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08/01/2015 - Minutes of Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria BC

Submitted by Sue Mannall

Please be aware that these minutes are displayed prior to ratification at the

March 2015 meeting and are, therefore,

subject to change.


Sue Mannall

F.A.B. (Almeriénse) Secretary

8th January 2015


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 8th January 2015

held at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club

at 1430




Jan Dando (JD), Sue Mannall (SM), Ruth Compton (RuC), Doreen Hall (DH), John Sephton (JS), Doreen Sands (DS), Di Saunders (DiS), Tony Millington (AM). John Fitzgerald and Victor Parsons on behalf of Almeria BC


1  Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Stuart Beetham (SB), Mo DeBoer (MdB) would attend later.

Also absent was Dave Green.


Report on Mojacar BC Hotel Group – Tony Millington


Ricardo Escudero and Sara Fernandez had been invited to attend the meeting with AM in advance of the commencement of business.

They reported to the committee on their proposals to increase marketing of bowling not just to potential visitors from UK etc. but also in Spain. They wish to involve all clubs and organisations in our province and thereby making Almeria Province a focus for bowling in the same way that it is for cycling, motorcycling and 4x4 events.  The financial reasons are obvious but creating more jobs, helping develop interest in the area and trying to get extra flights into Almeria are also aims.  They want to be able to arrange matches with local clubs and requested permission to use Regional Club logos and badges in their promotional material including their website.


JD said they were welcome to use the FAB logo however they would have to contact Clubs individually to get their approval.  Regarding matches they would need to consult our Combined Regional Calendar for availability. SM to include Servigroup on the Calendar circulation list. Reciprocally Servigroup link to be included on Club websites. 


JD asked if they would be able to get schools involved for students 8 years upwards to visit clubs as an introduction to the sport this being good for group discipline, Spanish/English language as well as sporting competition.  RuC said she already has a suitable programme in place for these students.  Ricardo Escudero said he would take this to the next meeting for discussion. 

Ricardo Escudero and Sara Fernandez left the meeting.


2 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by JD.


3 Matters Arising

Ref AOB:  Licences

JD read an email received from Bob Donnelly dated 15 December 2014 regarding the Licence fees for 2015.  Many questions have been raised and answers still awaited.  The Unitary figure is yet to be decided at the AGM which is held probably in March but it is noted that payment of the National Licence is required at the end of February for Spanish National Competition.


As our FAB Fours competition is in February and the 3-2-1 competition in April it was decided to collect only Regional Licence fees of 18€ per head at this stage based on last year’s figures and those who wish to federate nationally can pay the extra at a later date.   Entry forms for Spanish Nationals will be sent out with a closing date of 28 February.  JD to email Jose Miguel to make sure he is happy to receive 18€ per person.


3-2-1 and Triples

The Poster for FAB Triples to be sent out at the same time as the poster for 3-2-1 so that Snowbirds can note the dates in September and arrange their return trip accordingly.  Competition entry is 3€ for 2015 with the exception of 3-2-1 which is free entry.


Ref AOB:  JS said people are still criticising other clubs greens.  Reps from both Almeria BC and Mojacar BC said they also receive criticism about their greens.  JD stated that this should stop, particularly if it was by members of the FAB committee.


4 Financial Report

DJ´s tabled the Financial Statement.  There was a loss on Ladies and Men’s Singles and Pairs of 170€  Cash in hand totals 2,402.28€.

JD has not yet received the 2,200€ from FEB.


5 Competition Report

Competitions Secretary

JD advised that David Ebdon had resigned as Competitions Secretary after serving 3 years.  Thanks were recorded to David for doing a really good dedicated job.


JD asked around the table if anyone would like to take on the role.  DJ thought that as the committee were all doing enough it might be better for someone else to be approached. JD suggested and the committee agreed that John Mannall would be suitable.


The Committee should have two Representatives from each club.  Currently this is the case with Mojacar, Cabrera and Indalo but Almeria BC have only one rep.  John Fitzgerald said he would arrange for a second FAB rep.


MdB arrived at 1600 hrs.


Competition Fixtures

Concerning the Singles and Pairs RuC said that arranging markers and umpires had been particularly difficult this year and asked if this competition could be re-scheduled. The problem occurs because there is a cross-over of Ladies and Pairs leaving few people available to mark and umpire.

It was also suggested that the finals should be on a separate day so that officials are available also spectators.

SM to arrange a meeting with Calendar Secretaries


Several questions had been asked by Ladies bowling at Almeria BC during the FAB Singles and Pairs as to why they were playing there when no-one had entered from that club and at the time Indalo BC green was not being used?


JD said we are experiencing a problem as proportionally we try to give all clubs as much green time as we can.  However we are losing entries at certain venues and it might be that we will have to give Indalo more competitions as competitions held there get more entries and we cannot run at a loss.  We need to attract more people to federate and they have to enjoy their bowling.


After discussion it was decided to stay with the rotation of greens but everyone was asked to do whatever is required to make this situation easier.


Green Fees for Competition Practices

A request had been made for green fees to be waived for a practice when a competition is to be played at another club as it had been found that up to 7€ has been charged to attend a roll-up plus paying 3€ entry this equates to 10€ before the competition starts. 

Each club has a different arrangement with green fees and it was decided that whilst it is a good idea it should be up to individuals to contact the relative Club Captains to make their own arrangements.  Almeria BC to look into bringing their green fees in line with other clubs.


7 FEB Matters

a Grass Green Fours

Poster, Entry forms and Rules were amended by the committee.  SM to reproduce and send to JD.



Law Books

200 new Law Books are being ordered.  New laws have been approved and will come into effect on 1st April 2015. 

In February there will be an update for Umpires so they can pass on the changes within the club situation also a new umpires examination and possibly markers courses.

DJ said he had recently umpired at Almeria BC where he found the T marks had been chalked but not lined up correctly and asked if they could be lined up and marked more permanently as at Indalo. There is not a requirement to have tees marked but if they are marked at all they have to be lined up correctly.

(Since the meeting the club concerned has laid down permanent T marks)


Any Other Business


JD asked that in future all apologies for absence must go through the Secretary in advance of the meeting.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at 1655


Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting to be held at Indalo BC on Thursday 12th March at 1430 hrs .