the LG Open by 2 days, IF the event goes ahead.
****Belplaya have kindly agreed to delay the start of the BP Open by 1 day.

9. Suggestions for revising the Federated events eligibility qualifications.

MJ put in a proposal and this was discussed in depth and an agreement was made and MJ was to tidy this up and send to JC and this to be included with the minutes for this meeting.

10.Federated events venue selection procedure.

JC said that to make things fair he wanted to send out invitations to individual clubs to enable them to bid for hosting Federated events  and would do this by sending out a letter asking them to qualify their beds, then meet with all owners and discuss this with them then he would go away make a decision and inform them if they had won the bid. He also said that he wanted to implement this asap.

In the days following the meeting and after studying historic material produced by AD, JC offered the Malaga Cup venue to Benalmadena BC, giving the host club time to organize the event. JC offers his thanks to the various members who offered suggestions on this matter.


10. Electronic handbook.  Discussed previously  in item 5

11. Skill Medals Programme.

            This subject will be presented to the FAB Committee asap after Margaret Kane returns to Spain.

12. and 13. JC stated that the Instructors Course would take place during the current season and that there is good chance that an Umpires Course will take place during the season.

14. www.bowlinginspain.com Ranking system.

This was discussed as to whether it should only be for Federated members only or left as is for all bowlers. DC suggested that it should go back to how it was a few ago when semi finalist were the taken into account. JC said that the latter took up too much of his time, and the committee members felt that as JC did this on his own it was decided that he should decide whether or not to only prepare this for federated members only. JC thanked the members for their input.

15. National Championships 2012

Only two entered from Malaga Province JC and Tony Frowd.  JC said it would be nice if more people would enter this competition. It was asked if we could send a mixed club team as there was not enough people from one club who would be able to go.  MJ  said could we not form another club say Malaga Club and all Federate from that club. JC said that it would not be possible as then the other Provinces would do the same thing and it would not be acceptable.

16 AOB

AD asked what ITO Umpires  were and was told that it meant  International Technical Officers  as there was a course for these and Gary Aldridge and Gordan Adams had applied. AD asked why was this information not sent to clubs as there might have been more umpires who were interested in this. JC stated that the matter was introduced at the last Umpires AGM and that Gordon & Garry’s names were passed on directly to Keith Jones, (Alicante), the coordinator. JC suggested that it would probably not too late for umpires to apply to Keith.  He added that these would be required to go to Torrevieja  to umpire at the European Championships, 2013.


17. Next FAB meeting.

No date given but would be around 3 months. But an extra meeting would be arranged to cover some of the items that needed  confirmation.


Meeting closed at 13.35.


Why not email your Spanish Federation News to www.bowlinginspain.com?  If appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.