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11/05/2012- Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Santa Maria Bowls Club

FAB Malaga Meeting

Santa Maria Bowls Club

11th May 2012



John Carr Chairman and Provincial Delegate (JC)

Jackie Wright Treasurer (JW)

Murray Johns Santa Maria (MJ)

Brian Judge – Superbowl (BJ)

Lenny Dineen – Benalmadena (LD)

Terry Morgan – Lauro Golf (TM)

Apologies were received from, Diane Chambers, (Secretary), Barry Pemberton (Benavista), Rena Beveridge (Los Amigos), Dorothy Pilmoor, (Miraflores). 

JC opened the meeting at 11am and welcomed members and apologised for the long period since the last meeting.


1)        Approval  of minutes of previous meeting


2)        Treasurers Report (JW)

JW stated that nothing much had changed since the last meeting, so there was no need for a full report. She said that the money still had not been received from the Andalucian Federation and that JC would be phoning the President with regard to this, as it was now urgent that they send the money that was promised, so that it showed good will on their part for us to get more people to join the Federation. JW went on to say that when we sent off the first list for membership we had only 51 members now we have 63 members including BJ who paid his money at the meeting. BJ reported that he had 3 more Superbowl bowlers who wished to join and would send the money the following week. JW, backed up by JC, confirmed that bowlers who had recently paid the licence fee were considered as full members of the Federation and would receive their licence cards in due course.


3) FAB EGM/Presentation to Superbowl BC. (JC)

JC stated that the FAB EGM, (which should be held at least every 4 years, but had never taken place in recent history), had been postponed until after the start of the 2012/13 season.

A planned presentation by representatives of the FAB to members of Superbowl BC, requested by BJ and Craig Lewis, took place on Friday 30th March, 2012. The format consisted of a prearranged friendly match between the club Tigers and Lions League teams, with a ‘half-time’ brief presentation from Tony Winterton & JC on the services provided by the Federation. The event was sponsored by Speed Financial Solutions, who presented Easter festive prizes to the winners, the Tiger team.

The occasion was definitely a social success and resulted in recruiting new key members of the club to the Federation.

JC added that this format will be incorporated in plans for the Malaga Squad to play against individual Malaga clubs in the 2012/13 season. (Refer to the later item on the Malaga Squad).

4)                     New Licenced members (JW)

See item 2) above.

5)                     Malaga Squad (JC)

Response to Recruiting Poster

JC stated that the response to recent recruiting poster was encouraging and that the number of Federated members who wished to participate had significantly increased. He also emphasised that many more Squad activities were planned for the new season, which would give more bowlers a chance to participate.

Minutes of Malaga Squad Committee 23rd March 2012 had been circulated to the FAB committee members and were discussed briefly.


Tour to Portugal, (proposed at the last Malaga Squad meeting)

JC presented some provisional cost figures received from Tony Gilbert relating to a proposed tour to the Algarve, Portugal, provisional dates: 2nd week in Sept. 2012, including friendly matches against Portugal and 3 local clubs. The committee considered the costs too high to attract enough support and recommended the tour be rescheduled to a period outside the high seasonal rates.


Matches Against Individual Malaga Clubs 2012/13 Season (proposed at the last Malaga Squad meeting)

JC explained the plan for the Squad to play individual matches against each of the Malaga clubs. The idea would have the following advantages:-

·                                  As those members of the Malaga Squad who are also members of the home club would play for their club, more squad members would be required to participate.

·                                  Non-federated bowlers would be allowed to play for the club thereby encouraging them to be recruited to the Federation.

·                                  An interval would be allowed for the Federation representatives to explain the functions and advantages of membership.

·                                  The matches need not necessarily take up extra days in the bowling calendar.



6)                     Programme of Federated Events – Malaga Province - 2012-2013 Season – JC.

(The following table represents a summary of discussions at the 11th May FAB meeting, May 19th Tri-Provincial meeting and the May 20th LBD meeting).








Kings Cup Summer League

1 match per week

Summer Period 2012 – finish before end of June.


**Mixed club entries not allowed, but Malaga can send 1 club only.


Andalucian Championships

5 days

Flexible within- 2012


**Pairs & fours only, to encourage more entries from Almeria.


Kings Cup Final

Round robin with teams from N. Alicante, S. Alicante, Almeria and Malaga.

2 days

**13/14 Oct. 2012


As both teams from Alicante and Malaga will require overnight accommodation it was agreed to contact the LBD regarding a grant. (Agreed at LBD meeting, 20 May).


Malaga Cup

8 days

24 – 29 Nov. and 1 – 2 Dec. 2012


Agreed at the Costa del Sol Owners meeting without representation from the Federation.


Federation Xmas Hamper

1 day

11 Dec. 2012



National Mixed Triples Malaga Region

3 days

Flexible within – 2012


Essentially Club teams, (conditions of possible mixing to be agreed). Any mix of genders.


National Mixed Triples Finals

2 days

**9-10 Feb. 2013


Refer to Comments for Kings Cup Final.


Malaga v Spain

2.5 days, (half day practice before match)

Flexible between– March 4-8 2013


10 Ladies and 10 Men, Pairs and Trips am, Singles and Rinks, pm.


Inter-provincial Matches Alicante/Almeria/Malaga

**3 days

**June 22-24 2013


**10 Ladies and 10 Men. Pairs and Trips am, Singles and Rinks, pm.

*Specific club TBA.

**Confirmed at Tri-Provincial meeting May 19th 2012, S. Alicante.

7)                     Appointment of a Competition Secretary for FAB events, (not including the Malaga Squad events).

JC offered MJ this position. MJ declined stating that he did not think the position was necessary.

8)                     2012 National Championships

JC pointed out that there were only 2 entries this year, himself & Tony Frowd.


9)                     Marbella Lifestyle Show – May 2012

JC stated his disappointment that the Club Owners had rejected the idea of exhibiting at this show, in the light of the public relations success of the Estepona Over 50’s show, Nov. 2011.


10)               AOB

Qualification to play in F.A.B. Events

  Both MJ & LD expressed disagreement at the current qualification.

JC stated that although this matter had been discusses at the 14th Dec. 2011 FAB meeting, (4)   DISCUSSION ON CHANGES TO NEW ELEGIBILITY AMENDMENT ALLOWING MIXED CLUB PARTICIPATION, where it was agreed to keep the qualification applied in 2011, he asked committee members to submit alternative proposals for discussion at the next FAB meeting.

(Refer to separate page headed:-

'12/05/2012- Submitted Suggestions for Qualification to Enter Federation Events - Arising from Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Santa Maria Bowls Club - 11/05/2012')


Co-ordination between the FAB and the Costa del Sol Owners Committee

JC stated that in view of the efforts he had made to improve co-ordination between the two bodies, he was very disappointed not to have been invited to the meeting at which the 2012/13 Malaga Bowling calendar was defined, (including Federated events). Discussion ensued on this subject and it was agreed that JC should take steps to educate the bowling community on the need for a balanced representation on the committee that plans bowling activity in Malaga province.


11)               Next FAB Malaga Meeting.

To be arranged.

All business concluded JC closed the meeting at 1pm and thanked the members for attending.

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