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19/03/2013- Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria Bowls Club

Submitted by Sue Mannall


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 19th March 2013

at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club



Jan Dando (JD),  Doreen Hall, Janey Leggate (JL), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC),

John Sephton (JS), David Jenkins (DJ), John Fitzgerald (JF), Richard Cooper (RiC),

Sue Mannall (SM).


1.         Apologies for Absence

            There were no apologies for absence.


2          Minutes of the last Meeting

            The Minutes of the meeting held on 21st January were agreed and signed by JD.


3          Matters Arising

            Ref: 3.b            Tri Provincial is included in the budgets but to date these have not yet been agreed.        The poster is ready but we have to wait to hear from John Muldoon as to   whether it will go ahead.            Not sure whether entry fees should be charged in view of the fact that there is no financial     assistance towards travelling and accommodation costs.  RiC thought an entry fee would be         acceptable to Mazarron BC.

            June Jones from San Luis is going to New Zealand for the World Singles Champion of Champions         and is holding a fund raiser on 22/23 June which quite a few people have already signed up for.            JD to ask John Muldoon if we could move the Tri Provincial to the now vacant Grass Green Fours             dates.

Action JD


            Ref: 4.e            This item is included in item 5.


            Ref: 6.c            JD confirmed that Indalo can use club funds to pay for individuals΄ umpires                                            and Markers courses.


            Ref: 8               JD confirmed that for those who play in the UK and in Spain, Capitation                                                            fees have to be paid in both countries.  The reason is to keep paperwork on track.


                                    The FEB AGM has not yet been held therefore we are still waiting to hear if the                                                 increase in membership fees will be agreed.


4          FEB Matters

            JD had nothing to report as she is still waiting for responses on budget issues. The LBD meeting is          being held in May.   


5          FAB Programme

            a          National Grass Green Competition 2013

                        JD received a letter from Cabrera Bowling Club to say that this year although they                                 hope their greens will be in good condition for the Grass Green Fours they could not                              guarantee that they would be as good as they would like and therefore in order not to put              any undue pressure on the ever depleting and ageing Greens Team the committee must                           endorse their recommendations. They would however be pleased to host the competition in               2014. Jan Dando appreciated the decision had been made in good time, the competition                             would not be held anywhere else this year and hopefully it will be played at Cabrera in                                  2014.

            b          Andalucian Championships

                        So far Indalo have 2 teams and Cabrera might have 1 team.  John Carr is concerned as to                     whether there    will be enough teams for the full scheduled dates.  John Carr wants to revive                  the competition however it was thought that the dates were too near The Nationals                          incurring a lot of expenditure at one time. There had been no consultation regarding the                                  scheduled dates but JD said if we host the competition in 2014 we will want to schedule it              in the autumn. 


            c          Mens and Ladies Singles & Pairs 2014 fixtures

                        The dates scheduled for 2012 caused problems for RuC trying to provide          markers for the                         Singles events. In order to prevent this the competition can be split into 4 sessions. To be                       scheduled at the Calendar Secretaries meeting in April.                     

            Action Sue Mannall


                        The following was agreed to be taken to the Calendar secretaries meeting.


                        FAB Rinks      

                                    Any combination (all men, all ladies or mixed gender)    3 days  February


                                    Any combination (all men, all ladies or mixed gender)    3 days early March

                        Grass Green Fours

                                    Mixed                                                                                      4 days June

                        FAB Triples

                                    Mixed                                                                                      3 days September

                        Ladies & Mens Pairs and Singles

                                    To be arranged in 4 separate competitions                                 end Nov/early Dec

                                                                                    Action Sue Mannall/Dave Ebdon


6          Competitions Report

            DE asked whether or not the Kings Cup is going to be held because we need to schedule          the finals into the calendar.  JD said she was waiting to hear from John Muldoon – she said           she would respond in 2 days time.


            Closure date for 3-2-1 is 1st April so far there are 16 entries and possibly 2 more.


7          CAUMA

            RuC said there was little to report but felt Umpires have to be pressed to make sure good standards      are maintained by Markers. Also to make sure that their players in club competitions are aware of    the duties of markers. 

            DH asked what should be done about players who continuously foot fault even after being told by          an Umpire.  RuC advised the procedure.  JD offered to circulate the committee a publication she      had produced on the laws of bowls for beginners which might be useful in this respect.


8          Social Report

            DH gave DJ 267.20€ raised from raffle at Rinks competition and FAB dinner.  The evening was a          great success, presentation went very smoothly and food was good.  Thanks recorded to DH for       arranging the evening.  JD asked whether we should carry on with a presentation evening or           present prizes at the end of competitions.  It was decided to go ahead with the evening but purely            as a social occasion and to present the trophies and prizes directly after the individual         competitions therefore doing away with the presentation aspect of the evening.  As non-federated             bowlers who attended the dinner also very much enjoyed the evening it was thought that we could          make sure all clubs are aware it is open for everyone to have a get-together and increase numbers.


9          Financial Report

            DJ tabled a cash balance sheet to 19th March 2013

            Cash held by Treasurer 447.84€, Current account holds 739.22€, Cash from raffle 267.20€      totalling 1454.26€.


            JD asked whether as previously agreed by all clubs for the current year we should continue with             4€/1€ split to cover green fees or go to back to paying 50€ per session.  Taking into account          entries and breaking down costs for this year it was decided to continue with 5€ entry fees and the    4€/1€   split.     Any invoices held for green fees @ 50€ per session from 2012 raised by Bryan        Redington are no longer relevant and are to be destroyed.  DJ to raise new invoices for clubs           hosting the Singles, Pairs and Rinks.

            RuC is holding 50€ for the sale of Law Books.


10        Any Other Business

            Correspondence:  JD read the letter received from Cabrera regarding their decision to withdraw            their venue for the Grass Green Fours this year (Item 5 b above).


11        Date of Next Meeting

            The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at Indalo.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1645.