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02/07/2013- Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria Bowls Club

Submitted by Sue Mannall


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 2nd July 2013

at Indalo Bowling Club



Jan Dando (JD),  Doreen Hall (DH), Janey Leggate (JL), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC),

John Sephton (JS), John Fitzgerald (JF), Richard Cooper (RiC), Sue Mannall (SM), Doreen Sands (DS)


1.         Apologies for Absence

            Apologies were received from David Jenkins. 

            Di Saunders is replacing David Jenkins as Cabrera        rep but in her absence today Doreen Sands       attended this meeting.

 2          Minutes of the last Meeting

            The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th March were agreed.  Proposed by John Sephton          seconded by Ruth Compton and signed by Jan Dando.

 3          Matters Arising

             Ref: 8               The increase in fees to 30€ has been confirmed.  From the 800€ promised we have                               received 349€ as they have kept the balance to cover the extra 4€. If anyone should                              wish to affiliate before January they will pay 26€ and we will pay the extra 4€.


            JS congratulated JD and Linda Lester for contesting the final of the Spanish National Ladies       Singles which JD won.  Further congratulation to JD for also winning the Andalucian         Championship and for being selected to represent Spain in the European   Championships this       year.  Jan & John Dando will go to New Zealand in 2014 to represent Spain in the World      Champion of Champions.


4          FEB Matters

            Mazarron moving to Valencia

            JD said it had been confirmed that Mazarron Bowling Club has written to Valencia applying to   move their allegiance to Valencia.  She had asked a direct question and it was confirmed.  She said             she was disgusted as this had been done without any consultation with this committee who has      taken Mazarron under their wings and set competition dates to accommodate Mazarron΄s             availability.  A C.B.B.A meeting is being held on 4th July when the result of the application will be   promulgated. 


            RiC said this matter had caused a lot of unrest in the Club especially as he and many other         members were unaware that the application had been made.  No-one has seen the letter sent to            Valencia and the President and Secretary have resigned.  As soon as the result of the application is        known Mazarron will hold a meeting  to see what the reaction is.  


            The committee thanked RiC for being open and honest and hoped the outcome will be favourable.


5          FAB Programme

            Rules to be drawn up for the next FAB competition being the Mixed Triples being held at Almeria.

            ACTION JD & DE


            SM was asked to enter format of competitions on the calendar.


            European Championships start on 29 September until 4th October.  FAB Singles & Pairs schedule         has been changed within the dates allocated for 2013 but venues to be kept as previously             arranged.  Calendar to be amended accordingly.



6          Competitions Report

            a)         Trophies and Engraving

                        DE has all the trophies and they are now ready to be engraved.

                        Because there is a new Mens Pairs trophy  JD asked whether all the winners names going                      back to 1993 should be engraved on the new trophy or to start again from 2012.  It was                                   agreed that we should start again with the new trophy and all previous winners be                                  recorded as an appendix to these minutes.

            ACTION DE & SM

7          CAUMA

            a)         Kings Cup

                        The rules for the Kings Cup had been updated but not everyone was in possession of the                       latest edition.  The latest rules dated 18th October 2012 to be re-issued to this committee.


                        RuC to look into General Conditions of Play and update the committee.

            ACTION RuC

            b)         Umpires Fees

                        JD asked for consideration to be made to paying fees to Umpires for giving up their time                        and for petrol usage.

                        RuC thought payment of mileage might be a fairer option as some have to travel a lot                             further than others.  RuC was asked to work out some figures to offer fairest compensation                    across the board and to bring her findings to the September meeting so that we may                                   implement any new rules prior to the FAB Triples. Also to provide 3€ for lunch which                              could come out of entry fees.


8          Social Report

            DH had nothing to report at this meeting.


9          Financial Report

            JD tabled a Financial Report she had received from DJ.

            Confusion over invoices previously raised by Brian Redington has now been sorted out. There are         no outstanding invoices.

            We now hold 883.36€ + 349€ received from FEB + 75€ RuC is holding for Rule Books.

            JD said we would continue with the 4€/1€ split for this year and asked everyone to look out for                         any available sponsorship for another competition.  


            DH said the income for the Raffle at Dinner did not include 50€ paid out for entertainment but    it          was shown as expenditure. To be discussed with DJ.


10        Any Other Business

            LBD Minutes

            JD reported that she had been asked to hold the Open Mixed Triples 2014 and read from the LBD       minutes that she said she was not prepared to organise anything again that is not going to be supported  from the other two regions.


            Kings Cup

            DE.  Indalo & Cabrera played the Kings Cup on 23rd & 24th June with Indalo being the winners.           So far no date has been set for the final. 


            The Tri-Provincial competition had been cancelled and to make use of the dates another            Open    competition was played at Almeria. This competition was organised locally and open to non-            federated as well as federated bowlers. The question was raised as to whether a FAB competition       could be run on this basis for promotional purposes; also


ρ                 With a view to encouraging more people to federate could there be a two tiered fee; one for      FAB only and one for FAB and National membership?


ρ                 Could a Club be registered in the region to provide an opportunity to federate for those             who do not have enough people in their club to enter team competitions?


            Tony Winterton to be asked for clarity on these suggestions.


            JD was shocked to receive a cash prize for winning the Andalucian Championships as this is not             allowed.  All winners received cash prizes and John Muldoon has been asked to look into the            reason for the federation not allowing cash prizes.


            There being no further business the meeting closed at 1645.


11        Date of Next Meeting

            The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at Almeria.