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18/07/2014 - Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria BC

Submitted by Sue Mannall


Attached are the minutes from the

18th July 2014 meeting of the

F.A.B. (Almeriénse) Committee


Please be aware that these minutes are displayed prior to ratification at the

September 2014 meeting and are, therefore,

subject to change.


Sue Mannall

F.A.B. (Almeriénse) Secretary

18th July 2014


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 18th July 2014

at Almeria Bowling Club

at 1430



Jan Dando (JD), David Jenkins (DJ), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC), Doreen Hall (DH), Sue Mannall (SM), Dave Green (DG), Mo deBoer (MdB), John Sephton (JS), Stuart Beetham (SB), and Richard Gardiner.


JD opened the meeting and welcomed Richard Gardiner President of Mazarron BC to this meeting.



1 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Di Saunders.


2 Minutes of the last Meeting

a  It was noted that Doreen Sands attended the last meeting in place of  Di Saunders.

b Under item 5 Competitions Report Ferah Mehmet had been omitted from the winning team of the FAB Rinks.

With these amendments the minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by JD.


3 Matters Arising

Ref. Item 3:  Since the last meeting a letter has been received from John Muldoon confirming that he cancelled the 2014 FEB Grass Green Fours competition.


Item 8: DE has a selection of stickers for the Andalucian Championships. Semi/finalists and finalists will be required to use team stickers.


4 Financial Report

DJ went through the Financial Report pointing out:

1)  the extra green fees paid out to the clubs of Indalo, Cabrera and Almeria for competitions held in 2013 amounting to 698€.

2)  1,000€ received from JD being the amount paid to the FAB by the FEB.


DG said the figures show we are making a slight loss on competitions. DJ said that because of the current financial situation we are prepared to accept this.

JD said because of the financial situation with FEB the number of entries is not covering what we are paying out. It has been counteracted at the moment with the 1,000€ received from FEB. We are solvent now even though making a slight loss.


DJ asked if everyone was happy for him to continue using the format of the financial report.

This was agreed as it was extremely clear and informative.  RuC said DJ was doing an incredibly good job and congratulations from the whole committee were recorded.


5 Competition Report

DE reported that the last competition; the 3-2-1 was won by Chris Ewer, Colin Wright & John Fitzgerald from Almeria BC.



The next competition is the FAB Mixed Triples in September.  So far there are no entries from Cabrera or Mazarron, 16 from Indalo.  SB hoped to put a couple of entries in but said Almeria have very few ladies federated making it difficult to enter mixed competitions.


DE has 160 score cards.  SM to ask Brian White of Scottsdale Overseas if he has any score cards available. If this is not the case then JD will ask Liberty Seguros as they are the sponsors for this competition.


DG said Mazarron have some new members who are still affiliated at their old clubs.  JD advised that they need to write to her directly for their licences to be transferred to their new club.


a  Competitions Schedule 2015

Mojacar BC will be included in the venues..


SB said Almeria are now bowling across the green and most rinks are bowling well, a vast improvement on what it was.


JS said Cabrera greens are bowling really well.


JD will email John Muldoon regarding the Grass Green Fours 2015.


JD asked the committee how they feel about hosting the Andalucian Championships again in 2015 should Malaga have difficulty in providing venues. Everyone agreed it would be very acceptable.  JD to speak to Margaret Kain regarding venues and dates for Andalucian Championships 2015.  DJ said the dates should be set and kept to the same time of the year to keep an even balance.



The 2015 calendars need to be completed by August. DE and SM to prepare the FAB 2015 Fixture List as soon as possible taking into account:

ñ     Grass greens bowl better in summer months

ñ     Mojacar has only 6 rinks.


6  FAB Programme


a  2014 Mixed Triples. 

JD has secured sponsorship from Kevin Lewis of  Liberty Seguros of 135€.  He will attend the event.  JD suggested cash for winners and Iceland vouchers for runners-up which everyone agreed to.


b  Andalucian Championships

JD said the interest has been more than expected the entries are huge and the schedule will be hectic.  Since the last meeting the closing date has been brought forward to 20th July.  It might be necessary for the competition to start with the Fours thereby freeing up markers for Singles and followed with the Pairs.






Entries to date:










Ladies Singles








Mens Singles








Ladies Pairs








Mens Pairs








Mixed Fours









Margaret Kain is confirming Malaga´s final numbers soon and there are spares at Indalo who can step in if necessary.


Income at the moment is 2286€.  Mojacar has agreed green fees for 5 sessions at 300€.  Indalo has agreed to reduce green fees to 250€  for 10 sessions = 1750€.


JD suggested giving clubs more money towards green fees.


RuC said that as Malaga Umpires & Markers have agreed to work with us in the Andalucian Championships and that both they and the Costa Blanca Umpires receive reimbursement for umpiring then we need to consider doing so for all umpires at the Andalucian Championships.

After a brief discussion it was agreed that €10 per session would be the amount reimbursed.

In the early stages of the competition when all rinks are in use two Umpires would be used at each session to ensure that play was not delayed.

Markers do not receive anything – traditionally the winners buy Markers a drink after the game.


DE suggested we could review the situation after the event and decide whether the clubs get any extra money.


Margaret Kain had received some emails suggesting the dates of the competition had been changed. JD advised her that was not the case but she had asked for the Friday to be kept free at Indalo in case of any overflow but this would not affect any Malaga players due to travelling and accommodation.


After the draw has been completed JD would like to ask any players who are drawn against each other from Indalo if they would like to play their match before the start of the competition to alleviate some of the pressure on the schedule. We might have to give Indalo more money if that was the case but no decisions can be made until after the draws.


The draw will be done soon after the closing date of 20th July. JD said she would attend and  DE as Competitions Secretary and would like someone else to attend who is not from Indalo.  RuC said an umpire should attend.  Both JS and DJ are senior umpires and JS agreed to attend if he was available on the date. JD asked SB to attend also.


JD asked reps to make absolutely sure everyone entered in their club is affiliated and that the Mixed Fours are a “mixed” team.  JD to confirm this with Margaret Kain.



Sponsorship of 300€ from Brian White of Scottsdale Overseas Investments has been promised and SM is trying to increase the amount if possible.  Brian Saunders is supplying ProSport medals also engraved with FAB. They will be presented to winners of all disciplines.


Tony Millington has suggested that if the sports councillor Fernando Montoya is told that Mojacar is one of the venues for the Championships he might be interested in sponsorship and also possibly from the town hall through Diego Garcia.


Discussion took place regarding prize money.  DG felt strongly that prize money should not be necessary and winning should be for prestige not cash.  DH said prize money is expected for Open competitions but this is a Regional competition.  SB suggested a framed printed certificate for displaying in the clubhouse. RuC sid this had been done before but it was expensive and printing cannot be done until after the results.


JD explained that cash prizes cannot come from entry fees - cash can only be given if it is sponsorship money.


DJ said that for this competition a ruling has been made to compensate umpires at approx. 200€ and green fees amount to 550€ plus we have sponsorship money therefore we will be able to give good prize money.  It was agreed to go for 50€/25€ made up of cash and Iceland vouchers. SB said this might help affiliation recruitment at Almeria.


RuC asked umpires to make sure their club bowlers all have their bowls stamped 1985 or later.  Rinks teams must have the same stickers or none. The matter of the bowler who insists on using unmarked bowls has been dealt with.


Dress code will be normal i.e. Club colours or white.


Rinks will be drawn on the day.


There will be restrictions on visiting the head in the rules.


Once the schedule has been done visitors who want to practice can pay green fees if rinks are available.


JD will send to the committee the schedule as soon as it is done and asked for any queries anomalies or errors to be advised as it needs to be correct.


c  FAB AGM Membership

Currently JD attends with DE Indalo and RuC who was affiliated at ABC. Now RuC is affiliated at Indalo and DE is willing to stand down therefore another representative is required from Almeria, Cabrera or  Mojacar.  Because the meeting is held in Spanish there have been no volunteers. However in his absence Tony Millington from Mojacar was suggested.  JD to speak to TM


7   FEB Matters


a  JD read an email from Bob Donnelly


The first meeting was held, and, as yet, I have not received the Minutes I thought it better to inform you of the contents.
First was a brief introduction by each of the new Committee, explaining who they were, and who they represented.
The President then gave an update of the present financial situation, which is that the FEB is still in a dire situation.
He has tried to get a mortgage on the building in Madrid, but, because, as this was required to pay off existing debts, the banks doubted that we would be unable to keep up with the repayments, so it was rejected. We are therefore working on short term loans from two banks.
A viability plan is in operation to balance the books within 5 years, and the accounts have to be sent to the Sports Council every 3 months, before they will release any funds. However, relations have been improved with them, and we hope it will continue.
A Court order has been issued to the ex-President, Sr. Boto regarding embezzlement of funds.
Cantabra Bowls Federation, who were expelled a few years ago have to been re-integrated into the FEB.
As it is a new Committee the following posts were filled.
Competition Judge.
Appeals Committee.
President of Technical Committee and Umpires.
As a new Delegate is due to be appointed for Castilla and Leon, the Election Committee for this was appointed, as required by the Constitution.
I hope that this keeps you up to date.

Following this meeting I was approached by the President and the Secretary of the FBCV ( who is on the Finance Committee) on how to reintegrate, and increase the membership in Valencia, and the President stated that he would like to meet representatives from all the Clubs here in Alicante, to explain how it would be of benefit for more bowlers to join the FEB, and to listen to what we want from the FEB.
I am trying to organise it, but would be pleased to invite any of you to attend.
If it works out, I will arrange for him to have a similar meeting on the same lines with FAB.

JD will be attending the meeting on 24th July at Monte Mar  DJ suggested that she should be reimbursed and a figure of 30€ for expenses was agreed.


b  FEB/FAB Licences





















JS said there were members at Cabrera who are dissatisfied because they paid National Membership to enter the FEB Grass Green Fours and it was subsequently cancelled.


JD was sympathetic but it was the FEB who cancelled the competition and if we give them back the difference it has to come out of FAB money.

RuC suggested the difference could be deducted from next years affiliation fee. This was agreed with the proviso that this is a one off occasion and will not happen again.

The people who will receive the reduced membership fees are Brian Firth, Jean Smallwood and Paul Cartwright.


c  Neutral venues for National Championships

DG said that at National Championship level, even though it is a very difficult programme to put together, there should be a degree of neutrality regarding greens. He explained that at quarter finals stage he was drawn to play on his opponents own home green and he had been playing there all week. He was aware that he was not the only one effected by this and suggested that at quarter final stage there should be a selection committee to make sure neutral greens are used as much as possible.


JD explained that unfortunately the FAB has no input for the Nationals at all. They have a separate committee and this matter should be put to that committee.  The dates for the championships are on the CBBA calendar but no venues are published. DH asked if we could not have a say in what goes on but JD said it can only come from individuals.  Should the Nationals be run in this region it would be a different matter. DG was encouraged to contact the National Championships committee direct.



RuC asked for all Markers and Umpires to wear their official green shirts. The CAUMA shirts used to be  extra to the cost of training and some did  not order them.  It is a different matter now because the shirt is part of the training costs. Shirts of a similar colour are not acceptable. 

For the Andalucian Championships a schedule will be sent out to umpires.



DH asked RuC what the ruling was when, after walking to the other end of the rink the marker changes the score board before they place the jack as she found it annoying that sometimes she had to wait. RuC said that it was quite acceptable for this to happen but the marker should delay play as little as possible.


9   Social Report

DH reported that the Annual Dinner was a success and we made a lot of money.  We will not be doing it again nor are we having a presentation evening.


Any Other Business


a   JS asked for the committee´s assurance that Cabrera will be considered for competitions in 2015.

The greens are now bowling well.  Cabrera coach says there is no reason why you have to put more energy into bowling on grass. DJ said that because the surface is different it doesn´t suit everyone. 

RuC explained that a different delivery is required on grass and not everyone is able to adjust after playing on carpet.  Some ladies have had physical problems. People are getting older and it might not suit their condition. DE said he had bowled there recently and found it very good. Having struggled when the greens were not good SM said she found the greens now bowled really well. DG said grass greens can be quicker than carpet.  The 2013 mens singles was successfully played at Cabrera.  DH said the Ladies Pairs was held at Cabrera and there was only 1 entry from Cabrera.   SB suggested Cabrera hold a Ladies Invitation competition.  In the last 2 to 3 years people have lost trust in Cabrera. JD said Cabrera could hold the 3-2-1 in 2015 and suggested they should raise their profile and do a bit of PR for their club.


b  JD reported that she had a meeting with DE and the webmaster of Indalo and as a result has made a unilateral decision and asked for everything FAB to be removed from that website and I am asking this committee to back me. MoD said Indalo BC committee is dealing with the issue.  The committee agreed to back JD in her decision.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1640


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on 2nd September to be held at Cabrera BC