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04/07/2012- Meeting of the Almeria Provincial Committee - Cabrera Bowls Club

Minutes of the FAB (Almeriense) Meeting 4th July 2012

at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club


Bryan Redington (BR), Richard Cooper (RiC), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC), John Sephton (JS), David Jenkins (DJ), Janey Leggate (JL), Jan Dando (JD)

1.       Apologies for Absence

Hilary Clarke (HC), John Fitzgerald (JF), Doreen Hall (DH), Alan Bramble (AB)

2.       Agreement of Minutes

The minutes from 25 April 2012 were agreed apart from paragraph 3.1 where JS pointed out that Cabrera only had 18 federated members and not 21.  Proposed by RuC and seconded by DE.

Before proceeding BR informed the meeting that he was retiring as delegate with effect from the end of this meeting and that JD is taking over the position.  BR wished her the best and hoped that she would have the support of the members.  JL wished a big thank you to BR for all his hard work that he has given over the last 8 years and this was echoed by all committee members present.

3.         FEB Matters

3.1.             National (Grass Green) Fours 2012

BR felt these went off quite well at Indalo.  He apologised to Cabrera for their entries not being received but DE made it clear that they should have been emailed to him.  JS felt that it should have been queried that there were no entries from Cabrera.  JD said that if we did that for Cabrera we would have to do that for all clubs in the country as it was a National Competition.  Unfortunately 2 entries from Cabrera did not get submitted to the competition secretary.

JS queried why the name in certain areas was changed to National Fours.  BR and DE stated that it did not involve grass this year but it would return to the title of National Grass Green Fours next year.

3.2.             Federation Delegates Meeting 19th May 2012

The main items will be discussed later in this meeting as per the agenda.  The delegates of the three regions met to discuss what could be done to promote competitions within the region and the proposals were put forward to the Lawn Bowls Directorate and were accepted.

3.3.             Club Selection for Inter-Regional play-offs 2013.  

JD asked when it would be decided where this competition would be held and most felt that it was reasonable to hold it on a carpet green.   BR felt that this committee could decide where to hold it but he felt that it might encourage more federated members if it was held at Almeria.  JD felt that as Indalo had more federated members than any other club in the region they should have it there.  BR said that once we have established the total number of competitions that the F.A.B. wishes to hold then we can establish where the venues will be.  A meeting is taking place on Friday 13th July 2012 between the calendar secretaries of Indalo, Almeria and Cabrera plus DE and venues can be decided then.

Action: JD and DE

BR also discussed the selection process for the proposed Tri Provincial competition in June 2013.  This would be run using the International format of singles, pairs, triples and rinks and each side would comprise of 10 ladies and 10 men.

It was agreed that each club should put up a list to find out who might be interested in being selected with the notice giving all criteria:  i.e. Date, number of matches (with it being in the height of the summer), venue, etc.  JD asked how it would be funded and RuC asked if it has been budgeted for.  BR said that players should not be charged to play for a provincial side and he also felt that the green fees would be paid by the F.E.B.  JD is to produce the calling notice nearer the event and also to contact Mr. Muldoon (National Director) to confirm that the green fees for this event would be paid for by the F.E.B.

Action: JD

n.b.  Since the meeting JD has contacted Mr. Muldoon and he has confirmed that the F.E.B. will be paying the green fees to the chosen club(s)

4.         CAUMA President’s Report

RuC stated that it is pretty quiet at the moment.  A new list of CAUMA qualified markers and umpires will be being sent out to clubs very soon.  JS asked about the next batch of markers shirts and RuC said this is in hand.  JL asked if there was any chance that markers might be allowed to wear black trousers during the winter.  RuC said that at the moment it is just umpires but it is not to be ruled out. 

5.         F.A.B. Programmes

5.1.             2012 Programme

JS confirmed that the green at Cabrera should be available for the FAB competitions in November and December 2012.

5.1.1.      Kings Cup Schedule

DE has given dates to RiC and DJ.  RiC said there is a major problem with the suggested dates in August as a lot of their federated members are away on holiday and so they cannot meet those dates but September would be better.  However this did not look possible due to the packed club calendars.  JS said that Cabrera would also struggle but they would be able to field a team.  BR wondered, as we were pushed trying to get the dates in this year as just a one off to catch up, would it be possible to just play one match and perhaps toss a coin for which team played at home.  This was not agreed – the majority preferred to continue with the home and away games.  As a result RiC felt that this year Mazarron would have to pull out of the competition.  Dates were settled on for the matches between Cabrera and Indalo – 19th September at Cabrera and 26th September at Indalo.  The finals are to be played on 13th and 14th October with the venue to be decided at the meeting of the calendar secretaries on 13th July.

DJ asked if a player changes clubs mid-year but have already represented their first club in the Kings Cup can they play for their new club in the same year.  This used to be the case in the old Division D’Honor where it was two legs each year and if a member was “cup tied” they could not represent their new club in the second leg.  However, the Kings Cup is a different competition each time and so there is nothing to stop anyone playing for their new club. 

5.2.             2013 Programme

5.2.1.      Inter-Regional Mixed Triples (a.k.a. National Mixed Championships)

BR said this is a proposal to have a competition between the regions in the form of mixed triples with regional competitions to determine the regional winner with a National play off of the four regions – i.e. Almeria, Malaga, North Alicante, South Alicante.  This has been set to be run on 9th and 10th February 2013.  Because of the involvement of all regions it was agreed to hold this in the Almeria area.  BR stated that if Malaga cannot compete for any reason there may be a push to move it further north.  Various dates were suggested by DE for the regional qualifiers and JD suggested that we make a final decision after the club calendar secretaries have got together on 13th July.   Team members must be from same club.

DE asked whether the FAB Triples currently held each year should be run as well as the Inter-regional Mixed Triples Regional Qualifiers and it was agreed that this was not necessary if the rules for the triples were amended to ensure that the teams must be mixed and that entrants must be willing to play in the February competition as the regional qualifiers.  JD and DE to get together to organize the competition rules and calling notices nearer the date.

Action: JD and DE

5.2 2 FAB (Almeriense) 3-2-1 Competition

This has been agreed to be held by Almeria Bowls Club.  This will be teams of three with all members being from the same club.  The format will be 3 lots of 7 ends with two wood triples, pairs and singles.  The dates have been suggested as 18-20 April 2013 but this will be confirmed at the meeting on 13th July of the calendar secretaries.

6.         Social Report


7.         Financial Matters

7.1.             Current Position.  Our account stands at 853.72 Euros.  There are some outstanding invoices.  We currently also hold 175.50 Euros from the Grass Green Fours and BR is awaiting confirmation as to whether F.A.B. (Almeriense) keep it or it is given to the F.E.B.

n.b.  Since the meeting JD has contacted Mr. Muldoon and he has confirmed that the F.A.B. can keep the 175.50 Euros and there may even be some more money forthcoming but this cannot be confirmed at this stage.

7.2.             Competition Fees – Getting financial support from the FAB is not likely for the rest of this year and the foreseeable future due to the current financial situation in Spain.  There are 2 outstanding invoices to Indalo and Cabrera for the Mens and Ladies pairs from 2011 – 200 Euros each – and it is not looking likely that we will get this.  There is also the 300 Euros for the FAB mixed triples at Indalo.  BR asked if we should pay the debts out of our local finances and it was felt that these debts should be honoured.  As a result of the drain on our local finances the question arose as to how we should move forward.  Various suggestions were tabled and it was decided that it would be best for clubs hosting the F.A.B. competitions to be guaranteed some income rather than be promised some and it not appear.  It was agreed that it would not be unreasonable to increase the entry fee from 3 Euros to 5 Euros per competitor, keep 1 Euro for the F.A.B. (for prizes/administration costs, etc.) and give the other 4 Euros to the host club in lieu of green fees.  JD and DE agreed to formulate a paper for discussion at club level to see which clubs would still wish to host events under those conditions.

Action: JD and DE

It was also pointed out that the lack of funds would have an impact on the payment situation for umpires but RuC believed that there would still be CAUMA umpires that would continue to be in attendance without payment but, naturally, she could not speak for all of them.

n.b.  Since the meeting JD and DE were concerned that the paper for the clubs might come a little late for the Rinks being held at Mazarron on 15th and 16th September and so JD telephoned RiC who confirmed that Mazarron would be happy to still hold the event under the above conditions and he was sure that umpires would attend for free.


8.         Any Other Federation Business

·       Registration of the CALB

DJ informed the committee that there had been a meeting of the CALB last Thursday.  After the get-together on 25th June 2012 with Mr. Muldoon and various CALB delegates the CALB committee had a favourable discussion regarding the registration of the association.  Mr. Muldoon said that there was no rush and so no decision has been made but the item will certainly be on the agenda for the October meeting of the CALB committee.  DJ stated that it had also been decided that JD would be invited to all future CALB meetings.

·       From Alan Bramble:  There is to be a meeting with the mayor of Mojacar on 15th September 2012 to discuss the pursuance of the bowling green.

9.         Date of Next Meeting

This will be at 14:00hrs on Tuesday 4th September 2012 at Indalo.  JD to check if it would be acceptable to hold the meeting at Indalo.

Action: JD


There being no other business the meeting was closed at 19:05hrs.