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2016 - Meeting of the Levante Lawn Bowls Committee



1.         Welcome and Apologies

 Apologies were received from Dave Giddings (Greenlands)           

In Attendance



President (Delegado): Bob Donnelly


Javea Green

Chairperson: Jean Cooper


La Manga

Secretary: June Jones


La Marina

Treasurer: Barbara Brown

Country Bowls


La Siesta

Membership Secretary: Tony Hesketh-Field

El Cid


Membership Treasurer: Lynn Greenland

El Rancho

Monte Mar

Winter League Co-Ord:June Jones (temp)

Emerald Isle


Northern League Co-Ord: Peter Matthews

Finca Guila

San Luis

Southern League Co-Ord: Keith Jones


San Miguel

SA Co-ord: Arthur Brown



Associate Co-ord:





Tour Co-ord: Terry Perchard





Prov Selection Comm Chair: Allen Bowen






            Total Number of Clubs :                      20        Number of Clubs Represented:     19


2.         Minutes of Previous Meeting


            The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 23rd August 2016 were accepted.

            Proposed       Vistabella                   Seconded      Calpe


3.         Matters Arising


            No Matters arising.


4.         President - Delegado  (Bob Donnelly)


            i)          The winners of the Valencian Championships -

            Men's singles Frank Close                                       Ladies' singles          Jacqui Johnston

            Men's pairs                Stuart Denholm/Chris Collier

            Ladies' pairs              Carol Broomfield/Peta Rhodes

            Mixed pairs                Jason Prokopowycz/Carol Broomfield

            Mixed triples              Dave Hadaway/Jim & Kath Manning

            Mixed fours                Bill Pain/Martin Foulcer/Arthur Brown/Mo Foulcer


            Congratulations to them and all those who took part.

            ii)         Format of the Spanish Nationals - although this event is not run through the LLB these

            meetings are the only and best way to communicate with Clubs. There have been various

            meetings and emails to & with the different regions to try and think of a way to increase entries.

            Malaga still have problems accepting the federation : Almeria suggested regionalising matches

            but admit they do not have many fully federated members :  Valencia - northern clubs suggested

            possible regionalising the event : Tenerife suggested leaving it as it is.



            Overall the opinion and then decision was for it to be held in the same region with the same


            With the help of possible sponsor(s) the entry fee per person per discipline will be reduced to         2, the reduction offsetting the cost of upgrading the federation fee and hopefully encouraging   more entries.

            iii)        Venue(s) - Clubs interested in hosting the Spanish Nationals should email Deidre     Leeming (email address on the contact list) BY the end of November. If the entries are similar to         this year there might only be one venue needed.

            Entry forms to be issued shortly (full information on them) and when completed submitted to             Suzi Cooper BY 31st January 2017.

            Also upgraded fees MUST be paid BY 31st January 2017 into the No 2 a/c.

            iv)        VCL north v south play off  - unfortunately the then Federated League Co-ordinator

            (June) forgot to take the perpetual trophy to the event - sincere apologies were made.

            The trophy was presented to Benitachell the 2016 winner.                                                                                 


5.         Secretary (June Jones)


            i)          Champion of Champions 2017 - entries to be sent to Julian Pering BY 26th March 2017

            The entry form (which will have Julian's contact details) along with Rules of Entry etc. will be             issued nearer the time.

            ii)         Venues - Clubs interested in hosting the event should advise the Secretary (JJ) BY

            30th November 2016  in readiness for the December meeting.

            Quesada mentioned that some venues are not so spectator friendly but unfortunately clubs

            cannot be discriminated on.

            iii)        Constitution - both the Federation and CBBA had their own Constitutions which now need

            to be merged for the LLB.  There will be an EGM following the December meeting to ratify

            the revised Constitution in time for January 2017.  Any amendments/additions etc can be

            proposed etc for the LLB AGM.  Keith queried if there is or should be a Code of Conduct    included. Anyone playing an international event has to sign one.

            iv)        LLB Calendar - the items in September/October 2017 were adjusted and the 2018 Calendar has been prepared along similar lines for entries - a bit of an assumption on my part -

            and perhaps the 2018 calendar should NOT be issued until clubs confirm their requirements for

            that year. Hopefully I can then issue it by mid 2017... I have heard from Vistabella & Benitachell

            already.  Quesada - how do clubs who have up to now not entered an event go about it ? 

            find a suitable date, submit it to the Secretary and/or ask for help.

            v)         Calendar Rules - when accepting entries I am guided by these rules. BBC have a entry

            in 2017 for their Masters - 4/7 September - and asked to change this to 23/24 September and

            30 Sept/1st Oct having checked the calendar and believing these dates to be ok and free. I

            advised that these new dates clash with the Valencian Championships (20 Sept - 3 Oct) and I

            personally could not agree to it. Their view was that not many people from the northern clubs

            and indeed BBC enter the Valencian. We have always asked clubs not to arrange any

            competitions etc whilst the following are taking place     Champion of Champions,    Spanish

            Nationals    and     Valencian Championships.

            Various comments were made - if one club allowed to do this more could follow: restricts

            entrants from the south : we are always trying to keep the north and south together, allowing

            this could start a separation :

            As Bob Donnelly advised - next year all inter club bowlers will be federated and this alone

            could stimulate more interest; the format of the event might even be changed; any allowed clash

            could affect both events.

            A proposal was put forward : that Clubs may not host/hold any event whilst the   Champion of

            Champions      Spanish Nationals      Valencian Championships   are taking place.

            FOR                10                    AGAINST       4          Abstentions                2               Carried  




            vi)        In mentioning the Valencian Championships would clubs consider and report back

            for the February 2017 meeting any suggestions for the format etc of this event.         


6.         Treasurer (Barbara Brown)


            i)          As yet the bulk of the federated funds have not been transferred over to the no 1 a/c

            even though that old account has now been closed.

            ii)         A few expenses have been paid out and some money received in from tours.

            iii)        In spite of numerous reminders being sent some clubs are still using the wrong bank

            a/c for payments.


7.         Membership Secretary (Tony Hesketh-Field)


            i)          All 20 clubs have sent their prelim lists of names.  A database has been prepared with

            15 clubs entered and 5 to go. Any general report issued will only show the club and their      members names - all other information which has been submitted will not be disclosed.

            ii)         Clubs are still asking which account is used for what in spite of notices being sent to

            the club delegate.  And when emailing could you please state what club you are from - even

            lists have been sent without the club name on.

            iii)        Tried to be flexible in accepting information as this is a first and new to everyone BUT

            people are saying NEW member when it is in fact it is a CHANGE of club and this is a         big             difference. Please help by clarifying the exact situation.

            iv)        San Luis sent in a list of their Legionnaires showing they had just paid the 12 and were

            not full club members.  As yet nothing has been received re the Highjackers ?

            v)         Information MUST be sent/given by the Club delegate to the person(s) their club has

            designated to be responsible for a particular role and this does not seem to be happening.


            How secure is the database with the personal information given:  it is well protected and Tony

            has paid for extra security measures.


            When will league co-ordinators receive the federated club membership lists : by mid November

            ready for January


            Advising of new members - just send the information to Tony & Lynn.


            Dual membership : the federated fee should be paid through the club nominated for playing in

            leagues etc.              


8.         Membership Treasurer (Lynn Greenland)


            i)          Has had difficulty in identifying where money has come from as club name not stated

            and does know who the club treasurers are -only resolved when the email is received.

            ii)         Capitation fee : this is paid to World Bowls and this year is 0.50c per member.  The

            necessary form will be issued shortly giving full details. Payment MUST be made BY the end

            of November into the no 2 a/c.

            iii)        License fee :   this is paid to Madrid - 20 per Club and paid into the no 2 a/c BY the end

            of November.

            El Rancho expressed concerns that some banks make charges when paying money in..

            nothing can be done about bank charges. Perhaps making payments by transfer might solve

            the problem instead of paying it over the counter.






9.         Correspondence   


            i)          An email had been received from Javea Green asking for the wearing of skorts (a short

            skirt with a pair of shorts underneath) to be admitted into the LLB Dress Code.

            Felicity Jenkins (Captain of Javea Green) was wearing one to demonstrate how smart and

            practical they are for players. They are mainly sold for golfers and there are suppliers on line.

            The length of skirts and shorts are stated in the Dress Code and if to be accepted the length

            of skorts should similarly be governed. The concern is that if purchased at a market they

            would obviously not be the same quality and price but more importantly that they would be

            too short.

            Proposal :  That skorts be included in the LLB Dress Code but MUST be Bermuda short length.

            Votes - carried unanimously.


            Proposal : that culottes are deleted from the Dress Code

            Votes - carried unanimously.


10.       Winter  League ( June Jones - temp)


            i)          Only one match played so far.

            ii)         Premier 20 knockout - all match dates in :

            Bonalba v San Luis        November 10th            BBC v Monte Mar          October 27th

            Emerald Isle v Vistabella      October 30th       Greenlands V Finca Guila      November 13th

            La Siesta v Javea Green     November 13th     Quesada  v  La Marina      November 3rd.


            Please remember to submit the result on the result sheet already issued.


11.       Northern League (Peter Matthews)


            Early days but all ok.


12.       Southern League (Keith Jones)


            i)          Fixtures were issued shortly after the last meeting to all reps requesting details of      Captains & Vice Captains asap and acknowledgment of having received the email. As is        normal some  clubs ignored this request and further reminders had to be sent. All it needs is to     press the reply button, type thanks or ta and press send !

            ii)         Unfortunately San Luis withdrew a side from Division C on the 30th September - 2 weeks             before the start of the season. It caused a tremendous amount of extra work in rescheduling and

            advising clubs of changes at such short notice. 30 sides had to be advised as other divisions

            were also affected in a change of start times.

            Having discussed this with Arthur Brown we feel that if a club withdraws a side once the       received entries have been discussed at the LLB meeting following the closing date, then that

            Club should not be allowed to enter more teams than they played in the current season in the

            following season. An amendment to the Generic Rules for the AGM.

            iii)        The first matches played on the 14th October and result sheets were completed with                        reasonable success. I am only prepared to accept the results typed on the result sheet         provided.           


13.       SA Co-Ordinator (Arthur Brown)


            i)          Totally agree with all the comments made by Keith - no acknowledgments to requests

            or info sent.




            ii)         Two teams withdrew - which caused a lot of extra work rescheduling and advising all

            the sides of the changes.  Totally agree to the proposed Rule change.

            iii)        The league has only just started but the correct result sheet MUST be used and will only

            be accepted. Some results were sent in on last year's SABA forms !

            iv)        Do Clubs still want the following to continue that were held under the SABA banner:

                        Summer knockout competitions  :  pairs league   :  3 day Tournament.

            To report back at the December meeting

            v)         Summer Knockout finals results:

            Men's singles Martin Foulcer                       Ladies' singles                      Jacqui Johnston

            Men's pairs                Tony French/Ian Kenyon

            Ladies' pairs              Sandra Heath/Jacqui Johnston

            Mixed pairs                Lynne Greenland/Steve Cantley

            Mixed triples              Mel Highland/Colin Highland/Jacqui Johnston


            Congratulations to the winners and well done to all those who took part.


            Jean Cooper expressed a big vote of thanks to Barbara & Arthur Brown for all their hard work

            in running these events.

            San Luis responded to the withdrawal of team in the Southern and South Alicante leagues -             there was pressure from their owner to leave it to the last minute in trying to still enter 4 teams. 


14.       Associate Co-Ordinator


            i)          Fred Trigwell had initially agreed to take on this role but unfortunately had to withdraw.

            Fortunately another 'volunteer' has been found - Ken Hope from  San Miguel.

            Rather than confuse clubs and give him a chance to settle in JJ carried on accepting the

            entries and then discussing them at this meeting.

            ii)         Surprisingly with all inter club members being federated next year there was not the rush

            of entries expected - ie increasing entries to 4 sides per club.

            NORTH           - only 4 entries    El Cid,   Benitachell,   Bonalba   & Javea Green.

            SOUTH           Last year there were 16 entries - this year 19 :  4 new ones and  one dropped

            (El Rancho).  We have a limited playing season with it starting in January & finishing end of             March - 10 weeks, 12 at a push.  Making 3 divisions of 19 entries means the longest playing

            schedule covering 14 weeks (including the byes) - not practical.

            For 2017 a proposal that there be 4 divisions   5   5   5   &  4   The first 3 will consist of the

            entries from last year and the final division the new entries, who always have to go into the

            lower division. To equalise the first 3 divisions - 2 teams will be relegated from A to B :

            one team will be promoted from B to A :  one team will be relegated from B to C  :  one team

            will be promoted from C to B....

            Division A      Quesada Panthers,  San Luis Osprey ,  San Miguel Choctaws,  Emerald Isle             Leprechauns,  Vistabella Vikings

            Division B      San Miguel Apaches,  Greenlands Bulls,  San Luis Condors,  Quesada Leopards,

            Monte Mar Lords

            Division C      Country Bowls Herons,  San Miguel Mowhawks,  La Siesta Hoopoes, San Luis

            Bazas, Horadada

            Division D      Country Bowls Eagles,  Emerald Isle Shamrocks,  La Siesta Parakeets,  Monte

            Mar Picadores.


            To confirm preferred playing days/time:  normal playing day  Thursday pm.

            Quesada & San Luis to play home matches on a Thursday morning with 2 home matches

            being played together.

            Horadada,  La Siesta,  Monte Mar & San Miguel Mowhawks to play home matches on a      Tuesday afternoon.   




            Ken & I will have a meeting for the final handover and then ALL information will be sent out by

            him and then sent back to him.

            iii)        Future -  perhaps next year entries should be asked for much earlier in case they then

            significantly increase and we  start the league in October to accommodate and only have

            3 divisions again.


15.       Tour Co-Ordinator (Terry Perchard)


            Having a problem with his voice Terry's report was read for him and he will do his best to

            answer any queries/questions.       


            In the 7 or so years that I have been dealing with Tours I have been plagued by tours

            arranged direct by clubs without my knowledge. This not only wastes my time but deprives LLB

            of some income. My time is wasted because I am chasing dates that have already been taken

            and income lost because we charge a fee for every Tour we  arrange.


            With the information I receive on the UK clubs arranging their own tours I email them and advise

            them of the correct procedure - one assured me he would do it correctly and then I found out he

            had again gone direct. Several others gave me a load of abuse and told me they always      arranged their own tours and would carry on doing so. I also have one of our clubs who told me            yes he accepts tours and will carry on.


            Over the course of the years I have sent out reminders of Rules, which are now on the LLB

            website, including one with a tours list - no noticeable difference has been seen and I have to          ask am I wasting my time trying. I leave it to you to discuss what is best for the LLB, for me and

            for your clubs.


            a)         Horadada - Windsor bowling were over here for 10 days and matches were arranged

            with themselves and other clubs. They commented that Terry had sent them a 'strong' email.

            b)         A PRIVATE tour is one arranged for the visitors to play ONE club only - anything outside

            of that is NOT a private tour.  Any and all such tours MUST be notified to Terry.

            c)         The tour fees paid to the LLB help with the expenses of arranging such tours - which

            are for the benefit of the club members AND the owners.

            d)         In arranging tours Terry tries to accommodate all clubs - if you are interested in taking

            tours let him know. 

            e)         Some clubs complained about not receiving any information ..... at this point the

            Secretary interjected with the known problems of Club reps NOT passing on received relevant             information to those responsible.  It has been the worst year for this kind of communication

            as highlighted by the League Co-ordinators. Information is just not being read, retained or

            passed on. So Officers are being asked for information which has already been issued - in some

            cases several times. The present Club reps have taken on the duties that was for the most part             undertaken by 3  people - CBBA rep,   Fed rep,   SABA rep - all now merged into one - a lot of             work but could be delegated to other (committee members?) to be responsible for certain areas.

            f)          San Miguel advised that abuse was received from a member of a touring side when

            discussing Brexit - this is totally unacceptable. Any such incidents should be reported to Terry

            who will discuss it with the Tour company.

            g)         Greenlands - Terry emailed them re problems they might have in providing 'meals' to

            touring side and was advised there is no problem at all - they can accommodate quite easily

            with a soup and roll. They later received another email to clarify this.  Greenlands are

            concerned that people are saying Greenlands do not have the necessary facilities - they do             AND for the Winter League any northern club can phone ahead and order bacon sarnies etc

            on arrival.




16.       Provincial (Allen Bowen)


            There has been a Summer break - the next match is on 5th November at Calpe.

            Please return the sheets even if there is no one available.


17.       Any Other Business


            i)          LLB Website - many thanks and congratulations to Gail on the setting up and running

            of the website.          

            a)         could the website be used for the selling/wanting of bowls?  any such requests to sell

            or for bowls wanted should go direct to Gail.  There will be a 4 week time limit after which the

            item will be removed. 

            b)         individual club reports have been sent in - the LLB website is purely for general             information, anything else must go on the Club website (if applicable)

            c)         league table information is entered asap.

            d)         any problems accessing the website please contact Gail.

            ii)         Scorecards - these can be ordered any time as they are produced quickly.  Old CBBA

            scorecards must be used first - the new order will show LLB with the new logo.

            iii)        FG - queried pay as you go people being allowed to play in leagues.

            The new Constitution covers the requirements for people playing in LLB events.

            El Rancho felt that if someone has paid their federation fee, the relevant club membership fee

            (if applicable) then it was up to the owner/club re 'green fees' be it daily, monthly or annually.

            FG explained that in the north they have a reciprocal arrangement re fees when playing away

            (unlike the south where a fee has to be paid at away matches) and this is causing a problem

            with pay as you go players who are seemingly playing free.

            Viewpoints needed - but seems to be more of a club policy.

            iv)        Tony H-F : really does need a volunteer to 'shadow' his work - if for any reason he was

            out of action for any time how would his role continue.  PLEASE anyone interested contact

            Tony to discuss it.

            v)         Quesada - dress code. Generally players are not conforming to the LLB Dress Code.

            Delegates must pass on the correct dress code to their team Captains to ensure it is adhered

            to.  The present Constitution states that if anyone is incorrectly dressed then they cannot play.

            A suggestion was put forward to let them play but points are deducted from the result.

            vi)        Bob Donnelly - had a few Valencian brochures if anyone wanted one and some             promotional vouchers from Linea Directa.

            vii)       Due to the merging of all the previous organisation/committees the LLB meetings are

            likely to take a little longer.  A suggestion was could they start at 10.00am instead of 10.30am?


            vii)       With agreement the December meeting date has been changed from the 6th to the 8th.                           

18.       Date and Venue of Next Meeting


            There being no further business the meeting closed at 13.10pm.

            The date of the next meeting is THURSDAY 8th DECEMBER 2016 at Monte Mar Bowls             Club   9.30 for 10.00am start, followed by an EGM to ratify the new Constitution.

            Mince pies on arrival.





           President                                                                       Secretary