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24/01/2012- Meeting of the Malaga Provincial Committee - Santa Maria Bowls Club

FAB Malaga Meeting

Santa Maria Bowls Club

24th January 2012



John Carr Chairman and Provincial Delegate (JC)

Jackie Wright Treasurer (JW)

Diane Chambers Secretary (DC)

Murray Johns Santa Maria (MJ)

Barbara Land Mijas (BL)

Dorothy Pilmoor Miraflores (DP)

Brian Judge – Superbowl (BJ)

Mike Stapleton – Benalmadena (MS)

Rena Beveridge – Los Amigos (RB)

Barry Pemberton – Benavista (BP)

Apologies were received from Terry Morgan, Lauro Bowls


JC opened the meeting at 10.30am and welcomed members


1)   Approval  of minutes of previous meeting

BL referred to item 7 which stated that Mijas did not wish to hold Federated tournaments and confirmed that this was not the case and she wished it minuted to that effect.

JC stated that Benavista had inferred that they did not wish to hold Federated tournaments and he was going to take this matter up with the owner.

MJ stated that he wished the statement in item 3 amended, ie. The entries were down but not due to lack of support from Superbowl who had supported the event and, in the item concerning the dates of the Nationals under AOB, the clarification would come from JC not himself. He also stated that item 6 under dress should read all the same only for finals.

These points clarified, MS proposed that these be accepted and MJ seconded the motion.

 2)   Treasurers Report

JW informed the committee that all the paperwork had been submitted for 2012 licenses but it could take up to a month for them to come back to her from Madrid.

The membership numbers in Malaga had decreased since 2010 and was affecting the grants awarded, resulting in a small loss with the Xmas Hamper but a larger one with the Malaga Cup which could see the rinks being dropped from 2012 game. MS expressed his disappointment at this news as Benalamadena had 18 Federated members and could easily make up 4 teams.

She stated that the accounts for 2011 had not been completed in time to bring to the meeting but they would be sent to the club reps on completion.

JC stated that he had submitted a budget for next year and hoped to help such competitions that could be classed as regional events.

MJ asked for clarification on clubs being penalised by the Owner´s Committee for holding Federated Competitions, examples were Superbowl and Santa Maria and BJ confirmed  that Superbowl had not been allocated a tournament for three years. JC stated that this issue was complicated and item 6 on the agenda would deal with this.

3)   Marbella Lifestyle Show

JC stated that he had approached the organiser of the Over 50¨s show, John Lowe who´s company was based in Ireland about more shows down the coast and was awaiting a response. There had been no charge to the Federation for their stand at the Over50´s as they had been an interesting representation at the show. MJ asked about the 45 Euros contributed by the clubs and JC replied that this had been spent on printing supplies and he would furnish accounts shortly.

BJ asked about the carpet that Greengauge had supplied and would it be available for clubs to use. He was informed by JC that Benavista had expressed and interest in purchasing it but he would clarify the position with Greengage as they wanted to sell it.

4)   Malaga Squad 19th/20th Feb

a)    Venue

JC informed the Committee that he had originally chosen Miraflores as the venue in the hope of healing rifts from the past, but had met vehement opposition and this was now changed to Benalmadena, one of the strongest  Federated clubs on the coast and he was confident that they would make an excellent job of hosting the matches

 b)    First Squad Meeting

JC read the minutes of the meeting on 12th January and MJ stated that non federated members present should not have been allowed to vote and JC agreed that this had been a mistake but he had allowed non federated people to attend and they were given the choice of Federating as he had made it clear at the meeting that players had to be Federated.

A selection committee had been formed including Men’s Captain, Malcolm Greenwood and Vice Captain, Brian Todd, Ladies Captain, Margaret Kain and Vice Captain, Kate Morris and JC.  This Committee had taken rankings, ability and compatibility into consideration when choosing the final numbers.

 c)     Training Sessions

Due to the full bowling calendar, there were only a few dates for practice sessions,  full day 23rd Jan, afternoon 24th Jan and full day 9th Feb and it was agreed unanimously that all practice matches be played at the host club. A final practice on 17th Feb (afternoon) was subject to the agreement of the clubs playing League for it to be moved to a morning game.

MJ pointed out a mistake and the days given to the Federation were from The Belplaya Open not Benalmadena Open.  DC said she would rectify this.

JC informed the committee that he was still in discussions with Lloyds Bank for possible sponsorship but the Federation would be covering all green fees for the two days and the players’ lunch.

JC stated that the teams had been chosen, although he had originally come to the table with the idea of 2 teams of Ladies and Gents but this had not been possible in this instance with the time factor and the number of candidates to be considered.

MS stated that a lot of his members were unhappy that they weren’t notified and JC apologised but stated that he had waited to send the email until after the Ladies team was picked and an email had been sent that morning.

MJ thought that JC’s original idea of a larger squad for future games be considered and the Committee were in agreement. JC apologised for the mistakes he had made that had upset some members.

 d)    Gala Dinner

The venue was Sunset Beach Club on 20th February at a cost of 20€ p.p for three course meal and wine and was an open invitation. Posters would be sent to the clubs advertising the event.

 e)    Opening Ceremony

JC was pleased to inform the Committee that the FAB president was attending and he was awaiting confirmation from the FEB president and the mayor of Benalmadena. There would be a parade with Malaga leading to their anthem followed by the Spanish squad and their anthem and speeches by officials to open the ceremony.

 f)      Finances

See item c above


5)   Frequency of meetings

MJ suggested three monthly intervals unless there were pressing matters and the Committee agreed.

At this point BJ and BL left the meeting due to other commitments

 6)   FAB AGM

The 4 year term was to be reinstated. A possible venue was Santa Maria and evenings would be considered and he asked JW to look for possible dates. There would be a strict agenda and items would be accepted from clubs subject to the usual 14 days notice. Non federated members could attend but would not have a vote.

 7)   Federation Fab Fours Summer Competition

MJ asked if there was any interest in running this tournament again this year. Benavista expressed interest and Benalmadena said they would canvass their members as they already had a commitment with Lauro and Mijas.

MJ stated that members from different clubs could make up a team whose name would be their choice but would have to identify their ‘home’ ground.

JC hoped this competition would continue.

8)   AOB

JC stated that he was very unhappy with the state of affairs between the Owner’s Committee and the Federation. He could not accept the untenable situation where the Federation was classed as a club with the allowance of one tournament per year and he would contact them with a view to resolving this and other problems.

The committee was informed of the sad passing of a former representative from Mijas, Dennis Humplebee, who had been living in Portugal and JC updated the committee that Don Smiths wife Jackie, also from Mijas had died suddenly.

MJ told the meeting that Santa Maria was now a Member’s Club and that bar prices would return to normal. He had no more details at the moment but would inform the Committee when there were.

JC and the Committee wished them well for the future.

 All business concluded JC closed the meeting at 1pm and thanked the members for attending.

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