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21/01/2013- Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Almeria Bowls Club

Submitted by Sue Mannall


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 21st January 2013

at Almeria Lawn Bowling Club




Jan Dando (JD),  Doreen Hall, Janey Leggate (JL), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC),

John Sephton (JS), David Jenkins (DJ), Hilary Clarke (HC), John Fitzgerald (JF), Richard Cooper (RiC),

Sue Mannall (SM).


Jan Dando opened the meeting by saying thank you to David Jenkins who is taking on the role of Treasurer.


1.         Apologies for Absence

            There were no apologies for absence.


2.         Minutes of the last Meeting

            The Minutes of the meeting held on 4th September 2012 were agreed and signed by Jan Dando.


2          Matters Arising

            There were no matters arising.


3          FEB Matters

            a          Federation Assembly

                        Jan Dando advised that there are three clubs represented on the assembly selected as they                     have the highest number of affiliated members. Each of these clubs has one representative                  who attends the Federation Assembly held in Granada once a year.  The three clubs are                               Indalo, Cabrera and Benelmadena in Malaga.  Jan Dando asked for proposals to be given                 to her from Indalo and Cabrera before 26 January. The representative from Benelmadena                      will be elected by John Carr.  The players representatives on the executive committee are               Jan Dando and John Carr for a fixed term of four years.  However the clubs have to                              designate their representative and this can be changed per meeting.


            b          Tri Provincial Competition in June

                        Run by FEB it is a round-robin competition of 10 men and 10 ladies played in June                                between Valencia, Almeria and Malaga.  Jan Dando suggested posting an entry form on                                     Clubs noticeboards for those who wish to be considered and  these names to be brought to                   this committee for final selection.  Jan Dando will be establishing at the LBD meeting on

Sunday 27th January 2013 that this competition is to go ahead before this committee make

any further arrangements.


4          FAB Programme

            a          FAB Rinks & FAB Triples

                        The dates of the rinks and triples have been swapped but the venues remain the same.  On                     this occasion the number of entries for the Rinks will determine whether or not the Friday                 will have to be used.

Action David Ebdon

            b          Inter Regional Finals (Kings Cup)

                         Indalo won the Kings Cup last year.  This was due to be a round robin between the three                      areas but Valencia did not send a team and so the final was between Indalo and Malaga.                        Dates and venues have to be set in advance for next year. Jan Dando and John                                          Carr will be discussing this at the LBD meeting on Sunday 27th February 2013.


            c          3-2-1Competition Rules

                        The rules of this competition were discussed and adopted.        


            d          Membership Drive

                        This item was incorporated into item 8.


            e          Calendar and Dates

                        John Fitzgerald asked if consideration could be given for the 3-2-1 competition being                             brought forward to March.  This would provide more competitions for those who return to                    UK for the summer and therefore encourage more membership. Item for next meeting                                 April 2013.

                                                                                                                                                Action SEM

            f           Jan Dando asked Cabrera representatives if  the greens will be ready for the National                            Grass Green Fours competition in June.  David Jenkins and John Sephton said they felt                          confident that the greens were on course for recovery by June.


5          Competition Report

            David Ebdon reported that there were 14/15 entries for the Rinks in February.  The Singles and             Pairs competitions in November and December were not very well supported and there was only 9    entries for the Ladies Singles.  It was questioned as to whether the lack of entries was because of       the venue. Thanks were recorded to Bryan Redington for standing in as umpire for this        competition in John Dando's absence.


            Jan Dando and David Ebdon have ordered a replacement Mens Pairs trophy because the original          was not up to standard and selected momentos keeping within a reduced budget. The total spend    would   be 350€.  The committee agreed for this to go ahead.


6          CAUMA

            Ruth Compton informed the committee that she had held an umpires meeting to review last year             and make improvements for the future.  The general consensus was that training will continue but    markers will be trained in-house and umpires will back them up.  She and John Dando will do the      exam but not be involved in the training. Umpires will be given full instructions on how the exam   is done.  To keep costs down they might do their own printing. Each umpire will have a list of     markers and umpires in the area which will be kept up to date.


            a          Competition venues

                        Several concerns were raised because during the singles matches at Cabrera players could                     not hear markers over the noise of machinery being used.  Cabrera representatives said                               they would try to re-schedule work on the greens around competitions times.


            b          Mens and Ladies Fixtures

                        There has been problems getting markers to FAB competitions.  Mens and Ladies Pairs                                    and Singles held at the same time creates problems with availability and transport.


            c          Letter re: Indalo Umpire

                        Ruth Compton had received a letter referring to an umpire as an "Indalo" umpire"  and                           her concern was that CAUMA cannot provide umpires or markers who are bias.  The letter                        referred to a particular occasion at Cabrera when she had arranged umpires and markers in               John Dando΄s absence but at the same time two other markers turned up.  They had not                          been asked by CAUMA and they said they were doing the bar at the same time.    Ruth told                    them that she (CAUMA) had arranged for two markers and that could not mark and do the                    bar at the same time - after this explanation they seemed quite happy. She subsequently                             received the letter and questioned whether the author should continue to be a member of                         CAUMA.  Jan Dando said that a line should be drawn under this incident and that in future                    only CAUMA will arrange umpires and markers for all and every federated competition.


                        The committee asked whether Indalo could use club funds to pay for an individual to take                      an umpires or markers course.  Jan Dando to raise this with Tony Winterton.

Action Jan Dando


7          Social Report

            Doreen Hall said she had provisionally booked Miraflores for the Presentation Dinner on Sunday           10th March. At a cost of 16€ per head the menu includes a 3 course meal half a bottle of wine,         coffee and liqueur plus an extra 50€ if we wanted entertainment by John Lodge. It was agreed to      go ahead.  Jan Dando said she would like to make this occasion open to all bowlers.


8          Financial Report

            World Capitation Fees have been paid.  We have 739€ in the bank Jan Dando is holding 455€ from      singles and pairs and Jan Dando is owed 17.10€.  Jan Dando thanked Hilary Clarke for everything             she had done as Treasurer and asked for a paper trail on income and expenditure to be handed over          to David Jenkins.


            Capitation fees have been paid but the question was raised as to whether those who play in the UK       and Spain have to pay twice.  Jan Dando to ask Tony Winterton.

Action Jan Dando


            Jan Dando referred to a letter she had just received from Tony Winterton advising her that          membership fees had gone up by 4€.  Having already collected 26€ from everyone it would be    difficult to ask for a further 4€.  She put three suggestions to the committee:


            1          It had been suggested in the letter that the extra money could come out of the promised                          800€ from the FEB but this has not yet been received so the money would have to paid up                    front anyway.

            2          We go back to members and ask for another 2€ and we pay the other 2€.

            3          We hold raffles at the FAB Rinks competition and Presentation Dinner to raise the money.


            The committee agreed to pay the money out of club funds now and raise money from     raffles/football cards etc.


            Since the meeting it is understood that increase in membership fees has to be agreed at the         AGM which is to be held in March and that protests are being put forward. Item for next meeting      in April.

Action Sue Mannall



9          Any Other Business

            Cabrera can appoint another FAB representative as David Jenkins is now          a Committee Member.


            Ruth Compton is now affiliating with Almeria LBC.


10.       Date of Next Meeting

            The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at Cabrera



There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1245.







Signed....................................................                                   Dated .............................................