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28/04/2016 - Notes of Meeting of the Chairman of CALB and the Delegada of FAB

Submitted by Ruth Compton

Today 28th April 2016 the Chairman of CALB and the Delegada of FAB met.

After considerable discussion, an agreement was worked out that would allow the two groups to amalgamate under the banner of FAB.

All points that the CALB had brought to their meeting on the 25th April were discussed at this meeting, with the majority of the points being agreed.

The aim of the meeting was so the Almerencia area can be a legal entity according to the Laws of Spain the country where we operate.

Agreement was reached on:

  • The composition and Working Officers of the main committee.

  • The composition of the Club delegates to the main committee. 

  • The composition of the Competition committee.

  • When the new format will start.

It was agreed that as this is a different way of working, time must be allowed for the suggested methods to be seen to work or adjusted as needed.