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21/10/2014 - Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria BC

Submitted by Sue Mannall

Minutes of the FAB Meeting 21st October 2014

held at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club

at 1430



Jan Dando (JD), Sue Mannall (SM), Ruth Compton (RuC), Doreen Hall (DH), John Sephton (JS), Stuart Beetham (SB), Doreen Sands (DS).


1 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Tony Millington, David Jenkins (DJ), David Ebdon (DE), and Mo deBoer (MdB), also absent Dave Green, and Di Saunders (DWS).

 JD said Indalo recently arranged a committee meeting for today which David Ebdon as Club Captain had to attend.  However as Federation Competitions Secretary he should be at this meeting.    All FAB meetings are in the combined calendar which is rigidly kept up to date to avoid clashes such as this.  Today there is no representation from Indalo BC, Mojacar BC or Mazarron BC.

 2 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by JD.

 3 Matters Arising

Ref:  Sponsorship from councillors at Mojacar did not materialise.

 Ref 6c: JD has informed John Muldoon that we will not be submitting a bid to hold the National Championships in this area for 2015 as agreed by this committee. However Malaga did put in a bid but were then told a mistake had been made and it should never have gone out for tender as many people had already organised their accommodation in Torrevieja. It is likely therefore that Malaga will put in a bid for 2016.

 DH asked if it was going to be on a round-robin format again as she had heard many did not like that change.  DS said it was better value for money with a round-robin.  JD had only heard that people preferred the round-robin format. The Spanish National Championships committee will decide but at the present time it has been said that in 2015 it will go back to the original knock out format.

 Ref 6d: Doreen Sands is now the FAB representative for Cabrera.  JD welcomed DS onto the committee.

 4 Financial Report

In DJ´s absence the Financial Report was discussed.  The balance held is high and a further 2200€  has been promised from the FEB therefore JD suggested that we should make some changes that will benefit affiliated members by either a) dropping the entry fee for competitions to 3€ instead of 5€, b) hold the 3-2-1 with free entry and cash prizes, c) return to paying 50€ per session for green fees, d) give bigger cash prizes. These suggestions would apply to 2015 only.

It was agreed that we would reduce entry fees to 3€ and give free entry for the 3-2-1 being held at Cabrera and probably return to paying 50€ a session for green fees.  This does not apply to the Grass Green Fours as it is a FEB competition. JD to change entry fee on Rinks poster to 3€.


5 Competition Report

In DE´s absence JD reported on the Andalucian Championships and recorded her personal thanks to Brian Saunders and ProSports for the winners medals that they donated and to SB for a lot of effort in organising a system for working out the “Player of the Tournament”  also to everyone who pulled together in extremely difficult circumstances with the weather causing such trauma. Everything eventually was played within the time scale and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the tournament.


RC recorded thanks to JD and John Dando for the huge amount of work they put in running the tournament.

 The dates for the 2015 tournament have been set with Margaret Kain and are in the calendar for 26th September to 2nd October. Friday 25th September and Saturday 3rd October are also included in the calendar for travelling. There has been some interest from Miraflores Bowling Club at Calahonda to hold the tournament where there are two bowling greens, apartments, villas and restaurants which will mean everything would be on one site and there would be no travelling inbetween matches.  Margaret Kain is putting together a package to include entry fees and accommodation.


JD suggested to Margaret Kain not to have Mixed Rinks as no other disciplines can be held at the same time. However Margaret Kain thought this will have an impact on entries because husbands and wives would be playing at different times.  It has been suggested that we keep the seven days diarised even if entries fall below expectations which would allow for slippage or possibly a free day within the week.


We are currently waiting for Margaret Kain to get back to us with the package.


The committee had previously discussed giving Indalo BC extra green fees and as a healthy profit of 675.90€ was made JD asked if everyone was happy for a further 100€ to be given to Indalo BC.  Everyone was in agreement and DJ had emailed his support for this.


6 FAB Programme

Entry Sheets for Ladies Pairs, Ladies Singles, Mens Pairs and Mens Singles have been circulated  for posting on club´s noticeboards.


DH to advise JD in writing that Clive Taylor has changed clubs from Cabrera BC to Almeria BC for affiliation purposes.



JS said that due to the many problems caused because of the amount of people withdrawing from the Andalucian Championships a notice could be displayed asking people not to enter competitions unless they are able to play in all rounds including finals.  People who withdraw upset schedules and let down their opposition yet no penalty is put on them. However we do not want to deter people from affiliating or entering competitions.  A notice at club level can be managed as members are known to them but for the FAB we do not know people well enough to be aware of their  circumstances.


JS said at Cabrera people who withdraw from competitions without an acceptable reason receive a verbal warning that has been approved by the committee informing them that should it happen again a ban would be imposed on them. 


SB suggested that the notice could be worded as; “Do not enter if you think you might not be able to play in all rounds including finals. Bowlers who do so without an acceptable reason may result in sanctions such as a limited suspension from future competitions”.


JD said on such occasions this committee should be informed by email explaining what has happened and whether the committee agrees that a verbal warning should be given,


FAB General Conditions of Play for 2015 to be re-issued and this statement included perhaps at the bottom of the page.


7 FEB Matters

a Grass Green Fours

DH obtained prices for accommodation at Valle del Este;

Double room: half board 74€ per night, bed & breakfast 54€ per night

Single room: half board 55€ per night, bed & breakfast 45€ per night


DS obtained prices from Hostal Rural for half board for one week at 275€. 


After the meeting the following information was received from DS:

The Competition coincides with the Mojacar festival of Moors & Christians.

The Hotels have advised to book early as that weekend they get fully booked every year.

It does give an added benefit to the competitors of having fantastic evening entertainment.


Hotel Puntazo:

B&B, Double room 59€,  Single room 47€. 

Half Board, Double room 79€, Single room 59€

When Booking mention Grass Greens Competition.  They have offered one free room with every 10 booked, but it may be better to negotiate a 10-15% discount.


Hotel Oasis Tropical :

Half Board, Double room 76€, Single room, 57.50€

When Booking mention Grass Greens Competition for 10% discount


Hotel Marina Playa/Mar:

Half Board, € 37 per person per night (74€ Double)


The top two hotels made copies of their offers, Marta will have probably forgotten by then.


A package needs to be put together with as much information as possible and sent out in January.


MdB has drawn up a round-robin format with 32 teams for one green over 4 days.  JD did not think we should put a limit on numbers as it is a national competition. JS said both greens can be made available as it is possible to delay closing one green for a few weeks keeping both greens open if required.

The closing date for the competition will be Saturday 25 April 2015 at 1700 hrs. The entry fee and any cash prizes has to be set by John Muldoon.

DS said John Carr had recently visited Cabrera LBC when he inspected the greens and took photos.

Catering arrangements will be discussed nearer the time.


b Payment from FEB

JD said she had put in the budget for 2014 taking into account all competitions, green fees etc for  a figure of 2,800€.  Tony Winterton then told her that the Malaga Cup had been left out and that the 2,800€  was for both Malaga and Almeria.  With this figure in mind JD divided the 2,800€ by the number of competition days for each region and agreed 600€ for Malaga with John Carr. But Malaga have put in for 800€. Therefore John Carr will be reminded that Malaga owe us 200€.  We should be receiving 2200€.



RuC reported that a meeting is being held on 30th October when most of the umpires will be present to discuss the way forward so that she and John Dando do not have the bulk of the work to do. There will be another Markers course in February 2015.  JS said Cabrera LBC held a markers refresher course which was well received and another one is arranged for November.

RuC said there is currently a contingent of French bowlers at Almeria BC some of whom want to take the course as there is no organisation of officials in France.


Any Other Business

a Licences

JD said there is still confusion as to where we are with licences for 2015. She said her worry is that if there is no licence in place at the beginning of 2015 can clubs officially play each other. There is the CALB and Wednesday Triples Leagues to take into account also.  The meeting with the President of the FEB in July was very confusing swapping from whether licences would be compulsory or optional and discussion was lost in translation.  Nothing further has come from that meeting.

These indecisions effect all bowls disciplines so all committees will be having similar discussions to ourselves.

JD said she felt that lawn bowls could be better run by lawn bowlers and there is a system in place referred to as Lawn Bowls Spain. If taken over by LBS it could easily be run on the basis of a licence fee of 10€  from 4,500 bowlers amounting to 45,000€ plus entry fees and paying out of cash prizes and capitation fees which are only 45 cents per person.

A certain faction of the Ten Pin Bowling community have nothing to do with the Federation and get away with it. JD said she would visit the 10 Pin Bowling in Arboleas to ask how they operate regarding licences and inter-club competitions.  The National Director and Executive Committee do not have any “teeth” it is just a committee of delegates from each region.  JD said she would keep all the committee members informed as much as possible.


b Local clubs

JD asked that we all pull together more.  It was put to this committee who support all clubs that we need to drop down a level and get people to support each other´s clubs. It is being heard more and more that people will not bowl at a particular club because “they won´t bowl at ours”.  Each club has a different green, some do not want to bowl on grass, others do not want to bowl on carpet and some greens have problems, Indalo have been criticised because things are going well.  No-one can force anyone to bowl anywhere it is their choice.  Please can we as a committee help to stop the bickering between clubs.


JD said clubs holding Open competitions should not expect another club to keep their competition  alive.  As an example Finca Guilla is doing everything possible in re-arranging dates to avoid the Andalucian Championships 2015 so they do not lose the Indalo entries.  This year at the Finca Guilla Open Triples 14 out of  33 teams were from Indalo.

JD said if there is less than 40 entering the Andalucians next year it will be a waste of time trying to run it in 2016.


JS said that no-one from Cabrera LBC received an invitation to enter the Indalo Open Fours. The competition is called “Invitation Rinks” but no-one seems to receive any invitations.  DS  was able to put a team in but only because they were at Indalo at the time when a visiting team pulled out. JD explained that this competition has been held for 10 years and is very popular. Many put their names down for the following year as they leave and to get a space is difficult. There are 16 home teams and 16 visiting teams.  Some Indalo teams are balleted out. DS said she has now spoken to John Colquhoun with a hope to getting a team in next year.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at 1630


Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting to be held at Cabrera LBC is Thursday 8th January at 1430 hrs.