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25/01/2017 - FAB Malaga Delegation Minutes of Competition Committee Meeting


 at Santa Maria LBC, 1 for 1.30 pm, Wednesday, 25th January 2017

Present:  Marion Allen (Secretary/Benalmadena BC), Geoff Collins (Mijas LBC), Amber Dineen (Competition Secretary), Lennie Dineen (Competition Convenor/Don Pablo BC), Bixio Foletti (Benavista LBC), Carol Frost (Miraflores LBC), Ron Jones (Lauro Golf BC), Jeff & Janis Rowe (La Posada BC), Susan Walker (Match Secretary/Santa Maria LBC)

Apologies for Absence:  Barbara Land (Assistant Competition Convenor), Murray Johns (League Co-ordinator), Gail Gilkes (Benalmadena BC), Lisa Ives (Los Amigos BC)

1          LD opened the meeting by explaining that Murray Johns, Don Pablo BC, was taking over the post of League Co-ordinator with effect from this Friday, 27th January 2017.  MJ’s e-mail address is ringobells130@hotmail.com and his telephone contact numbers are 671 958 429 and 952 930 242.  He will ensure that League rules are followed, especially the 28 day period for rearranged games.

LD said that Dine Warn was happy to stand down and he thanked her on behalf of the Committee for her excellent work in preparing the League Results each week.  MA to send her a letter of thanks.

2          Matters Arising from Minutes of Previous Meeting – 14th January 2017

There were no matters arising.

3          Calendar

AD had circulated the draft Bowling Calendar after the previous meeting.  Amendments discussed and agreed included the following.


3.1       Santa Maria Open  The 2 x 4 day blocks of 20th-23rd January 2018 and 19th-22nd March 2018 were changed to 28th February to 8th March 2018 with 9th and 10th March as an extra days in case of inclement weather.

3.2       Champion of Champions  This was changed from 3rd-6th March 2018 to 19th-22nd March 2018 with 23rd March as an extra day in case of inclement weather. 

Discussion had taken place at the previous meeting about the venue for Champion of Champions which has traditionally been run by the club responsible for the Winter Championships. This year Lauro will be holding both competitions and RJ pointed out that they would make some profit on catering.  As the Winter Championships were not held in the season 2015-16, Miraflores offered their green space for free and each club contributed €10 towards the medals, wine and flowers for each contestant.


SW had volunteered Santa Maria for next year and MA had also bid for this on behalf of Benalmadena as there was the possibility, now that we have our own Federation funding, to pay green fees.  One of the issues for Benalmadena could be the shortage of good rinks for such a prestigious event.  It was agreed to keep the 2 events together at the same club but to review this situation next year and to consult Julian Thomas about funding in the future.


The later date agreed today made it possible for La Posada, who hold their internal competitions a month later than everyone else because of the cold weather, to fully participate.

 3.3       League Cup  Sunday 11th March 2018 was put in as a reserve day in case of inclement weather.

3.4       Umpires and Markers Training  A series of 5 days were earmarked for SW to hold Umpires and Markers Training days at Santa Maria – 19th and 26th October 2017, 9th and 28th November 2017, and 2nd December 2017.

3.5       Summer Championships  This competition has traditionally been played over 12 days but it was agreed that as it was held over 10 days last year, we would stay with 10 days this next year.

3.6       Team Malaga  LD to speak to Margaret Kain and Brian Todd about when they would like to play a game against players selected from all the clubs.

It was decided that club competitions titled ‘Open’ should be changed as they are not open to everyone but only federated members.  Clubs should decide what their competition’s new title will be.  Players can be entered from Andalucia, Valencia and players from other countries must be in possession of a National Licence of their own country.

The old federated events eg Summer Championships, 2-wood Pairs, President’s 4s and the Malaga Provincial Championships (previously the Winter Championships) would now be club affiliated only, ie all players in a team from the same club.


4          Handbook

Changes to the Handbook were agreed.

4.1       Amendments to the Rules were necessary to bring them up to date, eg President’s 4s is now standalone.  SW had identified a number of necessary corrections and amendments which AD noted.  Obviously the Rules in the Handbook cannot cover every eventuality, but references are made to the Rule Book wherever necessary.

4.2       It was agreed that whole page advertisements for the clubs would be removed as the original intention was to raise €50 per page, and the information is duplicated.  Ibex and Futura are sponsoring the Handbook to a total of €340. 

4.3       AD to send a copy of the Handbook to all Club Representatives when it is ready for the printers.

5          League Issues

The new League Co-ordinator, Murray Johns, will ensure that the Rules for the Leagues will apply and be enforced.  At present there are differences in the number of games each team has played, eg some have played 6 and others 9, and there are a number of outstanding matches to be rearranged.  The following points were noted.

5.1       It was suggested that if a club cannot turn out a team at all, then green fees should be paid to the home club of €84 as well as 10 points lost.  See Handbook  (see No 10 Penalty for non-appearance, item (a) and also Postponed Match item 6 (d)). 

5.2       Not having enough members is not a valid reason for postponing a match.  A reduced team should be turned out and the necessary points forfeited.  (See Rule 10 (b), (c), (d)). 

5.3       Nominated players in the Tigers League were withdrawn last year but the gentleman’s agreement not to play first team players in the Lions League has not been honoured by all clubs and is not in the spirit of the game.

5.4       If a club cannot man a third team on a regular basis, then only two teams should be entered.

5.5       It was agreed that Rule 6 would be amended next season - ‘6 (a)  A match can be postponed prior to the bowling of the first bowl by mutual agreement of the captains of both sides, on account of weather conditions or any other valid reason.’  ‘Any other valid reason’ would be removed so that the only reason for cancelling will be weather conditions.


6          Green Fees

CF read out a statement from the Owners of Miraflores Sports Center SA:

‘Over many years it was consensually agreed by the Owners/Managers what the green fees were to be each year.  With the disappearance of this Group this statement is to inform the new Competition Committee that from the season 2017/18 Miraflores Sports Center SA’s view is that the original Owners/Managers mutual agreement over setting green fees will cease to exist.

Miraflores Sports Center SA sets its budget during the summer months for the following season and these fees will be charged to anyone using their facilities ie casual bowlers/League matches/Federation competitions/Club Open.  The fees are currently 9 euros a game and we will advise you if this changes once the budget has been set.  Next season all league games/competitions hosted by Miraflores Sports Center SA will be charged at the appropriate fees per person, which includes iva.’

The possibility of all clubs charging Miraflores €9 and refunding €2 to players was felt to be an initial solution.

7          AOB

The following item was discussed prior to the start of the main Committee Meeting when Julian Thomas and John Carr were present.

7.1       Andalucian Championships – 23rd to 30th September 2017

It was agreed that the venue would be shared between Lauro Golf BC, who will take the lead role, Mijas LBC and Benalmadena BC.  Friday 22nd September will be for practice and the opening ceremony will take place at 5 pm.  Entry fees are to be €8 per player per discipline and Club Representatives will be responsible for collecting fees from their own members.

This is a federated event for federated bowlers, not an Open, and has only run from 2013-2016 in conjunction with Almeria.  Margaret Kain has liaised with Ruth Compton, Almeria, and agreed that players could be from different clubs, however, BF pointed out that for National, Regional and Provincial competitions players must belong to the same club and be club affiliated.  With greater numbers of federated players, it may be necessary to restrict entries.  This arrangement will be assessed and changes made next year if necessary.

JC pointed out that in 2013 the Malaga FAB Committee introduced the practice of awarding cash prizes and dropping club affiliation of this event, which was rumoured to be illegal according to the FAB and FEB rules.  This was introduced because in 2013, Federation membership was low and sponsorship poor, so that removing club affiliation and cash prizes would increase entry numbers.  The matter was discussed at the Lawn Bowl Directorate meeting and subsequently the Director, John Muldoon, after research, confirmed that there was no written evidence on this matter and therefore no illegality had occurred.  JT pointed out that professional earnings should be declared which involves the tax regime.  Clarification had been sought from Federation lawyers and expenses slips for say €25 per day for 4 days work, equivalent to €100 prize money, could be exchanged for cash and this would then be documented through the Federation and outside auditors.  He promised to find out more about the FAB ruling.

The meeting closed at 3.13 pm

Dates of next 2 meetings –                         Wednesday, 22nd February, 5 pm, Benalmadena BC


                                                            Monday, 27th February, after the EGM at 2 pm and

                                                            main Committee Meeting at 3 pm.


Marion Allen, Secretary, FAB Malaga Delegation